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Braves 6, Communist Hosiery 3

in 1953, The Braves left Boston. Now, with “interleague play” we get to return from time to time. The Red Sox entered this game as a shell of their post 2000 selves. So, with that and Max Fried on the mound, you have...

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It’s MLB Opening Day!

It’s finally here. I’m really excited for this season. Not because I think this season will be looked back on the same as a 162-game season would be. Not because I’m in love with all of the health and safety...

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Ryan’s Favorite Movie

It was spring break of 2001. I was 22 years old and on the cusp of graduating from Auburn University. For my last taste of adolescent insanity, my friends and I packed up and took the 4 hour journey to Panama City Beach. Two...

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Coronavirus Halts MLB

Note from Ryan: Normally, we tend to stay away from these types of pieces, “Coronavirus Halts MLB” on Braves Journal, as it’s all over the news and the comments section, so why retread it as a thread? Well, as...

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MLB Rule Changes: A Universal DH Proposal

Rob Manfred is on a roll with all of his changes to baseball… except are they all good for the game? Don’t even get me started on how much I dislike the “proposed 7-team playoff format”. The 3-batter minimum, being...

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Just saying Thanks.

I’m a teacher. 19 years in the profession have shown me that, first and foremost like my Murphy Jo pictured above, I’m a dreamer and love and passion are the cornerstone characteristics that are needed in teaching. I...

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