Coronavirus Halts MLB

Note from Ryan: Normally, we tend to stay away from these types of pieces, “Coronavirus Halts MLB” on Braves Journal, as it’s all over the news and the comments section, so why retread it as a thread? Well, as a person that’s been here for several decades, I think it’s valuable for Braves Journal’s History to document this historical, horrific event.

Coronavirus Halts MLB

Effective immediately, the commissioner has decided to suspend all baseball operations due to global threat of the Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19. This includes half the spring training games left with additional plans to delay the start of the start of the 2020 season.

The decision from the commissioner’s office comes less that 24 hours after the NBA decided to suspend its season immediately following the positive test of one of its players. Many other leagues had planned to continue with games being played in empty stadiums and arenas, including the NCAA tournament, but infection of a player and the reaction from the NBA have prompted further action as seen today in MLB, NHL, NCAA Conference tournaments, and other university athletics.

The NCAA also cancelled all championships for the winter and spring seasons.


With the start of the season already delayed two weeks, and the virus far from contained, how the 2020 season will unfold is very much TBD. The duration of the threat remains to be seen, so we wont have a good read on when baseball will resume. As the medical community and government agencies grapple with the disease, all large gatherings are inadvisable. Perhaps reducing gatherings will stem the spread. As we all hope the virus dies off soon, MLB hopes the two weeks will be enough. Until we know, we just won’t know. It may be time to prepare for a summer without baseball. We hope that isn’t the case, but if the cost of saving lives is one baseball season, we’ll just have to endure. In the meantime, we’ll continue to update you on all Braves related content.

From the Preacher

As a pastor, let me also offer my encouragement to you all. Though you may not all be of the same faith, or any religion, I enjoy interacting with you all and pray that none of you are affected by this disease. No matter how mild or severe this threat ends up, love one another, treat each other well. Reach out if you need counseling or just assuring conversation. Wash your hands. Don’t touch your face. Stay home if you’re sick. Stop buying all the dang toilet paper.

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14 thoughts on “Coronavirus Halts MLB”

  1. Fine words, thank you. We old guys battle on and wonder if we’ll ever see another baseball game again. That thought, in and of itself, is confounding. And other countries, more competently led and prepared, are openly admitting they are close to rationing care. By age and pre-existing conditions. Here’s what they are saying, right now.

    (Rationed care – morituri te salutant. Ha!)

    A last word on baseball. When we say ‘another baseball game’ we mean the package, the real thing. Not empty stadiums but raucous crowds. Real post season pressures. All the things we know so well and love. The rest is ephemera. There is no substitute. We all know that.

    Be nice to your older friends if rationing is ever introduced- they will be living on a knife edge – which might be never but could be in a matter of 2 or 3 weeks as per the Italian example. Go Braves.

  2. “Are there things more important than baseball?” is a question which thankfully comes up rarely on this blog, because the answer is obviously yes, but the point of baseball is to try and make you forget that fact. Every once in a while, life reminds you of the actual priority whether you like it or not.

  3. Once they took James Bond away from me, I began to resign to the fact that a lot of entertainment was on the chopping block for the spring. What’s cool is that the markets seem to be on a slight recovery this morning, so I hope the level of fear will begin to subside.

  4. Disney World and Universal have ceased operation, but Daytona Bike Week rolls on. Reported crowds at the coleslaw rasslin’ were bigger and rowdier than ever. Priorities.

  5. @4 We can only hope. I am very thankful for all of the wonderful people on this blog that offer such diverse angles on things that go on in baseball and the world. Let’s all try to stay safe and wait as patiently as we can for this to subside and hopefully bring some normalcy and baseball back sooner, rather than later.

  6. The Grand Prix race here in St. Pete is still on, even though general attendance has been cancelled and downtown condo highrises have restricted access to people wanting to throw parties from their balconies. Smoltz was on MLB Network yesterday, and I liked the way he put it: we need to get used to not being used to things. I hope MLB can set a new Opening Day, do 6-7 Spring Training games, and just get to it. It’s not ideal, but every team will be under the same circumstances, so who cares?

  7. Rob, we would need expanded rosters as I can’t see any pitchers going more than a couple innings to start with. Say, 30 man rosters until the 25th game or something like that?

  8. Here in NYC, I’ve never seen the 7 train so empty in the middle of a workday. Empty platforms, just plain weird.

    Had to cancel a business trip to Miami for next week & may start working at home for a bit, but c’est la vie…

    Guess we’re about to morph into Netflix Nation. Be safe, y’all…

  9. If there’s one thing I’d like to not be used to, it’s losing in the Division Series.

  10. I feel for the northern population stick inside. We’re going to lay by our pool until this chills out.

  11. My friend, who is the son of MLB pitcher Don McMahon, just found out his high school team has been suspended until April 16th. No idea how to keep the conditioning and arm work they’ve done.
    But the important thing is to keep people from getting sick, to keep the strain off the medical system.
    Be well, my friends, until we hear the magic words:
    Play ball!

  12. Alabama governor shut down all schools in the state thru april 5. No athletics. No anything. But our tball league is still pushing forward.

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