in 1953, The Braves left Boston. Now, with “interleague play” we get to return from time to time.

The Red Sox entered this game as a shell of their post 2000 selves. So, with that and Max Fried on the mound, you have to figure that we had a better chance than Lloyd Christmas with Mary Swanson.

Max was not the brilliant self he has been so far all season, but it was enough. 5 innings, 2 runs, 5 hits, 2 BB’s, 5 K’s. But those less than Maximus results exceed almost every other Braves start this season. Maybe we can get the rest of the spots churning that out on a regular basis. If so, this team would probably be playing 750 to 800 ball.

Well, the first inning went well offensively and could have easily gone a lot better. Dansby singled, FF hit a frozen rope, Mime had a hard time picking up those high altitude cutters, and then Markakis doubled in the left field corner about one foot fair and 5 feet from the Monster. Austin Riley then hit a single. I digress to remind the Riley skeptics that my scouting report of 4 years ago garnered from the Fire Frog haven in Kissimmee pointed out his likely ability to be a competent Big Leaguer. I think he is still in the battle of adjustments and counter adjustments. But, I also think he now has set a floor of close to average offensively and defensively. The question now is how much advancement on that can he make.

Well Med (short for mediocre) Fried let Boston get one back in the bottom half and then another in the third on a balk. I don’t think Bob Davidson was there, but County Joe West had first base, so you knew something screwy had to happen.

Adam Duvall homered to lead off the 4th to tie it. Then, the Braves did a Bum Phillips on the Red Sox (“kicked the damn door in”). FF walked, Mime doubled (without FF scoring), and Neck walked. then Austin Riley the Missippi Mauler scladed a ball to right that was a bases clearing triple.

Then, O’Day and Martin were dominant, but the Fresh Prince gave up 3 hits and one run, but struck out 3. His late start is probably his only problem. We will be glad we have him as we continue down the stretch. Then Melancon dominated the 9th.

Well, tonight it is my cousin Ian Anderson (my grandmother was an “Anderson” so I do recognize all members of Clan Anderson), goes up against former Brave Ryan Weber. Let’s continue the winning ways.