Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Braves 2, Mets (??) 7

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Won’t you be my, be my meighbor?

Okay, you know going against Jacob De Grom that you are going to have a tough time. But these are, in sports metaphor speech, the times that try men’s souls. I decided to look up “grom” and found it is German for “great.” Jacob the Great (maybe technically “of” great).

Returning to the great philosophers, “there is no joy in current indigenously named, soon to be otherwise named, ville.” Also, as Sir Richard the great said, “you can kick my ass, but you don’t have to be hollering at me, too.” Of the 5 projected starting 5, 3 are down. A fourth one was a maybe. Also, a sixth one was brought in on a try out and opted out. So, now we get to watch a rotation that is a 2, 5, 7, 8, and 9. Somebody needs to get Leo to donate some sweat socks for the pitchers to rub. We need a 1991 young pitching miracle.

First, Marcell Ozuna is really not good at this thing called “fielding.” That was almost enough to cost a game against Jacob the Great. Mike Soroka wasn’t exactly on, but to be so embarrassed by it that he blew his foot out to get out of there was a little much.

Do you need any more misery?

14 thoughts on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood: Braves 2, Mets (??) 7”

  1. A promising season up in smoke. And Marcel, buddy… I’ve been singing your praises but that was embarrassingly bad.

    There are also Little Leaguers with stronger outfield arms. He’s a DH.

  2. As Mrs. Fried said, Marcell should be our DH.

    Thanks for the dirge, cliff.

    May God be with you and your family, DG, and comfort and sustain each of you.

  3. As stated in the last thread, DG’s dad has passed. I’m going to send his family flowers on behalf of Braves Journal. If you are interested in helping with a donation, you can Venmo me at @Ryan-Cothran-3.

  4. @7 I didn’t realize that. You aren’t wrong, he would have easily been #2. That wouldn’t the be very awe inspiring but still a technical upgrade

  5. IMO the Braves need to go all in on the TINSTAAPS. This season is a farce anyway so just let Touki and Newcomb probe once and for all whether they have it or not. Anderson too if they remotely think he is ready.

    Forget trading for some 33 year old. This season means squat as it is.

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