Well, I doubt there is much I can say that anybody who saw even a little bit of this debacle or who even read an account of it doesn’t already know about the basic cause of this bad result. The Polish Prince was bad, again. The depth of his badness was so bad that Robespierre (also known as Alex Anthopoulos) sent the Prince to the guillotine. And, for the most part, the crowd cheered.

This is where the H’ard Hery Baker question, with slight alterations, becomes relevant. What did the manger and GM know and when did they know it. Obviously, they must perceive that the days of the Prince throwing over 95 mph are forever gone. Certainly with a 6 mph drop in fastball velocity you could put him on the DL and see if he can build it up. Maybe this is why they wanted to add King Felix (because the Prince wasn’t going to be able to cut it).

I watched most of the first 4 innings. Chip and Glavine were talking in the first few innings about the velocity not being there, but the control and placement were so good. I was thinking “Surely Glavine isn’t this stupid.” And all he said back was “don’t call me Shirley.”

The Braves got one off of Glasnow, a solo shot from Dansby in the second. Maybe the 120 – 130 OPS + version of Dansby will stick around this year. Otherwise, everything we got came off of Mr. Beeks. I guess he is still in the cage with the gorilla after all of these years.

The final placement of the Braves this year now solely falls on the “young arms.” Either they step up a bunch, or this could get ugly. We get to see one tonight. How about it Kyle Wright?