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  1. Ol’ Charlie Morton. I remember the McLouth trade – – I was so excited. Boy, I had no idea.

    Good to see Morton do well. 9 wins away from 100 in his career.

  2. I too thought the McLouth trade was a great move for the Braves at the time. I don’t think many anticipated that Nate would completely fall off a cliff. The only saving grace was that the players the Braves gave up were anything but stars. (Still, Locke and Morton were a lot more valuable as Pirates than Nate ever was as a Brave.) Then, to his credit, and contrary to expected age curves, Morton became one of the top pitchers in the game in his mid-thirties. In the end, that trade was a real stinker for the Braves, but I’m a big Morton fan nonetheless.

  3. Braves struck out all 3 outs but Glasnow had to throw 23 pitches. They are so good at working counts.

  4. This looks like the same Folty as the last spring training start. Velocity not there.

  5. Another good pitch count inning with 25 more. The way they work the count makes such a big difference getting into a teams pen

  6. Am I seeing this right that at the end of both Folty’s innings he headed towards the wrong dugout before catching himself?
    Also, he does look like he has lost weight IMHO.

  7. He’s throwing more off speed pitches than usual and mixing in the low 90s 2 seamer to keep them off balance. It’s working so far. I don’t know if it will work the 2nd and 3rd TTO. It didn’t in the last game.

  8. Batting practice has begun. Our rotation can’t handle Newk’s lack of command and Folty’s lack of “stuff”.

    I would much rather see Wright or Touki or Tomlin.

    They can’t give him another start… right?

  9. Yeah, maybe dont resign the Folty seesaw next year.
    And Touki was NOT given enough time to warm up; whatever happens next, he gets a pass for tonight from me.

  10. Home runs by the other guys aren’t as much fun as the ones we hit. I’m ready for Folty to quit throwing bp.

  11. 21 — Newcomb has a shorter leash than Folty. But yeah, a few starts of this smoke and mirrors slop will probably send him to the bullpen.

  12. Tucker Davidson was really good in camp. He deserves a chance sooner rather than later.

  13. I wonder if we aren’t going to see as many comebacks due to the lack of fans this year. It’s hard to measure how much influence screaming fans have, but I think there’s some impact.

  14. Before I get accused of overreacting to one 2020 appearance, no, I don’t think Folty should be pulled from the rotation yet.

    BUT, I ask of you, how long a leash should he be allowed? Whether this year or 2021 – how long should he be given o prove himself worthy of a spot in a rotation with World Series aspirations?

  15. This is a dumb stadium. Might as well incorporate a roller derby rink in right-center field or something. If there is a stadium where we could come back in this game, it’s this walk-in pinball machine.

  16. Obviously Folty’s not going to be successful with a fastball around 90. He’s probably hurt, although unlikely to admit it. We used to hear about pitchers with a “dead arm” that would get better over time. Is that still a thing?

  17. @49 It was a typo. You could have easily figured that out by the context, Mistress.

  18. To Mike’s question @40, I’m not sure I would make any career decisions about Folty or Newk based on this bonkers season. If Newk can’t throw strikes and Folty can’t get his velocity back, though, you’ve obviously gotta make some decisions for this season alone at some point. I’d give both a fair shot at a full 2021, though.

  19. @42
    short term dead arm is still a thing we don’t know anything about. long term dead arm is serious injury the pitcher adapts to. Lots of old-timey pitchers just lost velocity in ways that we currently know had to have been due to injury.

  20. Folty’s velocity is down hard. He’s likely injured. If he’s injured, it’s likely he won’t be effective for the foreseeable future, and there’s probably not enough time for him to have a legitimate impact.

    Two of Newcomb, Wright, Davidson, and Wilson need to be effective. Wright is probably one, and I don’t have a ton of confidence in the other three.


  21. Tough night in St. Pete. The Rays are legit (though we didn’t help ourselves).

    What is MLB going to do with the two games canceled for the Marlins? I’m not trying to stick my nose out for Miami, but from a competition integrity standpoint, this doesn’t look or smell good. And this won’t be an isolated event – it is bound to happen to other clubs. I love that baseball is back, but this could very well be a circus. And I’m glad that it appears that clubs are taking the safety measures more seriously in light of the Marlins’ outbreak. Things were looking pretty slack from my vantage point early on. This virus is ruthless and doesn’t care if you can hit a 100mph fastball 500 feet.

  22. End of the Folty era?

  23. Amazing development with Folty. It should be a very interesting back story. I was thinking Touki wouldn’t be long for the Braves after tonight’s outing. It’s pretty sad when you obviously have good stuff but go from great to terrible from one batter to the next. He struck out 6 out of 8 outs, walked 1, gave up 5 hits and 6 runs.

  24. I will defend Touki. As someone noted above he didn’t get much of a chance to warm up. Also, he had no camp. But I bet he will be on the taxi tomorrow for a fresh arm.

  25. I’m told he berated the clubhouse attendant for sweeping up the eggshells he had arranged around his locker.

  26. Well, forget what I said @44..heh. At least on Folty. Obviously, they grew tired of the whole act.

    I really do think that ridiculous media availability after the exhibition game last week where he claimed the radar gun wasn’t working and used the old “it was only a solo home run” axiom and applied it to three straight solo homers in an outing where he gave up 6 runs really rubbed some folks in the Braves clubhouse/front office the wrong way.

    Plus, if he’s now gonna be throwing the ball at 90 mph, he’s completely and utterly useless as even a bullpen option.

    For what it’s worth, DOB does seem to imply in his latest tweet that if he makes it through waivers, the Braves would probably send him to the taxi squad and the ongoing camp in Gwinnett rather than releasing him.

  27. It’s very possible he passes through waivers. The only team a 90mph Folty is good to is the Savannah Bananas.

  28. Ouch.

  29. Yeah my comment @28 is a freezing cold take LOL.

    I think someone will take a flyer on Folty. Too many teams are desperate for pitching. The Marlins of course are looking for any players they can get. Though I’m sure the Braves will have to pay most of the salary.

  30. Wow, I’m shocked. AA, Snit, and Kranitz must be totally fed up with him to just kick his ass to the curb.

  31. I bet Chacín gets the first look at that rotation spot, though.

  32. Yeah, I will be very surprised if Folty clears waivers. I think he’s pitched his last game for the Braves.

  33. That’s stunning about Folty. It’s obviously something he did in the clubhouse and not just the performance. Some other team will take a flyer, on the chance his arm problems are temporary.

    He has at times been dominant. I was at game 2 of the NLCS last October when he was dominant in the biggest and most crucial game of his life. What a quick fall from grace!

  34. I could see a team picking up Folty and sending him to the IL after 1 outing if his velocity doesn’t improve.

  35. @65, Snitker said one of AA’s assistant GM’s told Folty about the move before the game was over, so the present move seems to be about on-field results.

  36. No idea if anything in the clubhouse drove this. But the scouts must believe that whatever’s wrong with him either 1) isn’t fixable period, or 2) isn’t fixable on a 2020-compatible time horizon given that there we’re like eight weeks away from the offseason.

  37. Two high visibility DFA’s. Folty and Kelsey. Any connection? Surely not!

    But you heard it here first.

  38. Why is no one talking about the fact that Folty is clearly down 5-7 pounds off a frame that had no weight to lose? No way of knowing, borderline inappropriate to insinuate, but is the guy into something we just don’t know about? They dropped him like it was nothing in the middle of the game.

  39. The Braves lack of ability to fill the gap in the rotation strikes again. We didn’t have the rotation depth before this and we don’t now.

    I would be fine letting the young guys fight for the 5th spot, but not 3-5. It’s Soroka and Fried and hope the other team has Covid 19!

  40. @66 – but wouldn’t that mean the team that picks him up would also pick up Folty’s salary commitment for 2020?

    That $$, his velocity, his demeanor & the weird climate in MLB right now – – all might have him waiting until 2021 to pitch for another team. We’ll see.

  41. Timo – I’m not sure how it works exactly. And I’m not sure if Folty has enough service to qualify for certain options/rights that other veterans have.

    Who can help us out with the Folty waiver scenario/process?

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