Meet Your New Editor: Ryan Cothran

Being a custodian means that you want to leave a place better than you found it. I hope I’ve been a custodian. I think Braves Journal is better than when I found it, anyway. I got the sense that Alex was running on fumes trying to replace Mac Thomason, and that’s why I was very willing to take over Braves Journal. I’ve not been here as long as some of you, but I’ve still been around since the early 2000’s. I’m really not a very good writer, certainly not to the level of Mac or Alex, but the site needed a jolt, and if nothing else, I know I’ve done that. On a personal note, one of my goals was do enough writing so that I would become a better writer, and I think I can half-check that box.

It also probably helped that I’m a bit of a confrontational person, and throughout The Great Rebuild, this place became a negative place at times, and I think some personalities really dominated the tenor of the discourse in the comments. I think the site needed some push-back in that area. Did I maybe shift the site too close to Polyanna? I actually had a couple people tell me that, and that’s probably true. It didn’t hurt that we won division titles the two years that I was the editor.

At any rate, in April of this year, I asked Ryan Cothran if he was interested in doing more writing for our site and to consider eventually take it over. Ryan has a lot of respect for the long-standing history of the site and didn’t want to crash it, so he began simply writing pieces for Braves Journal instead of the blog he was on. But I’m glad Ryan saw that the community here is strong, and Ryan has already started launching things that make the site even better. Did you get a shirt? I know I did. Have you listened to the podcast? I haven’t missed a second. It’s good stuff.

Ryan also has a unique ability to round up some of the folks that have been doing excellent work in the blogosphere and getting them to come write for us. We’ve already seen some new faces that have contributed some excellent content for the site. Ryan’s a unifier, and the The Flags Flying podcast is a great example of that. If you’ve not listened yet, it’s hosted by 3 guys from different blogs: Kris Willis of Talking Chop, Brent Blackwell from Outfield Fly Rule, and of course, Ryan from Braves Journal. I think it will be yet another way of bringing new readers, which will lead to a better community in the comments and potentially more unique content.

I know the site will continue to grow, and I’ll still be here helping any way that I can including continuing to write. Thank you for being a reader of Braves Journal, and please give Ryan your full support.


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  1. From last thread:

    Cliff, I think it’s a great idea to have a panel of people who handle issues that arise in the comments and whatnot.

  2. I want to add my heartfelt thanks to Rob and all those who do the hard and unpaid work of running this blog. I don’t comment much but I’ve read every single post I think, and it’s been the only blog I’ve followed closely, since I discovered it about 19 years ago. Many times I walked into our battalion COC in the middle of the night to login on the only available computer time, with very unreliable & painstakingly slow satellite linked internet from a very austere base in Iraq just to keep up with my beloved Braves and the insightful commentary on this site. Mac established an amazing and diverse community of Braves fans. Alex and Rob have done admirably in continuing it. Following Ryan’s work for years I’ve no doubt it will continue and thrive. The ban hammer has been wielded very rarely over the years and when so it was well deserved after the troublesome commenter was given ample warning to change their ways. It’s taken overwhelming evidence that the negativity far outweighed anything positive that commenter might have made before it is finally used. I can do with zero of Sam and Blazon and their ilk and think this site can set a far better atmosphere without them without losing anything of real value in content. There are plenty of bright minds and different points of view still around.

  3. Wow. I go away for a week to deep dive into the Yale-Harvard football game (damnedest thing I ever saw) and we get drama, tears, and a blazogram. The offseason is hell.

    Welcome, Rob, to the world of occasional commenting. Trust me, it’s a nice place to be.

    Ryan, I am at your service, as you know, unless blazon finally commissions that history of everything-but-baseball I’ve been slavering to write.

  4. Thanks to both Rob and Ryan for keeping this place going. There are posters that have drifted away that I miss, but I have to say on balance Sam isn’t really one of them. There’s enough snarkiness and condescension elsewhere on the web, don’t really need it here too.

  5. I have been here a long time…Mac, Alex, Rob and now Ryan. Still my favorite site on the internet. The work you guys put in is unbelievable and much appreciated.

    Rob- I really hope you continue to comment and be a part of the board… I always look forward to your thoughts and perspective.

    Ryan- your contribution here has been great and I think we all look forward to seeing the site continue to move forward.

    Go Braves!

  6. Typing from a phone, so forgive my brevity:

    Rob, thanks for your efforts; I think that the site is in better shape now regarding content and comments than it was possibly at any other time.
    Ryan C., I’ve followed your writing for a long time and many previous websites; I have no doubt that you will continue making the site better.

    I personally have no issue with Sam, blazon and others who sometimes are very opinionated, but I realize that sometimes they can be detrimental to the community.

    Bravemarine, take care of yourself if you are still in a warzone. Best wishes.

    Happy thanksgiving to all, and may the winter months pass by in the blink of an eye so that we may focus on baseball again.

  7. Carl, thank you for your thoughts. January 1st will mark 4 yrs since my retirement after 28+ yrs of service. But once a Marine, always a Marine. But many still are serving and many of those will be separated from their loved ones this holiday season. We are privileged to have the time and ability to comment on this blog that we all love. And are even more privileged we have the freedom to do so. Despite my experiences I often still shamefully take too much for granted in this life and this country. We are all passionate about the Braves and that keeps us coming here despite a great diversity of backgrounds and opinions and I am thankful for that.

  8. To be clear, I don’t have much of a problem with blazon, but boy does he seem to have a problem with me.

    Bravemarine, thank you as well for your service.

    Ryan has a seemingly singular focus on the Braves, which I think helps a lot. I love college football too, so for at least a 1/3 of the year, I’m a little distracted from baseball. Shoot, even Mac loved Bama.

  9. @11 At least someone has (had) a proper love for the Tide. :-)) Iron Bowl this week, too. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

  10. I’ve been following this blog regularly for more than 30 years–!–and am certain that it has made me smarter (though my naturally pessimistic disposition remains ungovernable, even in the face of the many rational, data-based arguments aired here). Thanks to Ryan, Rob, and AAR, for maintaining the high standard set by the inimitable Mac Thomason.

  11. Since a new thread is out, I’ll just add a last few cents to the debate so we can move on. Long time reader, very seldom poster, but I do note a slight change after Mac from “bar room” to ” actual blog.” Not a bad thing, but whenever someone new comes in, they want to make a statement. I noticed it when Rob took it on and even more as Ryan has moved into the role. Certainly congrats to you both for your great work (and Alex before them) but lets not be too quick on the hook. Mac always had his very opinionated opinion, as I recall, but I don’t recall too many bannings. I still get the “pleasures” of Sam on a FB private group I was invited to some years back and now I see another has been warned. I don’t think it’s personal, guys. Just a flavor some of us would like to keep, from all sides. As always, if you don’t like it, just scroll down.

    That said, let’s put it to bed and look forward to giving all the money to…who? On to the next thread.

    (Note I say all of the above because A. I am an admin on one forum and a former moderator on another very large forum, so I do “get it” and 2. I’ve always liked this place regardless of the irritations. And again, good luck Ryan. I’ve been reading you both here and at TC for years. It’s never easy but it can be fun…especially when we are winning.)

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