Endangered Species Game Thread: Braves at Natspos, Aug. 17


As I write this on Tuesday afternoon, I don’t know who’s starting this game but I’ve a feeling that The Vulture will make an appearance sooner or later.

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  1. Lets just go ahead and put the whole team in the doghouse before the game. Maybe that will change our luck.

  2. Yeah, I want to see what I’m going to win.

    1914 Update:

    NY Giants 59-43 (–)
    Boston Braves 56-46 (3 GB)
    St. Louis Cardinals 58-52 (5)
    Chicago Cubs 55-51 (6)
    Brooklyn Robins 48-55 (11.5)
    Philadelphia Phillies 48-56 (12)
    Pittsburgh Pirates 47-56 (12.5)
    Cincinnati Reds 47-59 (14)

    Today’s Games:
    Boston 202 230 011 – 11 11 0 WP- Rudolph
    Cincy 100 000 000 – 1 7 4 LP- Benton

    Boston 100 300 001 – 5 7 3 WP- James
    Cincy 000 000 003 – 3 7 2 LP- Schneider

    Man, playing a doubleheader in CIncinnati in August before air conditioning sounds like such fun.
    Sad news to report: Today, the answer to one of the all-time most frequently asked trivia questions died today. Harry Steinfeldt passed away at 36.
    And the Federal League fired an umpire midseason, Charles Van Sickle. Yes, you could get fired for incompetence as an ump, once upon a time.

  3. How does everybody like the way the line-up will look, post “we can’t afford Andruw’s contract, because we’re a small market team”.

    Of course, we may have Blanco, .400 OBP with no SLG at-all (the anti-frenchie) in CF.

  4. Today’s lineups.

    Giley 2B
    Renty SS
    Chippa 3B
    BMAC C
    Roachy 1B
    Frenchy RF
    Diaz LF (what is Matt’s nickname)
    Chokey CF
    Vulture P

    A.Soriano LF
    F.Lopez SS
    R.Zimmerman 3B
    N.Johnson 1B
    A.Kearns RF
    R.Church CF
    B.Schneider C
    B.Castro 2B
    J.Bergmann P


    BOS- Eric Hinske


  5. Davey,

    Glad you saw the sidearm haymaker….seeing that fight really gets me pumped for the premier of Ultimate Fighter 4 tonight.

  6. Ah, the vulture with the start. It’s been a long time coming.

    And can we agree right now to just shut Ray down for the rest of the season? Would anyone be against this?

  7. I wonder what happened to Ray. Tired arm? Yet another hidden injury? The only problem with shutting Ray down is Yates would get more innings. Then again at this point it hardly matters anymore does it?

  8. Well the report said he hit him right in the sweet spot, right on his patellar tendon. The same spot that has been nagging him since he was 19.

  9. Well, as long as we don’t have an odd number at the draft time, I think we are fine. 12 teams is perfect. 14 and 16 are great, too. Just don’t want any part of 13 and 15.

  10. Blanco is very different than at least Tavares. He has maintained a .400 OBP at both stops this year. he just has no power (not HR power; he doesn’t hit 2B’s or 3B’s either), and does not steal bases well, either.

  11. He looks good today…I know it’s early but he didn’t give up a home to Soriano…that’s a win in my book.

  12. I think they should switch BMAC and Renty…that way he has a better shot at getting the batting title(unless Chipper has a shot at it.)


  13. Good for you Miranda, I used to do the same thing all the time. We took a field trip to a mortuary one time during a playoff game in ’00 or ’01 I think against the Astros and I took my AM radio with me and was listening and somebody for the Braves hit a HR and it got really quiet in the room that we were in and I got busted and they took away my radio. They might as well have chopped off my arm rather than not let me listen to a playoff game, so I just ditched class the rest of the day and went home and watched it.

  14. I personally love mccann. I would pay for his bar tab at any bar we both happened to be at.

  15. I thought about it a couple of times Jay..but my extreme laziness got in the way

    I hear that.

  16. Oscar hits left handed !! Who knew ?? I wish I knew enough about computers to make my own Doghouses. I’ve never used Photoshop though.

  17. “Hitting was optional today…”

    An improvement on Tuesday, when hitting was apparently forbidden altogether.

  18. our team ERA entering into today is 4.77. Villy’s is now 4.35. He isn’t Smoltzie, but no one else is…why do people hate Villereal? He has had a better season than any pitcher on the roster the entire season, save Smoltz, hasn’t he? Maybe Paranto has been better. We are paying a guy below league average to pitch better than everyone else on the team.

  19. Maybe Pete Orr can move into the rotation…


    Looks good to me.

    Bobby Rip him a new one!!!

  20. Looked like the Vulture was safe…

    “Pete Orr was throwing batting practice”
    I think Joe was being generous with the term “throw” there. Probably was more bouncing it up there…

  21. csg, I noticed that yesterday, I was going to post that on here, he really was having a bad month when they called him up, looks like his slump has continued to the big leagues

  22. Bfan, a few reasons:

    First, Oscar led the team in wins most of the season. It is deeply wrong, especially on the Braves, to have a middle reliever lead the team in wins.
    Second, he’s had his share of high-profile blowups, like that game against Philadelphia last week.
    Third, he suffers from guilt by association with the rest of the bullpen and with Cormier whom we acquired at the same time.

  23. bfan, I agree. He’s definitely better than Yates, maybe Ray, Shiell, Cormier, and Barry. He’s been good for most of the year.

  24. Hey Miranda, I left a post for you on the last thread, but I will repeat it here:

    I am going to watch the MS Braves play tomorrow (Friday) night, and I was wondering if you could clue me in as to who might be pitching, etc. I could probably just look it up on the net, but you always seem to know a lot about the team, so I thought I’d ask.

  25. Last I checked, the Vulture was actually the Braves’ second-most-valuable pitcher this season after Smoltz, though Hudson may have passed him with his recent good outings.

  26. Smitty, that’s hilarious, I wonder “how pleased” the Braves are with his performances

  27. Tennessee… sorry didn’t see it…

    tonight is Chris Waters …games on CSS for those that get that channel

    I belive tomorrow should be Matt Harrison

  28. Thanks Miranda – it’ll be my first time down at that park. My sister is starting college at MC, and I am helping her move in this weekend.

  29. I checked to make sure…

    8/17 AT TENNESSEE LHP CHRIS WATERS (7-11, 4.75) VS RHP AJ SHAPPI (0-0, 7.20) 7:15 CT

    8/18 AT TENNESSEE LHP MATT HARRISON (3-2, 3.04) VS RHP ROSS OHLENDORF (8-8, 3.25) 7:15 CT

    8/19 AT TENNESSEE LHP DAN SMITH (3-6, 3.10) VS RHP STEVEN JACKSON (7-9, 2.78) 7:15 CT

    …unless something changes

  30. awesome… enjoy and let us know how it goes

    I’m going to ride up to Pearl to see the guys when they get back on Sunday! I can’t wait… I miss em! pretty sad I know! It’s going to be a LONG off season!

  31. The Aflac Trivia Question.

    Barry Bonds
    Bobby Bonds
    Willy Mays
    Andre Dawson
    Steve Finley
    Reggie Sanders

  32. Could be worse, Davey. The Diamondbacks are going to hear “Snakes on a Plane” 1000 times on every road trip for the rest of the season, from people who think they’re clever.

  33. It just occurred to me the Braves converted Johnny Estrada into 2/5 of their starting rotation. Maybe that trade wasn’t so bad after all. ;)

  34. Ron, they may be 40% of our strating rotation, but that doesn’t mean they’re any good.

  35. Marcus may have actually been out, but there’s no way the umpire can tell that his out-stretched leg is over-not-touching the plate.

  36. Anybody else think it would be dramatic irony if The Vulture puts on a couple of runners and then Paronto would come in a give up those runs Gyrbo style and then gives up a couple of his own to tie the game and then the Braves would come back to win, thus having Paronto vulture the win from The Vulture himself and giving The Vulture a taste of his own medicine ??

  37. No complaints about the Vulture today. Five innings and one hit? He’s the ace of the staff now.

  38. Davey,

    Sorry I didn’t see #62.

    I don’t remember alot of them but 1 that I do is pretty funny. When I was like 12 or 13 I got mad at my dad so I asked if they could ask Chipper Jones if he would be my new Dad.

  39. My dad didn’t find it too funny.

    I liked to mess with him when I was younger….If we were driving I would hold a piece of paper in the window that said something like “Help me i’ve been kidnapped”…He got pulled over 3 blocks later. Some lady called the cops. HAHAHA

  40. Damn Jay!

    When I was a kid my mom got mad at me at a store. I knew I was in trouble and on the way out the door I started yelling, “Don’t break my arms again! Don’t break my arms again!”

  41. Great story Jay. We were on a church youth trip once and travelling in like four minivans. My friends and I were in a white one, the youth leader was in a maroon one. We had a CB and we were talking trash to the truckers on the interstate, calling them out as we passed them, when one started cursing us back. We told him he was all talk and that we were the maroon minivan about to pass him and he couldn’t do anything about it cause he was basically a little girl (to paraphrase, though we were in the van with the preacher so it wasn’t too bad). About an hour later everyone stopped at a rest area and our youth leader got out and was really exasperated, asking what was up with all the truckers driving crazy and about running him off the road. We laughed so hard. This doesn’t do justice to how funny it was, of course, CB’s were banned from then on.

  42. Hahaha….good story Ermoore.

    By the way if you into fantasy football, you should join our league 4 spots left.

  43. Marcy, who sent in the Home Depot Question today, has a hooded white rat named John.

    I bet it wears itty bitty Royal blue suspenders.

  44. I remember Galarraga charging the mound back in ’98, on Darren Dreifort. Galarraga gave everyone fair warning that the next pitcher to throw at him would be charged, but Dreifort did it anyway.

  45. yes..hittracker. They were talking about it last night aswell in the radio broadcast. Talking about the distances of the homers that the Braves hit this year..

    I remember Eddie Perez charging the mound.. and Randall Simon being right in the thick of things..

  46. Haha, my little brother just called and is broke down outside of Knoxville. I’m in DC so all I could do was laugh at him (to keep his morale up). Anyways, I was on the phone with him and missed our last score. What happened?

  47. Guess what….

    if WIckman can pitch a SCORELESS 9th, then it will be our 1st shutout since May 1st. All thanks to the Vulture!

  48. the announcers said Chippers HR was only 456 feet. Then brought up the fact that it landed over the 465 sign about 25 to 30 feet. The way they measure HR’s you cant tell, but that ball was at least 490-500 feet. Oh yeah, it was on a change up!

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