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Alright, so what now?

There were a lot of eggs for a long time in the J.T. Realmuto basket. And those eggs were emptied out of said basket and smashed on the ground. So at this point, we’ve not been told we are in on anyone by the front office....

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RIP The J.T. Realmuto Saga

As you know, JT Realmuto has been traded to the Phillies. Thank the Lord. I’m so sick of hearing about him. And for what the Phillies gave up for him, they better get two really good years out of him, especially in their...

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Vamos, A. T. L.

Sports are stupid. Sports are irrational. Sports are dumb. Complain if you like, but it is truth. Sports makes no damned sense. You know as much. In that kernel of greater reasoning embedded in your frontal cortex, you know. In...

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Hey! We Swept!

Well, the weekend thread lasted a little longer. As mentioned, we’ve got some stuff planned for later in the offseason, but, once again, still just not much going on. Sniter getting manager of the year is interesting. It...

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Weekend Thread

Not much going on, really, league-wide, so we shall wait for the Hot Stove to become lit. What’s a college football prediction you find noteworthy? Which player that hasn’t gotten much play would you be excited...

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Unit Review – The Pen

The Braves came into the season with a lot of uncertainty in the pen. From the 2017 squad, only these five pitchers logged more than 50 appearances: Jose Ramirez, Arodys Vizcaino, Jim Johnson, Sam Freeman, and Ian Krol. Krol,...

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Unit Recap – Catchers

The Braves had enough other problems to address last offseason that carrying on with the adequacy of Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki was the simplest thing to do, and that’s exactly what they did, with mostly similar...

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