I just wanted to put up a fresh post and give us a new thread.

How might playing time shake out if the Braves don’t add anyone else? Well, let’s take a look at last year. These were the top PA earners last year:

Freddie Freeman707
Nick Markakis705
Ozzie Albies684
Ender Inciarte660
Dansby Swanson533
Johan Camargo524
Ronald Acuna487
Charlie Culberson322
Ryan Flaherty182
Preston Tucker142
Adam Duvall57

I’m omitting catchers since catchers should only get those plate appearances. Otherwise, that’s 5,003 plate appearances. Using that same amount, and adding in Josh Donaldson, this is how it looks now:

Freddie Freeman700
Josh Donaldson650
Ozzie Albies650
Ender Inciarte650
Ronald Acuna Jr.650
Johan Camargo600
Dansby Swanson400
Nick Markakis400
Charlie Culberson250
Adam Duvall50

That adds up to 5,000. What you’re seeing there is that you’re giving the guys who almost cleared 700 PAs last year a few extra days off, cutting Markakis and Dansby back quite a bit, Culberson back a little bit, and still having a spot for Donaldson and Camargo to play full-time. You’re also giving Flaherty and Tucker’s PAs to Donaldson. On paper, this team is significantly better if playing time is allotted this way and we don’t fall into injury situations.