Author: Sam Hutcheson

Vamos, A. T. L.

Sports are stupid. Sports are irrational. Sports are dumb. Complain if you like, but it is truth. Sports makes no damned sense. You know as much. In that kernel of greater reasoning embedded in your frontal cortex, you know. In...

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Red Sox 5, Braves 1

As it turns out, the squad that was heralded as being one of the six or seven “super teams” in MLB at the beginning of the year; the squad who are paying as much buried and sunken salary for players no longer with...

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Braves 6, Pirates 1

So, it turns out, if you can trade a few nice but not all that notable spare parts for this generation’s version of Young Andy Ashby, you probably should. Kevin Gausman continues to be the absolute gank heist of the...

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Braves 11, Marlins 6

Before we get into this “recap” thing, let’s take a moment and pour a little to ground for what happened the Mets last night, okay? I mean, there’s getting beat, and then there’s getting beat down....

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