If you’re new to the blog, you may not know that there is a Braves Journal Glossary. You can see the entire glossary here. We’ve made some new additions:

Outciarte – Nickname for Ender Inciarte. Ender is terrific at making outs, both due to his career .337 OBP and his status as our primary leadoff hitter during his Atlanta career. It can be exacerbated by his extended slumps.

Atlanta Complete Game – During the Great Rebuild, two things were happening: starters pitchers were beginning to not pitch as deep into games, and our starting pitchers had even shorter outings. So if an Atlanta starting pitcher could get even 6 IP, that was an Atlanta Complete Game.

Flozuki – Nickname for our catching duo from 2017-2018, Tyler Flowers and Kurt Suzuki. They were more of a situational platoon vs. a starter/backup format, so the merging of their names conveyed the interchangeability to their roles. Suzuki now plays for the Washington Nationals, so the nickname will not continue in 2019.

Neck – Nickname for Nick Markakis. Before signing with Atlanta in November 2014, Markakis had neck surgery. And since “neck” and “Nick” are similar, this nickname stuck.

UrethraJose Urena. The yellow-bellied, sore-losing pitcher who plunked Ronald Acuna Jr. on August 15th, 2018. His professionalism and class could probably fit through his urethra. Atlanta fans may be booing him for years.

Phil Collins – Extreme measures taken by the blog to get the Braves out of a slump. It’s not pretty, but YouTube videos of Phil Collins’ music will be brought into posts in hopes of waking bats and enlivening arms. A tradition started by founder, Mac Thomason.

Let me know what else needs to be added to the glossary.