BORING PRE-DAWN BASEBALL……Did you have a fun Friday evening?

Around 3.25 this morning Alex Wood came on to pitch the top of the 18th innings in Game 3 of the World Series. The Score had been stuck at 2-2 since the 13th. Fox had long since run out of paid commercials to show, nothing but promos. We were in it for the long haul.

Alex pitched well, got into a bit of trouble but escaped it, the tie remained. Enter Nathan Eovaldi 4 short of 100 pitches, a truly heroic performance over 6 innings. timo, you were so right when you pushed for this guy before the August deadline, he was amazing but as you might imagine he was running out of gas here and Muncy took him deep in the bottom of the 18th and everyone could go home.

Pretty amazing game. 7 hours 20 mins, longest WS game ever, within an hour or so of longest game ever according to the Fox boys. Each side used 9 pitchers, Eovaldi at the top, Buehler started (at 8.10!) and pitched 7 strong innings, 2 hits, no runs. We exited the first 9 innings tied at 1. What we didn’t know we had a further 9 awaiting, exactly.

It went on and on. 30 dozen baseballs, strike outs galore as so many tried to be the hero who ended it. It was an exciting game all the way, it never dragged, there were many opportunities for either team to put it away, no one could.

Which is my point and I apologize to Rob for crashing the thread program but I couldn’t let this go unnoticed. From my perspective there has been so much indifference/apathy shown here to this Series I kind of guess very few of us would have watched 9 let alone 18. Why I don’t know, it blows my mind. It was a marvelous game. Even if it turned out to be a stinker it was still Game 3 of the World Series.

Tribalism, gentlemen, and proud of it is the only conclusion I can come to. Do you think when we soccer freaks get knocked out of the quarter finals of the Champions League  we switch off and can’t be bothered to watch Barcelona and Real Madrid fight it out? Hardly. It’s still a joy, even without our team there.

It’s the game, you know.


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  1. Thank you, Blazon.

    Left after 11 innings. Wise decision. Otherwise might have missed today’s real game. May the best Dawgs win.

  2. I see no reason to think what happened two weeks ago won’t happen again, unless Kirby plays Fields the majority of the game. Will that happen? Oh the drama is real here. Can’t wait for this game.

    Blazon I watched until the 14th inning and fell asleep. The apathy here comes from watching $500M in payroll battle it out. There’s not even an underdog to root for.

  3. Rob: as you told me last season, the winner has the inside track to be Bama’s sacrificial lamb. Good luck to your lizards the rest of the season, just not today.

  4. I can’t tell if you’re saying that in jest or not, coop. Do you think anyone from the East has a chance against Bama this year?

    At any rate, I very much think this game will be decided by a field goal or less. A 20-17 game, but I couldn’t tell you which is which. Some oddsmakers are setting the line at 1, and that’s about right. I think this will be a barn-burner. Two good teams, though UGA is undoubtedly more talented.

    Fields has only played 9% of UGA’s snaps, so I’ll be interested to see how he factors in. I’d have to think that if he’s getting a lot of the snaps at QB, something has gone wrong for UGA. I don’t think Fields, Fromm, or Franks are good enough to dice up either of our secondaries, so I think it will come down to the front 7’s, how well each team handles the running game, and if Franks or Fromm makes more mistakes.

    Man, I’m excited. Great World Series game yesterday. The wife and I are Squints and Wendy Peffercorn tonight at some Halloween parties, and Florida and Georgia are going to play football against each other. Not much else to ask for.

  5. This might be the start of the Fields-era. Or it might be what causes him to transfer. Huge game for Georgia and Kirby Smart.

  6. You’d think he’d be fine if he continues to increase his snaps. I’m sure he’ll play a bigger role in this game than he has up to this point.

  7. I fear the rest of the nation is playing to lose to Bama in the national championship game. That said, I’d prefer that UGA wins today but think it could go either way. If Georgia plays like they did against LSU, I probably won’t watch the second half.

    Can we just get the series and football over and done and fire up the stove? I can’t wait to see what surprises come the Braves way.

  8. @8, correct. Fields is our only hope of beating Bama (next year, this year it’d be a huge longshot). He needs to finish the season as the starter, this will all be good prep for next year. If Kirby f’s this up and he transfers, then Kirby will never live it down.

    Fromm never would have seen the field if Eason hadn’t been hurt. If he transfers, I hope he goes to one of our rivals

  9. Well, this is definitely a ballgame, friends.

    LA and Boston have both made some crazy moves with their pitching staffs, and I actually trust Snit to make some similar decisions if we find ourselves in a competitive playoff series.

  10. @10

    This seems like a pretty hilarious hot take. Yes, Fromm’s clearly completely incapable of leading Georgia to anything of note. What a bum that guy is!

  11. Krussell’s point still holds; Fields is the future and Fromm is very inconsistent and has a low ceiling. He played great today, however. When Henderson, our second-best corner went down in the first, that was killer. We had to convert a WR to DB earlier this year because we are so thin. And of course, a -3 in the turnovers will turn any game into a loss.

  12. Georgia just has way more athletes than we do. It’s amazing what Kirby has done so quickly. And with FSU, Miami, and Georgia Tech largely being worthless, Kirby, Mullen, and Strong will have a field day in Georgia/Florida.

  13. @16

    I’m no Georgia fan, as you know, but I don’t think Fromm is particularly inconsistent, I think his ceiling is pretty high, and I don’t see any reason to believe that Fields (and not Fromm) is Georgia’s future. He’s had precisely one bad game, the hand-wringing is hilarious.

  14. Florida played one helluva defensive game until I guess they wore down in the 4th because they had no offense. Georgia is not as good as last year no matter who the QB is. Compared to last year, they don’t have much of a running game at all (most of their yards came in the 4th against a very tired defense). Pretty ugly at the one yard line and all night in the red zone. The Georgia defense gave up a TD throw in which the announcers pointed out was basically the same play they gave up to Tua in OT last year. I’m not sure they are good enough to control a team with a really good offense. They gave up a lot of yards in the running game. I don’t see that they’ve played anyone with an elite offense – even LSU.

    Florida should have done a lot better but was plagued by turnovers and drops. And they were still competitive until the 4th. Either the GA defense was really bad or Florida has a pretty potent running game, but is terribly inconsistent in the passing game.

    I was watching that game to see which if any of the two teams might be competitive against Bama. I didn’t see too much. GA will score some points with their passing game but it won’t be enough. Tua will shred either secondary. Bama’s receivers do not drop the ball. Florida’s defense would be more of a concern because of their pass rush, but Bama’s offensive line is incredibly good (better at pass protection than run blocking, though).

    The Bama-LSU game might be another “Game of the Century”. It’ll be strength against strength with LSU’s elite defense and Bama’s elite offense. The fact that LSU doesn’t have the best offense will be to Bama’s benefit as their defense is good but not as elite as it has been in the past. However, Bama’s defense has been improving weekly and they are beginning to play better as a unit with few real stars especially in the LB’ing corps.

  15. I’m not alone among UGA fans that want to see Fields. We’d have the same record or better if he had started every game in 2018. He’s very likely going to transfer, and I will have to watch him play for a rival. We’ll see how it all plays out.

  16. MLB really needs to look into changing the style of TV broadcasting. With so much down time during the games, they need to think of a better way to keep things entertaining. There are not many Skip Careys out there who can keep a boring game entertaining.

  17. Just dropped by to say that I hope that the same people who find the chop passe, boring and overdone need to watch a WS game played in LA to hear the glories of stupid repetitive organ-induced fan response. The Chop is certainly no more passe boring and overdone than the rhythmic chants of LaLa Land.

  18. There’s just simply always going to be a draw to a dual threat quarterback even if the incumbent pocket passer completes up to 75%+ of their passes with minimal turnovers. Fields doesn’t have to be the passer Fromm is to command the spot.

    As for Roger’s post, much to the chagrin of Georgia fans, I co-sign.

  19. Jonsthan, the chop provides an energy that I agree doesn’t exist much elsewhere, especially that organ.

  20. Tonight, the President of the United States decided he would weigh in on pitcher usage:

  21. @23, agree, kc. It’s even worse, I imagine, watching Every break they’re showing the same highlights… again and again I have to listen to that Yankees broadcaster talk about the “Stantonian Homerun”. So annoying.

    @blazon, hey friend, we got time to get Eovaldi this offseason. Make it happen, AA.

  22. You wanna sign a primo bench player for cheap that can play all around the diamond and just hit HRs especially against lefties? He just hit for nearly a .900 OPS and the Sox picked him up as a pre-deadline deal. And he may carry them to the series win.

    He IS what we would want Adam Duvall to be.

  23. @31 One of the happiest moments of my life.

    @30 It has to be resigning with the Natspos. Otherwise what Boras said is essentially breaking the rules.

    @32 Who would have thought Pearce will hit like that. Amazing.

  24. @33

    If we assume Boras isn’t lying/trolling, then it has to be the Nationals. But I’m not sure what should make us assume that he’s not doing that.

  25. You can fire up the funeral dirge for the Dodgers, by the way. I’m taking more joy in this than I thought I would.

  26. I think that if the Nationals kind of break up as predicted, I’ll hate the Dodgers more than any MLB team period.

  27. By the way, the Dodgers have won six straight division titles, back-to-back pennants, and still don’t have a World Series championship. Where are all the think pieces about what horrible chokers they are?

    Oh well, maybe they’ll start in approximately five minutes. One can only hope, anyway.

  28. It’s been one hour and this GARBAGE FRANCHISE has made ZERO moves……just goes to show we don’t want to win… … WAKE UP AA do somethign make a trade or sign someone already lol


  29. Now it’s Monday morning, and STILL no big signing. That’s it! Sam, move over, I’m hopping on the United bandwagon!

  30. STILL no signings……… getting worried guys…somebody check on AA an make sure he didnt oversleep his alarm lol…or maybe just let him sleep …otherwise Freddie will be traded and we are rebuilding again lol… … … gotta keep payroll down

  31. Steve Pearce seems like the kind of guy who would keep the free car for the MVP. How do they get the darn thing home?

  32. Well, I guess we’ll find out very soon if Boras was trolling or not. That should light up the airwaves.

  33. We are approaching 12 hours after the World Series and there is still no signing. Fire AA. This is ridiculous.

  34. Again, if you are angry with this TOTAL DUD of an offseason — and I know you are — the best and most direct way to get your grievances in front of AA is to email bravesjournalrob at gmail dot com AT LEAST once a day until the season starts.

  35. FYI- the “rumor” in Michigan and around the Detroit area is that we are trading Allard for Nick Castellanos. For whatever that is worth….

  36. Re: Fromm/Fields: The backup quarterback is often the most popular guy on the team.

    That being said, I think it’s worth having a package specifically for Fields since he brings a different element.

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