Well, the weekend thread lasted a little longer. As mentioned, we’ve got some stuff planned for later in the offseason, but, once again, still just not much going on.

Sniter getting manager of the year is interesting. It tells me that it’s all about expectations. No matter how you slice it, Milwaukee did a tremendous job to get to the NLCS, and Craig Counsell deserves a lot of credit. But Milwaukee Won The Offseason (TM), so the expectations were high for Counsell, though I personally think he exceeded them. There were so little expectations for Atlanta, so Snitker looked better accordingly, but you can make an argument that Snitker had just as much talent to work with roster-wide as Milwaukee. So did Snitker actually do as good of a job as Counsell?

The Manager of the Year race was closer than the Rookie of the Year race, which was surprising. Juan Soto, statistically, was as good or better in many significant categories, but Ronald Acuna Jr. “carried” this team, and Soto didn’t earn that perception. So there you go, Acuna wins it. But Soto had him outpaced slightly in wOBA, wRC+, and OPS, but Acuna had him in the bubble gum stats with HRs and SBs. They ended up with the same fWAR, though Acuna outpaced him significantly in bWAR.

I’m not trying to sound negative. Acuna and Snitker absolutely deserved these awards, but the runner-ups were about as close as they could have been.

Mrs. Copenhaver and I are in Dubai, UAE until Saturday, then we will enjoy Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand, and then the Maldives islands. And we’ll be doing all of this until the end of November. We’ve been married for 6 1/2 years, and this is our first vacation — even including our honeymoon – that is longer than 5 days. I know Stephen in the UAE is obviously familiar with the UAE, but does anyone have anything helpful to add or recommendations of fun to be had in these three countries? Please do let us know. Sadly, there is minimal baseball here.