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Today’s post, “Braves and Tigers Hypothetical Trades”, is part 10 in our series focusing on teams that could be sellers or have some expiring contracts that could be attractive options for the Braves. If you’re just catching up, here are the previous 9 pieces:

So, the Red Sox of 2020 were worse than the Orioles and…the Tigers were worse than the Red Sox. At 23-35, the Tigers were the 2nd worst team in the American League, but their farm system is in the Top-10 with 4-5 guys ready to contribute by the 2023 season. I wouldn’t expect immediate success from the Tigers, but a 2024-25 estimate for a new window of competition seems realistic in Detroit.

Trade Value of José Cisnero

Cisnero has been on quite a journey. He went 5 years between MLB stints with trip to foreign leagues, Indy Leagues, and a whole lot of time at AAA affiliates. He got his shot in 2019 with Detroit and stuck around in 2020 and pitched pretty well. He’s 31 now and is arb-eligible for the first time, projected to make $1.25MM. He brings a fastball that sits 96 and touches 99 and a good slider and changeup. He’s been walk prone in the past but seemingly got walks under control in 2020. As expected for a journeyman, his value comes in pretty low at $1.2MM.

Trade Value of Jeimer Candelario

My latest obsession and under the radar trade chip/real breakout candidate, switch hitter Jeimer Candelario, had a promising 2020. He was in the 86th percentile in exit velocity and every hit tool metric graded well above average. His defense has been under scrutiny since his first years in the MLB but Statcast views him as an average 3B and I’ll take average out of a bopper. His value comes in at $19.5MM.

Fake Trade Number 1

Breakdown: Braves don’t need Newcomb. The Tigers don’t need Cisnero as they’ll be bad with our without him. Newcomb is younger and Tigers would definitely do this deal.

Fake Trade Number 2

Breakdown: The Tigers have a few up and coming 3B, one being Spencer Torkelson. However, they do not have a good up and coming catcher and Shea would fit that need. If the Braves see Langeliers as the catcher of the future, William Contreras could be subbed in. If Braves wanted to keep both, Kyle Muller and company could be part of the deal instead. Admittedly, my favorite part of acquiring Candelario would be that there would still be $ for another addition.

Thanks for reading on Braves and Tigers Hypothetical Trades! If you enjoyed this piece and all of the other Hypothetical Trade pieces linked above, check this piece out.

Author: Ryan Cothran

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13 thoughts on “Braves and Tigers Hypothetical Trades”

  1. I’m not familiar with Candelario, but he’s an interesting trade candidate. I have felt strongly that 2020 should not be the year to place a lot of emphasis on – either good or bad. However, a breakout season at 26 is pretty common. Not sure if the Tigers would want to deal him yet, but I would definitely be on board.

  2. Met Jeimer Candelario on a plane a few weeks ago. Very nice guy. Was Tiger of the Year last year. But he’s basically what Riley might be as soon as this year, and I would bet on Riley’s defense at 3B going forward. Candelario seemed to have been a first baseman until he wasn’t, so that doesn’t lead me to believe that he was a natural 3B. Would love him as a DH. Just my $0.02.

    Also would love to attend a Braves Journal Night at Truist this year.

  3. @2
    For all the Patrons of $10 or more, that is definitely on the radar. Others can come as well, but they’d just have to buy the ticket…and their first beer.

  4. Question for the learned gents in the room: can I get a grad degree online with the courseload primarily being audiobooks and audio lectures? I consume hours of audio a day. In the car, in the yard, around the house, at the gym, etc. Rarely do I listen to music. AirPods gets charged every day. Would love to consolidate that into something more permanent vs. sports/political current events and whatever book I’m interested in that week.

  5. @Rob
    Candelario would not be my main add, rather a supplemental add after we go big for a LF bat. However, Candelario would fit well if the Braves did not go big and just added another LH power bat in the OF. Even if there was a DH, having Riley, someone like Joc Pederson, and Candelario as a 3b?DH trio would work really well.

  6. @5, I’m not sure what kind of credential you’d get, but probably worth checking out the lectures available via,,, and

  7. As far as I know (which isn’t very far) all credentialed online learning is audio and video, not just audio. I guess it depends on what you’re trying to pursue, but the video content is often pretty important.

  8. @8 Yeah. Can’t say the Fed raising rates at a time like this. Jonathan, what do you think?

  9. I think the rates stay low but the availability might drop back to 2010 levels. My locally owned and managed bank is currently upping income requirements (my self employed tax clients need waaaay more income) and credit scores.

  10. snowshine, there are definitely lenders out there that will give you the low rates but will qualify you off bank statements, 1099’s, etc., not just taxable income. Which is… weird, but that’s the world we live in.

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