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A hypothetical Braves and Reds Trade? Sure, what else we got to talk about? A name change? I kid. I kid. On to the show.

The Reds did a thing in 2019. A sort of middle finger to the teams that were tanking thing. They tried to build a competitive ballclub. They added Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, Tanner Roark, Sonny Gray, Derek Dietrich, and Zach Duke. It didn’t work.

They then traded Yasiel Puig and others to acquire Trevor Bauer with eyes on 2020. They added Nick Castellanos in the offseason and traded for Archie Bradley at the deadline. It worked…sort of. In the first year of expanded playoffs, they snuck in with a 31-29 record. We know the story. 2 games later, they were done. #Braves.

Fast forward to the 2020-21 offseason, the only player from the first paragraph that’s still with the team is Sonny Gray. The only player from the 2nd paragraph? Nick Castellanos. On December 7th, they traded their closer Raisel Iglesias. While all of this doesn’t add up to a full-on rebuild, the depth the Reds had is diminished. Their 40-man, down to 32. Their farm? Back half.

It’s time and I think they finally know it. To quote Christmas Vacation, “Retool? I’ll retool you.” Yep, they need a retooling.

Braves Needs and Reds Desires

The Braves are in need of bats. Good ones. None that have questions. Solid, proven bats, preferably one right-handed and one left-handed. The Reds have both, at positions of which would likely be desirable for the Braves.

The Reds are in need of depth. Major League depth. The Braves are very much blessed with that and are likely in need of consolidating some of that talent in a trade to make room for others in need of 40-man spots. Let’s do this thing.


The Reds acquire 4 players under team control for quite some time, all with high upside and Braves get a RH and LH bopper to fill their 3 year window, all at a reasonable cost. In my opinion, these teams match up about as good as any teams in baseball. There might be stocking stuffers added to one side or another to help balance the deal, but it’s fairly balanced with the scales weighing heavier on the Braves cost. That’s just the cost of buying proven commodities. Now imagine this lineup with Suarez and Winker in it. That should make you happy.

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