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The Colorado Rockies finished 4th in the NL West in 2020 with a 26-34 record. They also finished 4th in 2019 with a 71-91 record. While the offseason is young, their moves for 2021 do not look as though they’re trying to get any better. And sure, if they were the Braves of 2018 with stud prospects on the cusp, there could be hope to add young talent to the established stars and make a run. Unfortunately for the team and their fans, the farm system is bottom 5 and the MLB talent just isn’t enough to finish .500, much less compete against the Dodgers or Padres. Maybe they stand pat, but they definitely shouldn’t. There are several players on their team that could interest the Braves, some obvious, some could be diamonds in the rough, and one bad contract swap. Let’s get to it…Braves and Rockies hypothetical trades

Cot’s Contracts on Rockies

While the Rockies likely aren’t completely motivated by selling off their high contracts, it’s worth noting their largest salaries.

Like Jason Heyward in the last exercise with the Cubs, both Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon are highly unlikely targets for Alex Anthopoulos due to high AAVs and length of contracts.

Trade Value of Trevor Story

Just like our Cubs piece, I’ll be using the trade simulator to take out the guesswork of values for each player. According to the trade simulator, even with a salary of $18.5MM, Story’s value comes in at $33.7MM.

Trade Value of Ian Desmond

Ian Desmond cited COVID concerns as well as social unjustice as the reasons for sitting out of the 2020 season. However, he wasn’t particularly good in 2019 and any trade value he might’ve had went belly up. Desmond’s value comes in at -$10MM.

Fake Trade Idea Number 1

Breakdown: Let me say this first…I don’t make this deal. This is a lot to give up for a 1-year rental. However, I feel like the price is right, even with Story’s AAV. While the Braves would be cheapening his value by moving him to 3rd, this would make a dream defensive setup.

Fake Trade Idea Number 2

Breakdown: It’s pretty simple… trash for trash. Desmond would have more value to the Braves as a supersub and the Rockies could actually use Ender in CF. Desmond’s owed $10MM total and Ender $9.7MM.

Fake Trade Idea Number 3

  • Braves get Ian Desmond and Ryan McMahon
  • Rockies get Sean Newcomb and Ender Inciarte

Breakdown: Newk gets a fresh start with the Rockies and McMahon gets a chance as the counterpart to Austin Riley.

There are variations of all these trades that could make them larger. However, I feel as though these moves are a little more force-fed and not as natural of a fit as the Cubs, with exception being Ender for Ian. Still…Story would be an awesome get.