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Our Braves and Diamondbacks Hypothetical Trades piece is 3rd in a series of pieces determined to either find good matches in trades for the Braves and/or find teams that could be selling. Here are our first 2 pieces in the series:

The Diamondbacks finished the 2020 season as the cellar dweller of the NL West with a record of 25-35. Inside a division with the Dodgers and the all-in Padres, they’re destined for 3rd or worse in their own division and .500 ball is about the best they can hope for with their current group. While they don’t seem to be financially stricken, they have several players with 1-2 years of control that they could part with before their next run. With a top-10 farm system ready to bloom in 2023, the Diamondbacks would likely entertain the idea of adding to that farm system for expiring contracts.

Cot’s Contracts on Diamondbacks

Here are a list of players that could be made available by the Diamondbacks and their contracts:

While none of these guys seem like Marcell Ozuna replacements, they can be a key component to a platoon should Braves choose to go that route. As in our other exercises, I’ll be utilizing the trade simulator to weigh deals.

Fake Trade Idea Number 1

Breakdown: Neither of these players have much surplus value, but Calhoun turned in a pretty good 2020. Newcomb needs a fresh start elsewhere and would come with 4 years of control. Of the realistic deals, this seems the most realistic and one that definitely makes sense for the Braves if they don’t go the big route for an OF bat.

Fake Trade Idea Number 2

Breakdown: Braves get what Johan Camargo should’ve been for 1 year in exchange for the actual Johan Camargo. I’m not convinced this is a good idea, but it’s an idea.

Fake Trade Idea Number 3

Breakdown: Peralta will be 34 next year and isn’t likely to get better, but he’s not getting much worse either. He can still hit RHP very well and would be a solid versatile bat for 2 years.

I’m not really in love with any of these deals. It’s not necessarily who the Braves would be giving up as it’s fake deals and pieces can be swapped around should Diamondbacks prefer prospects over MLB talent. What bothers me is that they all feel cheap…like the Braves settled for less instead of cashing in on their window. Still, if one of the 3 above were complementary pieces and the Braves still went and got that one big bat, then I’d definitely consider any of these 3.