62 thoughts on “Correction game thread: April 16, Mets at Braves”

  1. Hmmm.
    I keep getting “Los Mets succionar.” or
    “Los Mets chupan.” when I try an online translator.
    We’ll go with your version.

  2. Reyes just gave up a home run to Jed Lowrie, dealing a blow both the Blue Jays and Marco Scutaro’s playing time.

  3. I don’t get this lineup. You know Chipper and McCann aren’t going to play both games. Why go all in on one game?

    Game one lineup:

    1. Prado LF, 2. McLouth CF, 3. Jones 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Uggla 2B, 6. Heyward RF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Freeman 1B, 9. Lowe

  4. Prediction for lineup on 2nd game:
    1. Prado 2. Heyward 3. Chipper 4. Uggla 5. Hinske 6. Ross 7. Hicks 8. Young

  5. What happened to Tim McCarver? He looks twenty years older than the last time I saw him.

  6. Just back from Yankee Stadium, where Rob Broad4th & I froze our asses off for 9 innings. Luckily, Freddie Garcia mowed through the Texas lineup for a pretty swift AL game. Rob certainly won’t have to endure these kinds of games in MarlinLand. Bon voyage, Rob.

    Nice to walk in the door & see a Gonzalez HR. Let’s take 2.

  7. Hey Foxguys, don’t let the action on the field interrupt your SABR-bashing. You prepared some great “slide rule” jokes–gotta use ’em.

  8. @16, Catching the game in an Astoria sportsbar. Good seeing you again, ububba, and be sure to hit me up when you’re in Miami.

  9. @29, Still floored that he beat out McLouth for whipping boy. He’s not amazing by any means, but the guy can play.

  10. Radio guys said Lowe was pointing to one of this finders while talking to Fredi between innings.

    Edit: They are decently funny at times on the radio:
    “I think the Braves caught a break on that last strikeout”
    “What are you talking about, it was in the right handed batter’s box, that’s close enough”

    “I thought it caught a *lot* of the right handed batter’s box”

  11. Better get used to this, the 7th inning is going to be a problem for the rest of the year.

  12. nicely done. I saw the Braves called up Ascenio before todays game and sent Boscan back down. They have to make a move before the 2nd game when JJ comes off the DL. Maybe they’ll DFA Sherrill.

  13. For all of the attention McLouth has gotten in the 2-hole, Prado’s horrible start in the leadoff spot has flown under the radar a bit.

  14. Nate isnt the only issue on offense right now.

    For the second game tonight, they may want to rest Uggla. Put Prado at 2nd and Hinske in LF.

  15. @50, The difference is Prado competed for the batting title last year and Nate sucks always.

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