Metactular game thread: April 15, Mets at Braves

[UPDATED] Game postponed due to inclement weather that is probably Fredi’s fault. Doubleheader tomorrow.

M is for Madoff, and the money that he stole…
E is for Eddie Kranepool, their career leader in hits…
T is for tantrums they throw when they don’t win automatically…
S is for the smell of urine in their ballpark…

Put it all together and it spells METS and that really says it all.

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  1. 3/4 mile wide tornadoes reported coming into Alabama. Apparently two were side by side in Jackson Miss. earlier also.

  2. if Adrian Gonazalez = 7@154
    then Albert Pujols = X

    Solve for X. The Angels? The Mets? Did I miss anyone that can afford 30 million dollars a year?

    C’mon Braves!

  3. Yeah, Pujols has Cubs written all over him. Unfortunately, that will cause about half the population of St. Louis to die on the spot when it’s announced.

  4. St Louis has to keep Pujols and Holliday together. However, how do they afford Wainright and Carpenter too?

  5. Would they go so far as to trade Holliday, even eating a little money, to make room for Pujols? When you have our generation’s Babe Ruth on your team, you should be willing to go to extremes for him.

  6. Line is heading due NE and appears will only glance by the city. Crossed fingers. Of course, I have a gig on the NW side of town, and right in the path.

  7. Oh, c’mon Mr. Weather, I wanna play the Mets tonight.

    They’ve got a relief pitcher spot-starting & their bullpen is an overworked mess right now.

  8. Saw on Peter’s blog that the Mets are likely to let Reyes walk after this year. Considering that SS is a huge question mark next year with no real prospects close to ML-ready, is it possible we go after him next off-season? With the subtraction of Kawakami’s and McLouth’s contracts as well as the always possible Chipper retirement, I don’t think money would be an issue.

    He does have a lot of injury problems, though. Just a question to those more knowledgeable than me.

  9. @12

    So we can expect 1 run on three hits? I gave up hoping for bad pitchers about halfway through last season. The Braves aren’t really known for exposing them or anything.

    Re: Uggla heating up

    Uggla at his best isn’t going to challenge anyone for a batting title. His homeruns are going to win games, but if nobody is ever going to be on base then they’re going to be mostly wasted.

    Through X games, Fredi has been a terrible manager. There is 100% zero reason for the McLouth experiment to be going on still. You don’t hit a sub-replacement level player at second and hope he hits like he belongs there. You hit him where he belongs and move him if he earns it.

    “Boohoo McLouth needs to feel comfortable out there.” Fuck that, he’s getting paid $7 million, buy him a Sleep Number mattress if you want him to be comfortable. Maybe then he’ll have something to cry himself to sleep on when he plays his way out of baseball with his $7+ million dollars hitting damn second because Fredi has too much pride to admit he’s wrong.

  10. I just wouldn’t trust Reyes’s legs to want to sign him for any more than three years. Quick comparison: just look at Furcal’s career since he left the Braves. In five seasons, he has played 159, 138, 36, 150, and 97 games. Reyes will be by far the best SS on the market, and even though the inevitable Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols mega-paydays will eat up a fair amount of money on the market, I still worry that Reyes will look for $60-$80 million, and there’s just no chance I’d be willing to risk that much money on his legs.

  11. He’s not going to get 30M per and the Cardinals are not going to let him leave. They’ll match any offer anyone gives him. Well, unless someone offers him 30M per. But I think that’s unlikely.

  12. Toronto could conceivably sign Pujols too–though they could also ante up for Fielder or just wait for Votto. The point, anyway, is that they’ll have money to spend.

  13. I bet we get a “we can get this in!” slackening at some point. We’ve had relatively dry spells all day here in Alabama, mixed in with storms and steady rain. So at 9 o’clock or whenever, they’ll start the game while it’s still raining, and try to play through it. That always sucks.

  14. They just showed the field. Its slightly raining and people are sitting out in the seats. Hopefully, theyll get this started soon, but its highly unlikely they get through 5 innings.

  15. Hope everyone stays safe. Looks like it might get ugly.

    Speaking of ugly, I promised pictures of our latest episode. If you click through the website to our Twitter page there’s a link to some pics from Grenade Day.

  16. The really sad thing… McLouth’s .286 OBP is the fourth best in the lineup right now.

  17. Will they call up someone to spot start a game because the rotation will be screwed up? I assume Minor has not been down long enough unless there is an injury.

  18. French is batting .327, 2 HR 11RBI .848 OPS. and the Royals are 9-4. Maybe Ned Yost is a good manager after all. Preferred him to Fredi. But anyway….

  19. @33 Excellent question.
    Also, considering the Fox stranglehold on Sat. baseball, when will the games start?

  20. @42
    and that’s actually only Mon-Fri. He didn’t play the Sunday game. He was responsible for 4 runs on Monday, 2 runs on Tuesday, 6 runs on Wednesday, 2 runs on Thursday, and 2 runs on Friday. Have a week Berkman. I sure would have loved to see Lance in a Braves uniform sometime in his career.

  21. When’s the last time the Braves played an actual “two for the price of one” doubleheader? I can’t believe the team is willing to give up a day’s box office receipts, even if it does piss off the Mets. That’s a mighty expensive nose-tweak.

  22. @42 and 46 Bethany
    I saw Berkman on a tear in 2008.
    He’d hit 3 bombs against the Reds on Friday evening. We lucked into tickets behind the Astros dugout. When he came in from BP, I yelled “Keep it in the park today, Lance.”
    He glared at us and we tried to look innocent.
    Just good natured ribbing from Reds fans, heh heh.

    First pitch, first at bat, he launched it over the RF wall.

    That’s what shutup looks like in baseball.

  23. Try playing in an NL-only fantasy league against a guy who has Tulo, Berkman, and Colby Rasmus right now. Let me tell you, it ain’t pretty….

  24. And Jo Jo Reyes is at 60 pitches through 1 1/3 against the Red Sox, seems about right.

  25. 47 – I heard we let Torbert go.

    I never saw a sign of him in spring training, so it makes me wonder what the point was.

  26. Anyone here ever bought from scalpers outside of Turner? I’m considering a fairly spontaneous trip to ATL for the doubleheader, but I’d prefer not to get scammed, arrested, or stabbed. Any advice?

  27. Scalpers for a Braves game? Hhahahahahaa

    I was sure their tickets would be free, based on their sorry play and “can’t hit the ball” players.

  28. Parish, Torbert was there. He knocked Hanson out of the park easily, 3 run homer, 5 doubles, 10 RBIs, 400 average and 3.7 run to first base.

    The Braves are on a affirmitive action program of players who are midgets and can’t hit. Look at the center fielder.

    Players they paid mega bucks for who can’t perform or show up drunk at Spring training.

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