Reds 4, Braves 3

Not recapping, just getting a new thread up.

Everybody, keep Mac, who’ll be in surgery at 5:00 a.m., in your thoughts and prayers. Time for him to get well.

Author: Stu

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior. I've been married since July 17, 2004 to my beautiful wife, who also doubles as my best friend. We have an almost-three-years-old Boston Terrier named Lucy who's also pretty awesome. My wife and I both graduated from Vanderbilt University in May of 2004. I graduated from Law School at the University of Georgia in May of 2007 and am now practicing in Nashville, Tennessee. I really, really love the Atlanta Braves.

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  1. I’m guessing the Braves don’t want to rush Arodys like they did with Joey Devine, which I can understand.

    Wren had better do something, though. You know how the playoffs has a way of exposing teams’ flaws in a hurry? If it’s obvious now, it’ll be painfully obvious then that we need RH relief help.

    Good luck, Mac.

  2. Has it been discussed why Teheran only went 1IP in todays game? Looks like both starters only went 1, gueesing weather delay??

    Pastornicky went 3 for 4 (now .478)

  3. Definitely need reinforcements for the bullpen especially now that the rotation is beginning to regress a bit.

    Tyler Clippard would be nice but I’m afraid he’s a bit expensive.

    Good luck Mac.

  4. I don’t believe in luck or prayers… so here’s hoping you’ve got highly skilled physicians using the best in medical science to get you well. My thoughts are with you Mac.

  5. Here’s to a week where Mac gets well and the Braves land a great bat and a middle RH pithcer.

  6. Good luck and get well Mac.

    Stu will you fill me in with anything that y’all are doing for Mac- I would like to contribute.

    Go Braves and Go Mac

  7. Gwinnett’s game 1 of the double header yesterday was a continuation from the night before that only went 1 inning. So the game should have just been called from the start but that didn’t happen so Teheran threw 1 inning on Saturday and then was unable to pitch in the DH on Sunday.

  8. I believe in prayer AND skilled physicians – hoping you’re surrounded by both, Mac.

    Get well. We need you.

    Stu – aren’t you a Hoya?

  9. Headed to the ATL (5 hr drive) with high hopes that the Braves will be able to get the game in tonight. My cousin pulled some dream seats and I’m sitting on the dugout. Go Bravos!

  10. Drove to Cincinnati from Indianapolis for the game last night; a good time. Tough ending but well played and a few good moments from the bleachers. i agree with whomever from the previous post said it made it clear that we need another bat. I’m not counting on chipper, and it looks ridiculous trotting out wilkin ramirez and julio lugo and company on our “elite”-level team. we need to do whatever it takes to push A-Gon permanently to the 8 hole and go from there. once again, i would have loved to have seen kimbrel in the ninth. But moving on, let’s get back on a streak at home!

  11. BMac — the best catcher in baseball.
    Mac — the best webhost in baseball.
    Get better.

  12. “BMac — the best catcher in baseball.
    Mac — the best webhost in baseball.
    Get better.”

    Can’t say it better myself.

  13. clarke, Johnny, everyone—I know nothing about any concerted efforts, other than the donations button. I’m technically inept, too, so doing the organizing for anything different would probably be better left to someone else…

    hank—Nope, not a Hoya. You’re talking high school? Harrison? They were my high school’s (McEachern) rival about a decade ago, but I kind of doubt that’s true, these days.

  14. Long time reader but new commenter. Mac, I hope all went well. Praying for a quick recovery and clarity for you and your doctors. This blog keeps me informed and laughing, so thank you!

  15. you’re in my prayers, Mac.

    hopefully Wren gets off his rear end and gets you a “get well soon” gift in the form of a CF bat and a Vizcaino call-up this week.

  16. apparently the Phils & Rays are discussing a BJ Upton deal…and Jon Heyman is reporting the Astros will not trade Pence.

  17. Wren should be looking at Upton hard. But then, Wren is absurdly devoted to players like Scott Proctor, so who the hell knows what the man is thinking.

  18. So if Beltran goest to San Fran, Upton to Philly and Pence stays put, where does the leave us?

  19. Upton and/or Bourn should be high on the list. We need two RHRP’s who can handle 8th inning/closing duties. We need to stock pile the pen because EOF/Venters/Kimbrel are going to get worn out.

    #41 – Still holding 9 potential starting pitchers for next season and a lineup that cant touch lefties. Wondering what couldve been. Hopefully calling for Colby Rasmus.

  20. Have 4 tickets on visiting dugout and 1 now available. if any braves journaler is interested in coming out tonight, let me know via email: cothrjr at hotmail.

  21. 41 – It leaves us where we have been since Day 1, Heyward and Uggla have to produce. If they don’t hit, the braves don’t win.

  22. If the Braves are going to move Minor or Delgado, I’d rather it be for a guy like Upton, who is a good center fielder, is under team control next year, and costs less this year, than for a guy like Beltran, who cannot play CF, is a free agent this offseason, and is more expensive right now.

  23. @50, I agree 100%. I would be in favor of that deal. I think a year and change of Upton is worth an A prospect.

  24. @50, not to mention you won’t have to face him a few times a year and you aren’t strengthening an league rival.

  25. Don’t remember seeing it here, so if I am repeating, please forgive.

    Sugar Jesus was released by the Braves last week.

  26. Yeah, the more I think about it, if all the Rays want for Upton is one of the rumored four pitchers and some organizational filler, it really makes a lot of sense. We don’t have to worry about CF next year. There will probably be two high draft picks out of it. Since defense is undervalued in arbitration, he probably won’t break the bank next year.

    Of course, the Rays could be asking for more, or the Nationals could be offering something silly, but if a deal centered around one of those four will get the job done, it’s worth doing.

  27. MLBTR…The Rays would want Julio Teheran, Randall Delgado, Mike Minor, or Arodys Vizcaino from the Braves for Upton, tweets ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick. Crasnick does not find the Braves likely to make such a move.

    So are we just stockpiling and stockpiling in order to have depth? We have JJ, Lowe, Hudson, Hanson, Beachy, Delgado, Teheran, Minor, Medlen, and Vizcaino to choose from. I sure hope Crasnick is wrong because Minor for Upton is an easy deal to make.

  28. if they will really take Minor for Upton then this needs to happen immediately.
    if we’re going to pass on an ultra-talented CF who also happens to fill a need so we can hold on to a future #3 or 4 starter then i might as well root for the Mets.

  29. The Rays are stacked with pitching prospects. I don’t see them accepting a Minor for Upton trade.

  30. I continue to be baffled by the notion that Minor is less valuable than Vizcaino or Delgado.

  31. I don’t know that he is. People talk about trading him first because it’s more convenient for us. He’s older than the others, and we have a surplus of current starting pitchers.

  32. Denard Span may be on the block.

    Stu, I agree. I think he has as much trade value, if not more, becasue of he has pitched well in the big leagues.

    Not to say Vizcaino or Delgado couldn’t, but Minor has proven he can get guys out. He may have more value.

  33. Get well Mac. Braves have not played as well since your recent problems. Yes, I am selfish.

  34. 64 –

    Well, I said Minor OR Delgado. The reason I did not include Vizcaino in my post @50 is because he is about to be ranked as one of the top pitching prospects in all of baseball – even last season, when he was a prospect, Minor was not – and his ceiling, if he remains a starter, is higher. Typically, that kind of a prospect has a higher trade value than even a guy like Minor, who has shown some ability to get major league hitters out.

    Second, I would send Vizcaino for Upton as well. From what I’ve read, most scouts still think his future is in the bullpen, and although I’m heartened by the Braves’ insistence that he remain a starter for as long as possible, I can’t dismiss those arguments out of hand. They’re concerning.

    I would definitely have to think about sending Teheran for Upton, but I’d also not immediately reject the premise.

  35. 69—Yes, I can read where you said “or,” so I’m not sure why you thought I was talking to you.

    Anyway, I remain convinced that Vizcaino is a reliever, and that’s less valuable than a starter, prospect rankings notwithstanding.

    As for Upton, I would be willing to trade any one of them, Teheran included, for him.

  36. Count me as a no for Teheran for Upton (unless it’s the other one) but I’d give any of the other 3.

    As most have mentioned, the Rays are not exactly hurting for pitching prospects, so I can’t imagine that would happen. Could almost see them wanting Vizcaino plus mid-tier prospect if they believe he can be an elite last inning arm as that seems to fit a need more.

  37. I can see the Rays taking one of our four. They would just send off someone like James Shields for more prospects when the time is right. That’s a franchise that can never have too many blue chip prospects.

  38. @74 – Absolutely agreed. Guys that can be above average starters for three years of league minimum salary are pure gold, and even a disappointing result from Teheran’s first three years could still be above average. J Upton’s Contract is barely worth that, and BJ Upton’s Contract certainly is not.

    Vizcaino still has the kind of ceiling that might obliterate whatever you got back for him in the first three years. Once he proves he’s no more than a reliever, then he’d fall below Minor and Delgado, but there’s still a segment of scouts that thinks he can start, and when the upside of it working out is so high, it pays to try him as a starter for as long as possible.

  39. Text I just received from Mac:

    Surgery went perfectly. In pain, but feel much better. Should be online sometime tomorrow. Give everyone my thanks.

  40. Good news!

    Another thing: Drew Stubbs is a beast. I’d love to have him as the starting CF for my team. And I was thinking that before he hit the walk-off.

  41. Be well, Mac & take it easy.

    It’ll be nice to have both you & Chipper returning from the DL.

    In other good news, the Phils lost today.

  42. Round 3 of my self-indulgent baseball stadium travelogue:

    As some of you might remember, my dad, his friend, my high school buddy and I have been on a stop-and-go tour of all the baseball stadiums since last season. It takes a lot of coordinating and saving up, but we’ve managed to see RFK Stadium, both NY stadiums, Fenway, PNC, Citizens Bank, and Camden Yard so far (in addition to the handful we’ve seen before this adventure). We only had a weekend this time around, but we managed to coordinate a trip to Phoenix to see Chase Field and LA to see Dodger Stadium. Some thoughts:

    Seeing a game at Chase is surreal. It was 103 degrees outside, but its probably 72 degrees inside the dome. It’s my first indoor stadium and I’ve gotta say I’m not a fan. Is it necessary in the extreme heat? Almost definitely. I’m looking forward to the Marlins’ new stadium next year for that very reason. But is it as engaging as seeing baseball outside? My initial thought is no. Maybe Houston and the new Miami stadium will change my mind on that.

    The air conditioning and artificial lighting (despite a few small windows along the rim of the stadium) makes Chase Field feel like a giant casino, which isn’t surprising considering that’s what Arizona architects are probably used to building. The other surreal part of the game was the fact it was “Native American Appreciation Day” so they had all the local Native Americans in full garb dancing around on the field before the game while the organist played “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars over a Garageband drum loop. I feel like if I made a movie and put that scene in it, I’d receive angry letters for being racially insensitive. And have you ever seen a Native American sing the National Anthem (not in full garb, but still)? It makes you think.

    The D-Backs played the Rockies and annihilated them 11-2, topped off by a mammoth grand slam off the bat of Justin Upton to the upper deck. Maybe it was the fact it was a blowout or perhaps it was the massive lunch I had at Carlos O’Brien’s before the game combined with the heat outside, but I wasn’t too into this one. I wasn’t that impressed with Phoenix as a city either. Lots of liquor stores and porn shops, which says a lot about the potential nightlife there (that’s my rule of thumb anyway).

    We flew to Burbank the next day to see the Dodgers play the Nationals which, not surprisingly, was not well attended. That worked out great for us because we didn’t have to sit in LA’s famous traffic before or after the game. We sat in the “all you can eat” seats in right field and got our fill of nachos, Dodger Dogs, popcorn, peanuts, and soda. It was in the low 80s and we had a greet breeze the whole game, so it was a great day for baseball.

    Marquis and Billingsley both struggled in the first few innings, but no one wanted to run away with it and the game ended 3-1 Dodgers. I think we were the only ones who noticed because NOBODY was watching the game in the stands. Lots of beach balls flying around and mindless chatting from the vacuous LA crowd. I’m sure their current financial situation and place in the standings contributes to that, but I had heard that was the case even when they played well.

    Dodger Stadium is the third oldest stadium (behind Fenway and Wrigley), so it was cool to see it even though it’s not as aesthetically interesting as those other two. The organist played a lot of “Hello Dolly” and “Oliver” between innings, which I assume was lost on these modern Dodger “fans.” I’m sure Vin Scully appreciates it.

    We’re hoping to see both Chicago stadiums, St. Louis, and possibly Milwaukee in one trip next year. Atlanta, Tampa, and Miami would be a fun trip too.

    Thanks for reading and no hard feelings for skipping. :)

  43. Glad to hear the good news.

    “Yes, I can read where you said “or,” so I’m not sure why you thought I was talking to you.”

    Narcissism. Or feistiness. Or both. Either way, fair enough.

  44. #84
    Thanks, Rob.

    FWIW, never been a big fan of Phoenix myself, to be honest. Only 2 trips there, but underwhelming.

    When I get a minute, will toss in my “baseball at Target Field” spiel. Caught Tigers/Twins on Saturday.

  45. @87 – Seconded on Phoenix. Went there for Spring Training a few years back. Hot and crowded. I prefer ST in Florida by a wide margin.

    Nightlife in Tempe brought it back from the brink, though.

  46. Everyone is aware that BJ is the not good Upton, right? Don’t we have enough .240 hitters?

  47. David O’Brien

    July 25th, 2011
    6:06 pm
    Braves have not ruled out making offer for Hunter Pence, contrary to some reports.

  48. Don’t we have enough .240 hitters?

    Upton plays in a severe pitcher’s park. Given that our other CF options have an OPS+ of 71 and 92, a base stealing, defensive minded CF with an OPS+ of 103 and cost certainty looks just fine to me, thanks.

  49. Wily Mo Pena, anyone? He’s basically free, and he’s right-handed with some power, and… Well, that’s about it. Everything else about him pretty much sucks.

  50. Scump, no.

    “We can win with this offense. But in my opinion, I feel like we have a World Series championship team if we add a key piece.”

    “I feel like we have a World Series-caliber team right now, obviously. But a lot of the guys feel like, if you’re going to make a move, now’s the time.” – David Ross

  51. CSG, I couldn’t resist throwing it out there- but you are right, no Wily Mo. 19k’s and 0 walks in 46 PA? That’s Sea Bass with no glove.

  52. Sorry for the double post, but someone just brought up the Wily Mo idea on CAC- promise it wasn’t me!- and I am halfway curious to see if Peter bans him for it!

  53. But a lot of the guys feel like, if you’re going to make a move, now’s the time.” – David Ross

    The General Manager of the Mariners was recently lamenting not making a move sooner; the team was in it just over two weeks ago before their losing streak coincided with the Rangers’ winning streak.

    A lot can happen in a week or two. It’s kind of ridiculous how so many teams procrastinate until the last day or two before the deadline.

  54. Upton doesn’t have extreme home-road splits in his career, so that’s probably just mainly noise in a small sample size. That said, he’d be a huge upgrade over McLouth or Schafer, would hit lefties well, and plug a major hole in 2012. He’s a great fit for the Braves.

    [insert mandatory snarky comment about how he lacks Scott Proctor’s “professional” attitude]

  55. A quick check of PF’s shows TB is significantly lower this year than in previous seasons – down to 89 this year.

  56. Upton has power and speed and can take a walk. His major problems on offense are low batting average a propensity to strike out. But on the whole, he’s an above-average hitter, particularly considering that he’s a center fielder — and quite a good one at that.

    (Also, while his career home/road split isn’t super-extreme, he does have an OPS 24 points better on the road, despite the fact that the split for the typical player is in the exact opposite direction. That does suggest that the Trop has depressed his stats persistently throughout his career.)

    I don’t know how under- or overvalued he is, but he’s been perceived as a disappointment in Tampa Bay who might need a change of scenery to ever reach his potential. Frankly, I like him better than Bourn in general, though I know that’s a minority position, because Upton’s got much better power than Bourn while Bourn consistently hits for a higher average. But it also strikes me that Bourn is also a much sexier player than Upton right now. Again, I realize that I have no useful way of knowing what these players’ true value is on the open market. But I’d love Bourn, Upton, or Rasmus.

    I’m not convinced Pence is a center fielder, though I guess he could probably fake it better than McLouth can.

  57. I wouldn’t give up a major prospect for Pence (he makes too much in 2012-3) or Beltran (reasons outlined above). But yeah, Alex, I’d love Bourn, Upton, or Rasmus too. I would certainly give up a major prospect to get one of them.

  58. 103 — That’s what I’m thinking. When everyone’s healthy they probably platoon him with Heyward.

  59. I wouldn’t give up a major prospect for Pence (he makes too much in 2012-3). But yeah, Alex, I’d love Bourn, Upton, or Rasmus too. I would certainly give up a major prospect to get one of them.

    So you wouldn’t give up a major prospect for Pence, but you would give up a major prospect for Bourn: the inferior player between the two?

    It’s especially funny considering the Astros are likely asking less for Bourn than for Pence.

  60. Michael Bourn really is a better player than Pence. Bourn plays center field, which is a much more important defensive position than Pence plays in right field, and Bourn is a better defender at his respective position; Bourn also has a much better walk rate than Pence. Pence is a better hitter, but Bourn is the better overall player. I absolutely would pay more for him, as he’s a true center fielder.

    I agree with Adam, I’d give up one of our major pitching prospects for a true center fielder under team control. And I agree with Stu that Minor has more value than Vizcaino if it’s true that Vizcaino really won’t be able to remain in the rotation. The team knows that far better than I do. But for the same reason that he was a safe pick in the draft, he’s a safe bet to hold on to: Minor doesn’t have the blazing fastball of Vizcaino, but he has an exceptionally high floor, and he can probably remain a midrotation starter in the major leagues for a long time. Even if Vizcaino turns into Craig Kimbrel, a midrotation starter has a great deal more value to a team.

  61. I think we make a mistake if we just get a platoon partner for Heyward.

    We need a CF.

    Fergossi is in Cincy watching Mets and Reds, for what it’s worth

  62. I’m in the Bourn camp, even if he is a lefty. Why can’t we get a RH bench bat and a RH reliever too? Reed Johnson could take some of Heyward’s ABs against tough lefties and could be had for cheap.

  63. 108 – Yes. Obviously. Here’s the thing: you can’t simply look at a player’s skills/production. Even if Pence is a better player than Bourn – I don’t think he is, but I will for a moment concede the point – his value (or lack thereof) derives from more than his on-field production. His contract matters too. Pence will make about $25 million in 2012-13, and won’t be worth much more than that. When you’re acquiring a player who is already paid his worth, you should not then pay for him with top prospects. You would then effectively be overpaying–you’d be giving up more than you’re getting.

    Bourn will make a lot less money, plays a position of need, and is either close to as, as, or more valuable than Pence.

  64. We need a CF or a SS, either will do. Everyone seems to be giving AAG a free pass because of his defense, but I’d be perfectly fine getting a SS that can hit and leaving McClouth/Schafer in center.

  65. I just listened to an hour-long podcast that covered two main topics: 1) the trading deadline, and 2) top minor league prospects. Unfortunately, it was Bill Simmons interviewing Keith Law. The word “Braves” was uttered once, at the 50-minute mark, at the tail end of a list of teams that have good minor league pitching. And that was it. They did talk for a while about who the Nats might acquire at the trading deadline, though.

  66. 113 – The market for shortstops is horrible. I’d love it if Gonzalez was replaced, but there’s almost no one to bring in who can also provide something close to league average production. Reyes ain’t coming to Atlanta.

    On the other hand, right-handed outfielders and relievers are abundant, and those are the team’s most pressing needs.

  67. Pridie is making his first start in CF for the Mets since May 26. I don’t think Beltran can do it.

  68. From the Worldwide Leader:

    To make room for Jones, outfielder Wilkin Ramirez was optioned to Triple-A Gwinnett.

    The Braves waited until after batting practice on Monday to send Ramirez back to Gwinnett after considering a move to place outfielder Jordan Schafer on the disabled list. Schafer has been unable to swing a bat due to what has been called a jammed left middle finger. He said he had X-rays early Monday which showed a chip fracture in the finger.

    Schafer said he believes he’ll be ready to start in a couple days.

    At least Jordan has gotten a little better about telling the team about a debilitating hand injury.

  69. Yeah, you’d think if the Mets were seriously selling Beltran at CF they’d at least put him there for a few games.

  70. @116 – I’m just shocked that Bill Simmons acknowledged the existence of the NL at all. Law just has a spell over me though. I will read or listen to anything he does despite being frequently enraged by what he says. I’m a sucker for assholes I suppose.

  71. I want everyone to know that when Snitker was announced — and since when are they announcing the base coaches — I booed so lustily that the lady behind me asked her husband, disdainfully, “Why is he doing that?”

  72. So, during last night’s game, ESPN said the Braves have the lowest successful stolen base attempt percentage in the majors: at 58%.

    So of course what you want to do is send Prado there in the first…

  73. I don’t believe in murder, but if my hands happened to find themselves around Fredi’s neck right now, there exists the possibility that I could not help myself.

  74. It’s showing football crap here. I’m in MD, why would it be blacked out?

    Nevermind, it’s letting me watch on Figured it would be blacked out with the national telecast.

  75. Nate just cost us two runs. It’s not enough that he has the worst arm I’ve ever seen, he is completely clueless as to the rules of baseball when it comes to throwing in to the infield.

  76. Nate just cost us two runs.

    Hudson is the one that decided to give up two free passes to start the inning.

  77. And Nate is the one who, despite having a putrid arm, thought it would be a great idea to throw in to THIRD on a deep fly ball, eliminating the chance for a double play that would have gotten Hudson out of the inning unscathed.

  78. Also, Freeman’s Seamen are back! I plan to have a picture taken with them after nate’s ineptitude puts the game thoroughly out of reach.

  79. Is it weird that I’d rather have Hudson batting here instead of Agon?

    No. Hudson would be less likely to swing at sliders away in the dirt.

  80. The Texas Rangers have 15 hits in the 4th inning.

    This situation calls for Chuck James!

    The Rangers’ leadoff hitter is about to bat for the 5th time in 5 innings.

  81. The Texas Rangers have 15 hits in the 4th inning.

    Scott Proctor wasn’t traded?

  82. Chipper’s swing appears effortless at times.

    Do you think he’d ever accept a Julio Franco type role? Drastic pay cut, naps in the club house, pinch hit, occasionally play in the field, get a bat that weigh less and pop singles to the opposite field?

  83. McLouth’s little league gaff of throwing to the wrong base is the difference in the game.

  84. So…. Heyward used to be able to hit fastballs, right? I feel like I remember that.

  85. Heyward, Uggla, Schafer, AAG, and McLouth could all finish the year hitting under .220. Are we sure Parrish has a clue?

  86. Is it just me or do the braves bats actually get worse against starters as the game goes on

  87. Startin’ to worry here folks . . . 3.5 game lead in the WC is not really that big with more than two months left in the season.

  88. @174 Who’s comfortable with a 5-game late with so many games yet to play?

    Fredi sucks, Parrish sucks…sigh…

  89. Uhhhhhh… Anyone else see the group dressed as sailors holding up a sign that said “Freeman’s Seamen”? Yikes. That’s just plain wrong.

  90. What a bizarre outburst by McLouth. Not sure who he was yelling at or why. Perhaps you should throw to the right base next time.

  91. If I were FW, I would bring Huntington out, get him drunk and just keep adding pieces until he said yes for Cutch.

    I just got off the phone with Smitty’s barber and we were discussing that I would give up JJ + 2 of Teheran, Minor, Delgado, Vizcaino + 1 of Hoover, Oberholtzer, Clemens + Bethancourt. Give me Hanrahan and I would throw in Salcedo too.

  92. Wow. Chris Resop versus Angry Nate. This is not exactly Feller pitching to Williams here.

  93. If this team can’t hit Poser, a sharp object will fly through my flat screen.

    EDIT: Looks like I’m going to Best Buy tomorrow.

  94. Was it even theoretically possible that Fredi would have used McCann to pinch hit there?

  95. We look bad in all facets since the break. Hopefully it’s a phase, but this team really needs an outfielder and a righty for the pen.

  96. I mean, could a high school shortstop do a worse job at the plate? I wonder how is average is as high as it is

  97. it’s true. gonzalez is a perfectly fine starter, but he needs to be removed for mccann there. any average utility bench guy can equal him offensively throughout the late innings.

    kurkjian says nate was complaining about the state of the soaked field.

  98. Alex Gonzalez should make one of those Tom Emansky type instructional videos. It could be titled, “How Not To Hit”.

  99. Someone should tell Schafer that swinging for the fences being down 3 with no one on is a bad idea.

  100. Clueless…utterly clueless. But at least we have a ton of pitching prospects to hold on to

  101. Man this umpire refuses to call the strike at the knees. Seems like he’s been pretty consistent about it but to my eyes it is unusual to see that, typically it is the pitch above the belt they refuse to call.

  102. This looks like it has been a frustrating game. The Braves have really been mediocre the past few weeks.

  103. Angry Nate is not very good. I sort of hope the grounds crew runs over him with the tarp after his complaining about the OF grass being unevenly mowed.

  104. Hey…did anyone else notice Chipper in a bit of distress in the dugout? Looked like he was messing around with his quad or something. Maybe I missed it being mentioned on the telecast but that would not be good (again)

  105. Over on CAC they’re saying that Chipper’s indeed hurt- on the swing or the trot, I’m not sure- apparently some ESPN guy tweeted about it.

  106. He was definitely grimacing as he rounded the bases.

    That probably all but guarantees a Beltran acquisition in the coming days.

  107. Boooooo. Hope the Braves make a move if for no other reason than to spark some life in them. They look tired and the word for tonight’s game has to be “desultory.”

  108. When McDonald issued 52 walks in 104 innings coming into tonight’s game, the Braves managed to get zero walk in five innings.

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