New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – April 16, 2011 – ESPN.

That’s your Larry Parrish offense for you — four solo homers. I guess that works, if you get good pitching and hit four homers a game.

Chipper hit the first one, with two out in the first inning. AAG hit one in the second, then another one in the fourth. Freeman hit one in the sixth. That’s your offense, folks. The Braves have solved the problem of not driving in runners that they had in recent years by not having any runners to drive in. They had just two other hits, though they did draw six walks and have a HBP.

Derek Lowe wasn’t quite as sharp as in his last couple of starts, but it was enough, going six innings and giving up two runs, one in the fifth and one in the sixth. Fredi probably would have wanted one more inning, but Lowe was at 99 pitches.

O’Flaherty got two outs in the seventh but walked two and Linebrink (!) bailed him out again. Venters walked a guy with two out in the eighth, but had two strikeouts, and Kimbrel allowed an infield single in the ninth.

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