Braves 4, Mets 2

New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – April 16, 2011 – ESPN.

That’s your Larry Parrish offense for you — four solo homers. I guess that works, if you get good pitching and hit four homers a game.

Chipper hit the first one, with two out in the first inning. AAG hit one in the second, then another one in the fourth. Freeman hit one in the sixth. That’s your offense, folks. The Braves have solved the problem of not driving in runners that they had in recent years by not having any runners to drive in. They had just two other hits, though they did draw six walks and have a HBP.

Derek Lowe wasn’t quite as sharp as in his last couple of starts, but it was enough, going six innings and giving up two runs, one in the fifth and one in the sixth. Fredi probably would have wanted one more inning, but Lowe was at 99 pitches.

O’Flaherty got two outs in the seventh but walked two and Linebrink (!) bailed him out again. Venters walked a guy with two out in the eighth, but had two strikeouts, and Kimbrel allowed an infield single in the ninth.

Game thread for the nightcap here as well.

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  1. Amazing! I just found the audio overlay so I can put Don and Jim on over Chip. How long have they had that option for?

  2. Braves Game 2: 1. Prado LF, 2. McLouth CF 3. Jones 3B, 4. Hinske 1B, 5. Uggla 2B, 6. Heyward RF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Ross C, 9. Jurrjens P

    Heyward can’t get out of the 6 hole

  3. Moylan to the DL with back soreness to make room for JJ per Peanut’s Twitter. JJ needs to go six at the very least.

  4. @Adam from last thread,

    You’re more concerned about Prado having a decent but not great 12 game stretch over Nate sucking for 1.5 seasons in a Braves uniform?

  5. It under the section where you can change broadcasts that pops up at the bottom. It may be a premium thing, not sure. First time I’ve seen it.

  6. A freshly grilled KC strip (seasoned only with salt and white pepper, drizzled with olive oil), white rice and a Caesar’s salad with the Braves game about to start?

    The only thing to make this day better would be winning a twinbill.

  7. That’s your Larry Parrish offense for you — four solo homers. I guess that works, if you get good pitching and hit four homers a game.

    Sounds perfectly sustainable to me.

  8. If heward keeps rolling it over to first, mcout may need to run into him. Really getting old, I hope it’s not the hitting coach going on about “being aggressive.”

  9. @23

    Because one of them is terrible. I’ll feel bad when he’s not a millionaire. Or something resembling a decent baseball player that isn’t based on one season two years ago.

    I’ll even settle for “when he’s not hitting second because the manager is a dumbass.”

  10. @28

    Paul, I think Ruth walked the batter on four pitches then was tossed by the umpire for arguing the calls. Then Ernie Shore came in, the runner got caught stealing, and the next 26 in a row went down.

  11. Did we really trade for Dan Uggla? Looks more like Jeff Treadway out there, all glove no hit

  12. I don’t think he comes back in, does he? Think Fredi knows he has a Double Bambino going?

  13. Yeah, that totally makes up for the total ineptitude he’s displayed the past season and a half.

  14. 45 – .216/.286/.275

    Are you being serious? He has been WORSE than last year so far, and by a considerable margin.

  15. @47, I was trying to stay open minded about the McLouth experiment, but I’m officially tired of it. Bat him 8th.

  16. I can see how you would come to that conclusion given the recent evidence pointing in that direction.

  17. Im just against rooting against players on my team that aren’t douche bags. Plus, who else we got?

  18. Yeah, the Foxguys were bemoaning the fact that the pointy-headed crowd complains about Heyward batting 6th. Me, I’m complaining about McOut batting second.
    Edit: I don’t want to root against Nate. But he is what he is, and should be down by the pitcher.

  19. @55

    Yeah, I gave up on Frenchy when he finally started becoming an ass. When he got pissy about his demotion, that was it for me. Nate seems like a good guy. He was hitting well for four or five games.

  20. Pointing out that he’s bad and has been bad more than he’s been good isn’t rooting against him.

    Although I have openly rooted against him. Maybe if he was such a good guy he would say something to Fredi about letting someone who deserves it have his spot in the lineup and that he doesn’t need to hit second to feel “comfortable.”

  21. @55, John Rocker? Teixeira? (which, by the way, comes up as “two wits” on my phone’s autocorrect.)

  22. @57

    Hoping that Heyward will run him over is pulling against him.

    We have no one better that can play center.

  23. 59 – If he keeps that line going, the Braves almost certainly can find someone who can do better. He is, note, a below-average center fielder.

  24. @62,

    They may upgrade at some point in the season, but it won’t be an internal option. I think he has been solid in the field this season.

  25. If the Braves are depending on a resurgent Nate McLouth, we’re in trouble. But if Uggla does what he does, and Freeman does what I think he can do, then I’ll be fine with Nate hitting 8th, occasionally hitting a hot streak but mostly scuffling. Because we don’t have any better options. But Fredi’s idea that Nate would get lots of fastballs in the 2 slot and start hitting just doesn’t seem to be working out. Perhaps I’m being too impatient, but how long should we wait?

  26. @65

    I think you might stick with him in the two hole for another week or so. If Freeman can keep hitting, then you can move him to the six hole and Heyward to the two.

    I’m not sure Fredi will move Heyward up like that though

  27. @67, it is not as bad when you win.
    Braves relievers are in better shape than Lost Mets

  28. Weird that Ross has gotten crossed up twice on that pitch tonight. Nasty pitch, though, from Linebrink.

    Edit: Seriously, if he keeps throwing like that, he’s going to be a great addition to the ‘pen.

  29. Sherrill *and* Linebrink looking good in the same game? There might not me a tomorrow… or it could just be the Mets.

  30. Great job by the starters today. Both ate up some innings and didnt put much pressure on the pen. Sherrill and Linebrink did a great job today also.

    Did JJ ever touch 91mph today?

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