Peter Moylan Statistics and History –

Makes return from Tommy John surgery look easy. In less than a year, he was ready for the start of the season. Well, almost. After his first two appearances he had given up five runs and hadn’t retired a batter. After that, he was pretty much the same old Moylan; his ERA for the season was 2.84, but if you take out those first two appearances it was 2.22.

Moylan set a Braves record with 87 appearances, and set a major league record for most appearances without allowing a home run. He’s a ground-ball pitcher, but that’s still impressive. His walk rate was up a little, which may be a TJ result, but his other components (homers and strikeouts) improved. If he’s healthy — 87 appearances! — he should be good again.

Like most sidearmers/submariners, Moylan struggles against lefties, allowing a .309/.436/.415 line against them. Despite many short outings, Bobby didn’t tend to get Moylan out of there against lefthanders, as about a third of his batters faced were lefties.