Category: Player Analysis 2010

Brent Clevlen

The Tigers’ Ryan Langerhans, a high draft pick (second round) who kept rising through the system because he has obvious physical gifts, but never did anything to make you think he was a real prospect. Clevlen did have a...

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Craig Kimbrel

Craig Kimbrel Minor League Statistics & History – Throws hard, bad control. Kimbrel, a short righthander from Huntsville, was drafted from a junior college in the third round in 2008, and has...

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Brandon Hicks

Reportedly called up to take the place of the injured Yunel Escobar on the roster, just in case anyone misses Jesse Garcia. Drafted out of Texas A&M in the third round of the 2007 draft, Hicks looked at first like he might...

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Brooks Conrad

Made the team over Joe Thurston presumably for the reason DOB had been saying all along — he was on the 40-man, and Thurston wasn’t. As I’ve written, it probably doesn’t matter and if it does you...

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Jesse Chavez

Proof that the Braves think even less of spring training stats than I do, as even I take notice when a guy puts up a 14 ERA (15 RA) and walks six versus four strikeouts in nine innings of exhibition work. Admittedly, there...

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Jo-Jo Reyes

Jo-Jo Reyes Statistics and History – I am generally reluctant to state that any ballplayer’s problems are mental or emotional. In the case of Joseph Albert Reyes, I am here to say that the...

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Manny Acosta

Manny Acosta Statistics and History – So, what is his deal? Is he a flake, or is the ability he occasionally flashes an illusion? Acosta throws as hard as anyone on the staff, is not a one-pitch...

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Eric O’Flaherty

Eric O’Flaherty Statistics and History – The Mariners tried to sneak a live arm back to the minors last offseason, but the Braves caught them in the act and wound up with one of the better...

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Peter Moylan

Peter Moylan Statistics and History – Makes return from Tommy John surgery look easy. In less than a year, he was ready for the start of the season. Well, almost. After his first two appearances he...

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Takashi Saito

Takashi Saito Statistics and History – Is old. Saito has pitched well since he came to America in 2006, but he was 36 then and will be 40 this year, which is probably why the Red Sox let him go...

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