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Is old. Saito has pitched well since he came to America in 2006, but he was 36 then and will be 40 this year, which is probably why the Red Sox let him go despite a 2.43 ERA, and why the Dodgers before them let him go after three years with 81 combined saves and a 1.95 ERA. Saito hurt his arm late in 2008, which didn’t encourage the Dodgers much either. He also had some problems with his hamstrings in 2007, though he made the All-Star team that year.

Anyway, Saito avoided Tommy John surgery with an experimental, and somewhat mysterious, procedure involving blood injections in his elbow. The Red Sox picked him up and he did well. There was some decay in his rate stats, as last year he had fewer strikeouts than innings for the first time, and his walks were up as well.

Saito was mostly a starter in his Japanese career (which dated back to 1992) but pitched best in a two-year stint as a closer. I really can’t judge Japanese statistics, because I don’t know anything about Japanese baseball. His record was 87-80, which I think is actually pretty good considering his ballclub (Yokohama) is traditionally a poor team… Born in Miyagi Prefecture.