UPDATE: How my health situation resembles the Braves offense in early 2009

I am going to be allegorical here, because it’s basically the only way I know how to put this.

My oncologist prescribed a new treatment this year; let’s call it “Yunel Escobar” because it is annoying and showy but effective. And Yunel led off the treatment with a triple. Yay! It would be easy enough to get the run in/cure the cancer.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the treatment acted just like the Braves’ offense in the first half of last season, where they couldn’t score nearly as much as they should have. And it turned out that the men on deck were Francoeur and Norton. So, now there are two outs, and Yunel is still standing on third base, and who knows what he’s going to do next.

Unlike the 2009 Braves, my oncologist has a really effective pinch-hitter he can use. However, he’s so annoying that he makes Yunel look like Stan Musial, and has to be called in from outside. But he’s so good that he shouldn’t have any problem driving in Yunel. The treatment should be late this month, if nothing gets in the way.

59 thoughts on “UPDATE: How my health situation resembles the Braves offense in early 2009”

  1. “Two-out hits are golden.”

    Here’s hoping your pinch-hitter delivers like Francisco Cabrera.

    Best of luck (and science). We’re all on your side, Mac. You’re the best.

  2. Hope everything works out for you, Mac. I’m glad it hasn’t taken away your sense of humor. We’re pulling for ya.

  3. I pray your pinch hitter is Albert Pujols and not Greg Norton

    Seriously, prayers are with you

  4. Mac–Best of luck–I hope that Yunel scores without a slide or someone blocking the plate.

    I hope as well that your recovery will be speedy….

  5. I’m glad Yunel runs a lot better than Sid Bream. In this instance, I don’t want to see a play at the plate. Best of luck, Mac.

  6. ububba nailed it: “Best of luck (and science).” Need that science to make that luck for you, and we wish you ample servings of both.

  7. Best of luck, Mac.

    To continue the allegory: hopefully, it’s Bonds lobbing the throw in from LF.

  8. PWH, saw where you think the Braves are in on Wagner Mateo. Does this sound like a real possibility to you?

  9. 16,
    Some Dominican dude just told me that, it’s not like my opinion or belief or anything. Anyway, I don’t know much about the source, so I can’t really speak for the validity of the report.

    It’d be awesome if it’s true. Goldstein says a lot of teams are concerned about the vision issues, so he may come cheap, too.

  10. At least Yunel is starting from third, to put a positive spin on it. I understand that we posters are for the most part, virtual creations as opposed to real live people in the grand scheme of things. For me, the mark of the social contract is giving a damn about people you may never meet. This virtual creation is praying, literally, (and I don’t really go for that sort of thing) for your recovery. Godspeed and good luck to you. I am not that far away, and if there is ever anything I can help with personally, please don’t hesitate. You know how to reach me.


  11. Mac, Great analogy and I second all the Side Bream/Francisco Cabrera comments…that’s the perfect analogy.

    Also, Mac is going to seek this more advanced treatment right during March Madness, so I am sensing Valpairaiso like buzzer beater coming…

  12. You have created such a great home for all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. (and Yunel can fly when he wants to)


  13. When that pinch hitter comes up to the plate, I think I speak for everyone when I say we’ll all be up in those stands, pumped up on Metallica, chicken wings, and several Keystone Lights, ready to scream our lungs out! Isn’t that what it’s all about!?!

    (Hang in there, Mac. I’ve been following the ups and downs of your condition over the past year even though I haven’t been posting as much. You’re definitely in my thoughts.)

  14. Mac, keep fighting. Here’s hoping for a full recovery.

    All the best,
    Tom O.
    SF, CA

  15. I normally don’t post but have been lurking obsessively the past couple years. And as someone who’s enjoys the blog so much, I feel obliged to log in and wish you the best, Mac.

  16. Mac, best wishes. I don’t post much but I’ve been reading your site for at least 8-10 years I think. I very much appreciate your considered perspective on life and the Braves, as I appreciate the good discussion that so often occurs on this board.

    I’m a resident at Emory. If for any reason you visit the Big E and you feel comfortable letting strangers know, I’d love to be one of the folks who stops by your room to say hi.

    As it is, I add my support to that of the forum throng.

  17. Glad to hear that Rico Carty came out of retirement. Couldn’t think of a better reason why. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Mac.

  18. I’ll always associate the Atlanta Braves with Braves Journal and Mac Thomason, and it takes a great guy to create that kind of connection. Thanks for continuing to do all of this through everything you’ve been through. Continuing to pray for you.

  19. I’d also like to add that as an ex-MLB scout, I think my heartfelt words of encouragement carry just a little more weight and validity than do anyone else’s here.

    Just kidding.

  20. I can’t think of a clever way to work my support into your allegory – just get better, man.

  21. Hang in there Mac, you’re gonna kick this thing’s ass. We’re all pulling for you.

  22. Mac, just ask yourself “What Would Melvil Dewey Do?” and then do that.

    Seriously, I hope to hell the new treatment works beyond expectations.

  23. Mac,
    I’m late to chime in on this, but want to add my best wishes to you as well. You’re in my family’s prayers…

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