ESPN – Giants vs. Braves – Box Score – August 17, 2008

Right back to the losing. I tell you, this Lincecum kid is really going to be something if he ever goes through puberty. He struck out ten Braves in 7 1/3 and just allowed three hits.

Charlie Morton was pretty good, except for a two-run homer in the second. He allowed seven hits and struck out six; his other run came after a one-out triple in the fifth that probably should have been cut off (in my opinion, anyway) except that Francoeur as usual misplayed it.

The Braves had a chance to get even in the eighth. With two out, Escobar walked and Chipper singled. The Giants brought in a LOOGY to face Kotsay (hitting cleanup because it’s not like anyone on this team but Chipper and the taking-the-day-off McCann has any power); after falling behind 0-2, he worked it full and then singled to make it 3-1. McCann drew a pinch walk to load the bases, but Francoeur, as usual, grounded out to end the threat.

The Braves had just four hits, but six walks. Francoeur was 0-4, so back to normal there. He sucks.