Mets 5, Braves 4

ESPN – Braves vs. Mets – Box Score – August 21, 2008

This is such a bizarrely bad team. In the ninth, after intentionally walking Carlos Beltran to face Lazarus Delgado, who was 4-4 on the night, Vladimir “Why Am I In The Majors” Nunez got a line drive that would have been an out, except that Infante, playing left field slid for the ball for no reason and it glanced off him to score the winning run. This has officially reached 1962 Mets-level comedy in the Braves’ ability to lose games. (BTW, the scorer called that a hit. I have no idea what an error is anymore.)

The Braves led 1-0 in the first on Yunel’s first homer since June 5. But the Mets got a walk and two hits off of Hampton and tied it up in the bottom of the inning. Lazarus delivered that run, then knocked home Wright in the third to take the lead. A solo homer from Wright made it 3-1 in the fifth, but the Braves actually rallied. McCann hit a two-run double in the sixth, and came home to take the lead on a single by Infante.

With runners first and second, two out, in the seventh, Ohman relieved Bennett. He got Lazarus to ground out, but didn’t cover first. Prado, playing first because Kotchman is on leave and Norton was hurting, threw anyway, and instead of a bases-loaded one-run lead, the game was tied. Prado has now played first base twice this year, and had a major screwup both times. In the eighth, Escobar led off with a single. Bobby had Kotsay bunt against a LOOGY, and it turned into a double play. It’s not just the bunting, it’s bunting and failing. Typically, Chipper walked and McCann singled, only to be stranded. If Kotsay had just struck out the Braves would have taken a lead. Which they would have blown anyway, let’s be serious. In the ninth, Nunez. Ugh.

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  1. A couple of hours ago DOB wrote this on his blog:

    In all seriousness, though, folks, I’ll say this: I just don’t get the impression that it’s as much of sure thing that Cox returns next year as some of you think.

    I know he signed the extension, but a whole lot has transpired since then. We’ll see.

    No, I’ve not heard anything from him or any Braves official to indicate that things might have changed or even that anything different has been considered, but I just get that feeling that him coming back is not as much a certainty as it seemed months ago.

  2. After the Frenchy fiasco do we really think Wren has the cajones or the authority to not bring Cox back? Or is DOB implying that he wouldn’t want to come back?

  3. mac…………if all else fails, you can always get a job as the worlds best obit writer.

  4. a new era needs to start without terry, cox, francoeur, smoltz, hampton and glavine. at first, i enjoyed the blast to the past with the signing of glavine, but after the “season from hell”, i have realized that the past should have been left alone. a lot of people might think that braves fans that wish to be rid of our “franchise” players/coaches arent fans at all, but that’s just not true. this team needs a clean break from our “streak” (which may even include trading chipper in the offseason for a few highly thought of prospects). i love the braves of old but i’m excited about the braves of the future.

  5. My guess is that Cox may not want to come back. I could see that – if there’s a multi-year rebuilding project ahead, he may not want to take that on. He’s been year-to-year for a while; rebuilding really needs a multi-year commitment.

  6. So, you intentionally walk Beltran to get to another guy who is 4-for-4 and has been a hot hitter for a while–just to setup the double play. Makes a lot of sense, Bobby.

    Omar lost it in the lights. He’s forgiven. It was bad management that lost this game.

    You pitch to Beltran. You pitch to Beltran.

  7. I strongly doubt that Chipper’s going anywhere, ryan. He’s from north Florida. He grew up a Braves fan. I just don’t think he wants to be traded, and if he doesn’t want to be traded, he can’t be traded. And I think Cox should be welcome to stay – if he’s willing to commit to more than 2009.

    The rest, I can pretty much agree with. Putting any faith in old pitchers is a bad idea. Look where it got us this year.

  8. FWIW, in the past 2 games there were 4 hits given where they were clearly errors. Chipper’s throwing error in the first yesterday was scored a hit and an error.

    The ball that went under Chipper’s glove yesterday was a scored a hit.

    The Prado/Ohman play tonight was called a hit and an error.

    The Infante debacle in LF was called a hit.

    I think the Shea official scorer is eating peyote buttons, or getting kickbacks from the players.

  9. You absolutely do not pitch to Beltran there. No way in hell. Not that it would have mattered.

    Bobby really should consider hanging them up – not because he’s “lost it” or whatever – but because watching another full season of this crap could kill him.

  10. Hard to believe, but tonight was actually a new low.

    I’m quite sure that I’ve never paid this much attention to The Olympics (not since I was about 12 anyway) & I’ve definitely never agonized so much about the beginning of football. Give me the Dawgs, let me get started on my NFL pool & let’s end this sorry state of Braves affairs.

    Funny, I wrote the same thing (about Beltran), almost word for word, but erased it. I figured that I couldn’t bear to think about that game for one more instant.

  11. Chipper can be made to want a trade. In fact, the team is doing an awful lot lately to convince him that he’d be better off elsewhere.

    I think Smoltz purposely injured his shoulder so that he could stop playing for us, knowing we wouldn’t resign him if he was hurt. Otherwise, there would have been too much pressure for he and the team to resist an extension or new contract. He wanted out so badly that he faked an injury.

    Hell, Renteria actually wanted out so badly last year that he played great, knowing we’d trade him while his value was high.

    Frenchy wanted out so badly that he asked to be sent down to Mississippi just to get away. Then, he publicly complained about it, even though it was his idea, just to piss off the management in hopes of getting moved.

    And that brings me to Bobby Cox….Bobby wants out more than anyone has ever wanted out. Unfortunately, Bobby treats life decisions much the way he handles in-game decisions. Instead of making the obvious call to not re-sign for another year, he chose to sign an extension in some crazy old fashioned misguided attempt to not manage the Braves next season.

  12. Most losses in MLB:

    Washington 83
    Seattle 80
    San Diego 79
    Atlanta 72
    Cincinnati 72
    Kansas City 72
    San Francisco 72

    Probably won’t get higher than #4, but the Braves have a legitimate shot at picking in the top 5.

  13. Tonight was just terrible. My wife got 4 box seats behind the Mets dugout. She came home late, so we sat in traffic for a total of 2 hours, then of course crappy mets parking was full. So we got to our seats in the seventh inning, just after the Braves finished all of their scoring. And then I got to see one crap play after another, hear obnoxious Mets fan jerks yell their stupid Larry chants. The one saving grace was that the lone nice Mets fan next to us caught a ball rolled onto the dugout, gave it to his 5 year old son, but then asked his son to give it to my 6 year old daughter. I made sure his son had already got one ball that night, and thanked them for it.

    Chipper looked bored and sad. The whole team looked like they knew they were going to lose, and they did. I got a nice clear photo of Francouer swinging and missing – a really easy shot to get. Last MLB game I attended must have been around 1992, the World Series game where their season ended with Otis Nixon getting thrown out on a bunt. They won a lot of games since then, but now they just suck. I wish I could have convinced my wife to just give her company’s tickets to Ububba.

  14. The Braves need someone who can move through the system pretty quickly. They need to take the best college Starting pitcher or hitter available.

  15. Thanks, A.West.

    Sounds like a tough night all around.

    Dunno where you live (Jersey?), but, as you found out, mass transit is the way to go to Shea, if you can swing it. And if you don’t mind paying a little extra, LIRR is the ticket.

    Because of the new stadium construction, the parking situation has been a joke for the last two years. Parking is better in The Bronx, but you have fewer mass-transit options.

    Fact is, I’d probably pay money to watch Shea get imploded. Maybe I’ll celebrate the event annually as a personal holiday.

  16. interesting mraver. Two things I thought while reading it
    A) that wasn’t one of those interviews where they “clean up” the answers so you don’t look so linguistically… like a jock
    B) Can’t somebody get Frenchy one of those ProBatters? Hell I think that should be part of the signing bonus for any top level hitting prospect, installation of one of those things in their back yard. (or at least have the Braves get them for the team and lock Frenchy in there for the rest of the season). interesting video on there.

  17. @21

    Schafer’s manner of speaking lends credence to his claim that he spends 10 hours a day working out.

    Ah well. If I could root for that sanctimonious prick Brett Butler, I reckon I can root for this cocky sumbitch, too.

  18. Can’t recall where I read it recently, in regards to Glavine, and somebody saying that they USUALLY have to clean up quotes from athletes so they don’t look so stupid, but Glavine has always been more articulate than most professional speakers. Jord-o won’t be challenging him on that front. I recall Frenchy likewise doesn’t have the best quotes, but McCann does… though it’s tough to rival Chipper for most entertaining quotes.

  19. Schafer was still exceptionally vague and non-committal about what happened with the suspension. I’d really like to know what the deal was with that, but he seems to be in, “That was in the past, lets put it behind us” mode.

    Also, based on everything we heard about him in ST, I don’t think it should be surprising to hear that he’s a bit… self-confident. :-) I hope he tears it up in Winter ball this year. Get that kid up to the majors some time next June!

  20. @24—It was DOB who was talking about not having to clean Glavine’s quotes up on one of his recent blogs.

    That Schafer interview was not cleaned up at all. It made for an interesting read.

  21. Just saw a blurb that mentioned Jorge Sosa just got suspended for testing positive to amphetamines (minor league M’s affiliate). Not that it means anything, just found it interesting.

    Also, anybody notice the pitching info on the Rockies/Dodgers game? Lowe is now 10-10, Kuo got his 10th hold, and Broxton got his 10th save. Also meaningless… like the rest of our season.

  22. Wow, my first sentence in 26 was terrible. I should have said, “DOB, in one of his recent blogs, was the one talking about not needing to clean up Glavine’s quotes before publishing them.”

    That’s a little better.

  23. Ahhh memories, this team is bringing back rememberances of the season that gave me my board handle, when Gerald Perry, when asked about the year the Braves just had, said, “This would’ve been a good summer to paint the seats.”

  24. Thanks for the link, mraver. I’m glad the kid’s cocky, and i can understand how he could be shaken by his first taste of major adversity. I hope his self-proclaimed work ethic is truth. If so, a June arrival is definitely a possibility.

  25. ESPN was reporting last night that Glavine had elbow AND shoulder surgery yesterday. Have we heard anything about shoulder problems with him this year? I thought it was just the hammy and elbow

  26. When Ohman screwed up that play, the camera panned to bobby Cox. He looked as if he was going to implode. I can only imagine that it was not a pleasant trip back to the hotel.

    In the words of Crash Davis, “What we need is a rain out.”

  27. “Can you blame him?”

    Yes, I can. But then, I blame Wren and luck and Francoeur too. In the end, I’m not that upset anymore, as this isn’t that surprising when considering the mediocrity before the trade deadline–and the lack of Hudson and Teixeira after it. Plus, it really seems like they’ve called it a season. Ah, baseball.

    Here’s a question for some of you: what is the scouting report on James Parr? Does he project to make it to the majors?

  28. how bad will K-Rod affect future closer deals this offseason? With Gonzo a FA after 09, it may be better to try and lock him up now. If not, we’ll probably be moving him at the deadline next year

  29. So, IF Schafer comes up in June, what do we do until then? Do we try and lock up Kotsay with the assumption that he’ll get hurt for part of the season and give Schafer some playing time? IF we can get him reasonably priced, would we be wise to lock him into a couple year deal so we could trade him away if Schafer pans out and keep him if not? IS there a better CF option out there?

  30. @21
    mraver thanks for the link. Schafer ain’t exactly a member of the intellegincia, but if he can hit, hit with power. run, field and throw, who cares? I truly don’t see him in Atlanta next year.

  31. BB: How’s it feel to be a big league ballplayer?

    JS: It feels out there. I mean, it’s a major rush. I mean, it feels radical in kind of a tubular sort of way, but most of all, it feels out there.

    Jordan Schafer = Ebby Calvin LaLoosh

  32. I could see Schafer in Atlanta next year, but I strongly suggest waiting until he is ready. If that is next year, great, if it’s 2010, then wait. It seems like having confidence is key for him, and if his confidence is shot, it might get ugly.

  33. With regard to 2009:

    Unless there is a deal that presents itself, I wouldn’t really commit a lot of money to any free agents next season.

    1. There is not enough money to be able to fill every hole to the extent that it makes us prohibitive favorites in the division.
    2. Hudson is outa: Even if you are able to compensate/replace his production, the resources being utilized to do so could be applied elsewhere.
    3. Lets you find out if there is anything in the minors. And while there probably is not, (at least in the high levels offensively) one can at least remove all doubt.

    2009 (Expected)

    Infield: Unless a trade occurs, most can agree that it’s set with McCann, Kotchman, Johnson, Escobar, and Chipper. Sammons should back up McCann and Infante and Prado on the infield. A question remains as to what to do with Lillibridge.


  34. Anyone noticed that since we got rid of Corky, we are 6 and 20. I guess we are missing his veteran presence.

  35. A manager can stop lack of productive hustle with playing time. Ohman may be important and may be our only situational lefty, but there is NO excuse for not digging for first base on a ball to the right side.

    Also, in the first inning, KJ and Esco both failed to knock down or come up with balls that are almost impossible to see how they didn’t get them.

    Either Cox has lost this team or they have pitched him over the edge. The bitching and moaning needs to be directed off the umpires (I think some of our bad calls are retribution for Bobby and Esco) and re-directed at our players.

    I am telling you it is BUTT KICKING and BUTT CHEWING that are needed.

  36. I think the reason for Schaefer being so vague and non-committal about his suspension is that there’s a “gag-order” on him and anyone associated with him and they’re not supposed to talk about it. That was one of the conditions of the deal he worked out.

  37. Stage a mock execution of one of the throwaway players to fire up the other guys in a “this could be you next time” sort of deal. Maybe Wren could hold the gun that shoots the blanks into the back of the hooded head of the person. Of course, a lot of effort would have to be put in ensuring that all the guys think it’s real and the throwaway player would have to be hidden for the rest of the season and told to be quiet or he will be fired. Or maybe we could just use one of the Aramark vendors since none of the players know who they are anyway.

  38. anyone see this??

    Tom Glavine got the news he was looking for Wednesday from Dr. James Andrews. He needs surgery to repair the partially torn flexor tendon in his elbow, but he does not need ligament transplant surgery.

    That means with a four-to-five month rehabilitation, Glavine will have a chance to return next season, if he decides he wants to and if the Braves are open to the idea.

    About a possible 2009 return…

    “We’ll see what happens afterward,” manager Bobby Cox said Wednesday. “I hope so. Before he got hurt he was pitching lights out.”

    Bobby, seriously?? Tom Glavine was pitching lights out?? when did this occur, I must have missed it. 13 starts this year, averaging 4.85 IP and only completed 7 innings once

  39. I think he meant the first two games he pitched this season (two starts, 11.1 innings, and only one earned run)… after that he had been hurt and was no longer light’s out.

  40. mraver–thanks for the Schafer interview…..another Stephen–I think that I will go back to Stephen in the UAE…

    “Man in Motion’–thats a good one Mac…

    Adam M–Parr is a good athelete who rise through the Atlanta system has been pretty steady. One knock on Parr is that he surrenders too many fly balls. All told, I could see him as a reliever or even a #5 starter. I hope that we see him in Atlanta before the end of 2008….

  41. This is just another example of Bobby decision making. His goal was to point out how much Glavine sucked this season. When he went to choose his words, he decided on “he was pitching lights out.” This is akin to what Bobby does when he wants to win baseball games. He goes to the bullpen and decides on Nunez.

  42. Sorry guys. Moving down to school, Tropical Storm Fay, and a blown out motherboard has kept me from this place. Looks like I haven’t missed much though, huh?

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