Braves 10, Nats 5

ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves – Box Score – September 05, 2008

And the pointless battle rages on. Hey, the Braves have a winning streak! Weird.

The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the first. The Nats tied it in the third, but the Braves put a seven spot up in the bottom of that inning. There were a lot of walks, including two with the bases loaded. As someone pointed out in the game thread, issuing one of the latter to Jeff Francoeur, representing your first ever major league batter, has to be pretty embarrassing. The big blow was a bases-clearing double by B-Jones.

The Braves pushed it to 10-1 with an “unearned” run in the fourth and an RBI infield single in the fifth. Jurrjens left after that inning, having thrown 98 pitches. He struck out six and walked three, and gave up six hits — but only one of the latter was for extra bases (a triple). He just wasn’t efficient.

Buddy Carlyle is getting efficient at giving up runs, and has become the latest member of the Overused Club; he gave up one in the sixth. Any use of Elmer Dessens is overuse; he gave up three runs in the seventh, lowering his ERA to 30.00. Ridgway and Julio finished up unscathed.

KJ had three hits, including two doubles, and is I suppose in one of his hot streaks — his batting average has gone up fourteen points in the last four days. Whee. Anderson and Kotchman had two hits each.

20 thoughts on “Braves 10, Nats 5”

  1. I had just switched over to that game in time to see Betemit’s hit. I take full responsability. Sorry Brendan.

  2. Good Lord! How do you give up 3 ER in 1 inning and still have your ERA LOWERED! Dessens is pathetic. Looks like its time to give Carlyle/Boyer/Ohman some rest as has been said on here many times. Although maybe they finally figured out the Boyer/Ohman overuse. One question. Is Stockman still hurt? Or is he just in the invisible/imaginary Bobby Cox doghouse?

  3. It drives me crazy to see a guy like Dessens in a Braves uniform. The Mets added Santana, and we added Dessens! Welcome to the real world.

  4. I arrived at the Budweiser pavillion at 6:00 yesterday, and there were all of four other people there — and on a Friday. It was truly ’80s-esque (had there been a Budweiser pavillion in the ’80s).

    On the plus side, we bought $12 tickets and proceeded immediately to the eighth row, field level, where we remained all game. Not even a pretense of checking tickets among the ushers.

  5. I wonder if anyone in the front office is looking at Brett Myers and thinking,

    “Actually, if we’d just kept Francoeur down a while, maybe he’d have gotten good too. Oops.”

  6. The Richmond roster lists Stockman on the 7 day DL. It is possible that it has not been updated….if Stockman is healthy it would be nice to see him come up and get a few innings before the end of the season….

  7. Does Beanie Wells mean that much to their offense?

    I can’t quite enjoy the Ohio game, as I’ve (perhaps) foolishly bet a parlay that includes Georgia Tech.

    Once again, the North Avenue Trade School has a QB that shouldn’t scare anybody. Keep it close, guys, just keep it close.

    A safety! Yes!

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