Mets 5, Braves 0

ESPN – Braves vs. Mets – Box Score – September 13, 2008

Sad, really. Jo-Jo Reyes (again, he’s not pitching well enough to be called “Joseph”) only went two innings, in which he gave up four runs and two homers. Bobby pulled him, and it’s not usual to see a starter limited to 37 pitches, especially in the second game of a double-header. At any even, the bullpen did well enough, holding the Mets to only one more run.

It didn’t matter. Chipper is out with a back problem (I’m with you, Chip) and McCann sat since it was the second game of a double-header he started the first of. Escobar also took the game off. Infante was the cleanup hitter. This is not a joke, really he was. If the Braves had gotten anything from the cleanup spot, they might have made a game of it, as the third, fifth, and sixth hitters (KJ, Kotchman, and the red-hot Francoeur) all had two hits, and KJ and Francoeur each had doubles. But Infante was 0-4. That is all.

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  1. Francoeur powers Braves’ comeback

    How can Mark Bowman write that headline? Francoeur went 1-for-4 in that game with a single. He got the big hit, no-doubt, but can that really be described as “powering” the Braves to victory?

  2. Going to the bottom of the 8th in Mississippi, still 2-1 with the team leading that looked like the worst in all the minors early in the year.

    Oh, and go ‘Dores!

  3. Now Wellman goes to his closer after Redmond allows three hits, including the tying homer.

    Why now, Phil?

  4. so how many games has Chipper missed at Shea in the last three-four years? It seems like every time we play there, he’s on the bench. (not like it really matters now)

  5. btw, that Aub/Miss St game was one of the worst played – worst coached games Ive ever seen. Auburn can seem to call a normal run play and Croom is going for 4th and 15’s…unbelievable

  6. Same score as the Auburn-Miss St. game.

    The Braves won all three of their games in the series in extra innings.

  7. Rob,
    Did not.

    Watched the Georgia/South Carolina football game & I wasn’t going to break both legs to get over to Shea for Game 2, plus I gotta go to a club in a few minutes. So it’s going to be a late one…

  8. ububba, thanks for the congrats (previous thread). it has been a good day.

    wow. 3-2. that’s just crazy.

  9. this just in– k-rod breaks save record. for his next trick, he’ll break the record for times he’s annoyed me with his antics (which happens to coincide with the number of hitters he’s shown up while his teammates and manager pretend he’s just being emotional). then we’ll just have to come up with something else that we can count that’s also of relatively little importance for him to break…

    If he somehow wins the AL Cy Young, I’ll be ticked. But I wonder how he’d react as he finds out.

  10. or Bobby Thigpen’s Mullett…

    jesus that was some Billy Ray Cyrus style

    makes me dry heave just thinking about it

    ps–K Rod might be the most overrated pitcher in the game. He’s got nasty stuff, but closers aren’t nearly as important as people think they are. he’ll go to the Mets and the $ the angels save will go to Tex and, probably, CC.

  11. I bet Jojo Reyes is next on the long list of Braves pitchers who are either hiding an injury or the organization is failing to have their injury properly diagnosed. Either that or he completely sucks.

  12. Ka’aihue had 3 dingers in the championship series.

    It’ll be interesting to see if the front office have enough confidence in him to dangle Kotchman in trades.

  13. “It’ll be interesting to see if the front office have enough confidence in him to dangle Kotchman in trades.”

    really, really bad idea. do you remember the scott thorman, craig wilson, jarrod saltalamacchia, warm body experiment?

  14. Kotchman is worse than Thorman, wilson, Salty and Ka’alhue.

    100 official AB’s with 4 XB hits and no HR’s, out of 1B?

  15. bfan,

    I think it’s silly to think he’ll continue to be this “horrible”. The only thing that Kotchman isn’t doing right now is slugging; everything else seems to be in line with what he has done in his career. That being said, Kotchman isn’t going to provide that much power even if he was hitting like gangbusters.

  16. doesn’t mean we shouldn’t dangle him for a solid #3.

    hell, if we can get him and KJ in a trade for a good #2, i say GO FOR IT.

    remember, there’s that guy in A who hit the crap out of the ball this year (he can’t talk a walk, mind you) (and it ain’t Freeman)–Meija

    anyway…Kotchman and KJ for a solid #2…


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