ESPN – Nationals vs. Braves – Box Score – July 20, 2008

Okay, I’m there.


The Braves actually led 1-0 after one, Teixeira driving in Blanco with a single. But Reyes had nothing (he wasn’t helped by a small and random strike zone by yet another umpire who thinks he’s the game — once again, it’s time MLB laid the hammer down on the bozos in blue again) and wound up getting charged with six runs in 2 1/3. Buddy Carlyle walked in a run with two out (I thought the umpire made a good call — the pitch was off the plate — but I don’t mind a small strike zone if it’s consistent, which this one wasn’t) and the umpire got pissy and wound up running Bobby. Carlyle got smacked around in the fourth, and got charged with six runs. How often does a reliever get charged with six runs?

The only Braves pitcher who had a good game was Papa Julian, who went a scoreless eighth. The Braves had enough runs to win with even ordinarily bad pitching, but were never really in it. Teixeira upped his value with two homers. Prado had a pinch homer with the Hamster aboard in the fourth, as we finally found out that Miller can hit when the team’s already down ten runs. Defensive specialist Corky and Gold Glover Francoeur once again proved hopeless defensively.

On to Florida. We’re going to get swept.