20 thoughts on “Two bad teams playing a day game in August game thread: Aug. 17, Giants at Braves”

  1. i didnt think anything could make me wish for more Phil Collins videos. wrong again, Barry.

  2. Assuming that either wanted to pitch for Atlanta, I could see both pitchers getting the kind of offers that Dennis Martinez and John Burkett received.

    I certainly hope that the Braves don’t throw any significant money at either….

  3. get this:

    E. Mejia (6’6″, 190 22 year old), our 1B down @ MB, is playing insane…his line:


    with a SLG of .512 and an OPS of .838.

    in a park that, well, is not great for hitters (i know, they moved in the fences, but still)…

    anybody think that this guy or Freeman could move to LF?

  4. I see that nobody’s here, and I can’t blame you. Anyway, I don’t know if Lincecum is quite as good as his rep, but the Braves sure make him look that way. I hate this team.

  5. Based on the way he pitched down the stretch last year, he was done before the season started and his signing smacked of a hat tip to the soccer mom fan base that goes to a few Braves games per year.

  6. @7–not much reason to watch or much to get worked up about these days; Lincecum is filthy even if he isn’t exactly facing the ’27 Yanks today

    any benefit to picking up Sexson to platoon with Kotchman? I’d give it a go given how few hr the team is hitting and how little of anything Kotchman is hitting

  7. Today was Craig Biggio day in Houston, had a pregame ceremony and Jeff Bagwell was in attendance, of course. A much skinnier Jeff Bagwell than in his playing days, I may point out. Funny how that works out.

  8. Who starts in the OF Opening Day 2009?

    Dunn, Josh Anderson and Frenchy?

    Greg White kind of sucked today. I think he’s better suited to 4th OF.

  9. Two-thirds of the starting outfield next opening day is not in the Braves organization right now.

  10. Manny, Josh Anderson/G. Blanco, and Frency/B. Jones

    as for #19:

    the LF is not in the organization. We are going to sign a power OF bat and AT LEAST 2 starting pitchers.

    I’d say:

    R. Dempster

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