The Marlins are essentially ripping everyone off game thread: Braves at Marlins, April 16

The Marlins have a real racket going. Minimal payroll, lots of revenue sharing = profit no matter what they do. This never would have happened if George Steinbrenner were alive.

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  1. Maybe the Braves should heed Sting’s advice: When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around. I was always partial to Zenyetta Mondata.

  2. i found this interesting. in 68.2 innings pitched, braves starters have only given up 1 home run. of course, that was chuck james in colorado.

  3. This never would have happened if George Steinbrenner were alive.

    This joke never would have happened if Bill Simmons were as zealous at guarding against plagiarism as J.K. Rowling’s lawyer.

    Also, I think you could say that the Atlanta Braves’ pen is pitching like de doo doo doo.

  4. I didn’t steal from Simmons. We both stole from an old baseball writer about the 1981 strike:

    OLD WRITER 1: This never would have happened if Judge Landis were alive.
    OLD WRITER 2: This never would have happened if Bowie Kuhn were alive.

  5. all the words have been written……………awfully hard to be original these days.

  6. hey stu do remember the Vandy linebacker in 2000 who fell down the elevator shaft and lived?

  7. clarke,
    Luke Hammond. We were freshmen together and I was at the party which he left to go do stupid things.

  8. We’re in law school at Univ of South Carolina- I don’t know if you knew Jim May, played OL for y’all- he graduated last year and is lawyer in town.

  9. I never met Jim, but I know who he is. There may not be a Vanderbilt athlete since 2000 (from the football, baseball and men’s basketball teams, anyway) whom I don’t know of, though.

  10. I really don’t understand how this crap with Jeffery Loria has been allowed to go on. Obviously, I get it from the owner’s perspective. But how have the fans, writers, and everyone else with any interest in baseball not raised holy hell? This should be in front of Congress not some hearsay infested steriod investigation. With even a minimal investment, the Marlins of recent vintage could have been one of the top teams in all of baseball.

  11. They should amend the rules on the revenue sharing such that if the revenue sharing funds are more than x% of your payroll you forfeit that portion and they actually go to teams trying to make an investment and use them for what they are intended. I still like the concept if there isn’t a salary cap, but there needs to be more accountability at the team level.

  12. From the high 3rd camera, did the Diaz ball (that scored Francoeur on an error) look foul to anyone else?

  13. BTW, what are the odds that my hometown’s baseball claim to fame will one day be that
    Hanley Ramirez played here and not that Ty Cobb played here?

  14. Well, we’re down again. Is our offense going to pack up and quit (if the inning ever ends)?

  15. Furthermore, big ups to anyone that figures out where I live based on that info.

  16. My life is pretty damn miserable right now, and this team is only making it worse. Were there not so many days off already granted this team so far in the young season, I’d be taking the night off from watching it.

  17. fourth grade school teacher and one of my students just did a research report on ty cobb. i also didnt know that his mother killed his father.

  18. jeebus christ. tex is pretty awful right now. should we think about moving him until he gets going?

  19. I’m amazed that we’re not leading MLB in GIDP. I’m further amazed that nine teams have more than we do — but only two of those are in the NL (Cincinnati, Washington).

  20. Thanks for playing but I’m actually in Augusta. :) Ty Cobb and Hanley Ramirez both
    played for our minor league team though in different iterations and many years apart.

  21. Just joining in.

    Could our offensive woes be corrected by just Tex hitting like he is supposed to?

  22. holy balls! hudson is about to come out of the game. i dont understand what us braves fans have done to deserve this. WHY US GOD?!!!

  23. Why do we continue to make these scrubs look like Nolan Ryan?

    Pendleton must go, he’s my scapegoat.

  24. LOL. The City of Miami Police and the Dade County police are fighting over who gets to
    police the new Marlins stadium and that is holding up the deal!! Go Cops! May your stupidity finally prove useful.

  25. If Hudson is hurt too, then we may as well cancel the freaking season.

    Roger McDowell and the entire training staff need to be ran out of town on a freaking rail.

  26. if hudson’s hurt then hampton, smoltz, hudson, soriano, glavine, moylan, and james have all been hurt in the first month of the season. what kind of f’n training did our pitchers do this spring? i’ve never seen anything like this.

  27. I might need to find a hobby to use up all the spare time I’ll have this summer if injuries render this team irrelevant by May 15.

  28. If anyone from the Braves organization is reading this I’m available to pitch this weekend against the Dodgers if need be. It’s true that I haven’t pitched since college, but you seem to be running out of options and I’m a big enough team player to take my 74 mph heater and hanging breaking ball into battle. If the Dodgers have any sense of fairness they will surely start both Andruw and Juan Pierre so at least I’ll have a couple of free outs. Just not Saturday, it’s my daughter’s birthday party.

  29. The Fish announcers are criticizing him for posing down and pointing into the stands. Whatevs. They just want to be in the Cartel.

  30. Yeah criticizing him after they just laughed and thought nothing of their first basemen throwing Frenchy to the ground yesterday.

  31. This shit would have never happened with Mazzone still around. Isn’t he still out of work?.
    Please call him immediately!

  32. well they just showed Campillo and the way he shows to the hitter what pitch he’s throwing. That cant be a good thing. However, he’s been solid so far

  33. what?? last time I checked there is a reason he’s out of a job. If he’s the savior everyone is talking about why doesnt he have a job? Must not be that great

  34. Campillo, effective as he has been, is giving me strong vibes of the Kevin Barry experiment from two years ago. Him being lights out is not going to last, and it’s not going to be pretty when he falls apart.

  35. Craig Minervini defines homer. He’s a huge homer and is in LUST with every Marlin player.

  36. Our team is so good I’m concerned about competitive balance in the league. What should we do?

  37. I’m hoping the Maddog will become our pitching coach when he finally retires. Whoever lands him will automatically become a much better team.

  38. I think Bobby just pulled him – maybe letting him pitch on short rest for Sunday??

    meanwhile, give Campillo credit

  39. The Marlins radio announcers, who are otherwise very annoying, just reported that Hudson was not taken out of the game because of injury.

  40. The ‘Diaz deserves to be an everyday player’ movement died a quick but well deserved death.

  41. I don’t think this is a good move by Fredi, but we will see how it turns out. It is almost as if the matchup doesn’t matter, lately.

  42. I’m not willing to give up on Diaz, but that was an obvious pinch-hit situation — a guy who can’t get lefties had just entered the game with two runners on base and two out in a one-run game. Just because it’s the sixth inning doesn’t make it not a game situation.

  43. I think we should be platooning Diaz and Kotsay and are just giving away outs by not doing so. I also find it odd that Bobby hasn’t done so since he’s always be fond of the platoon.

  44. I’m thinking that maybe Bennett needs to put back on that 30lbs he lost since last season, could it be that he’s mechanincs are all fubar’d because of that? I know I had to relearn my golf swing after I lost 45lbs….

  45. diaz deserves the everyday shot and doesnt deserve to be pulled when he starts the first 20 slow, especially when nothing is clicking. if he was the lone sore spot on the team, then take him out, but that’s not the case.

    robert, how do you know we are giving up out because we arent platooning diaz and kotsay? blanco hasnt been tested and the diaz/kotsay platoon hasnt been tested. wishing for something to succeed because it’s new and having proof that it is successful are 2 different things.

  46. Because Diaz and Kotsay are marginal players and when marginal players lose platoon advantage they become kinda-sucky players. Kinda sucky players eat outs.

    If you aren’t going to platoon them you should at least hit for them in the later innings, but that hasn’t happened either. Then again our bench sucks so there you go.

  47. Neither is as bad as Andruw nor as expensive. With Andruw in Center, the Braves would have the worst record in baseball.

  48. Diaz has had 600 ABs in his career so the last 2 years don’t look like a fluke, he deserves a shot to keep going.

  49. Good opportunity to make this a one-run game again.

    For a guy named after that kid in Animal House, this dude is a pretty good pitcher.

  50. Diaz has had 600 ABs in his career so the last 2 years don’t look like a fluke, he deserves a shot to keep going.

    As a platoon player. Not sure why that fact keeps slipping through the cracks.

  51. This Braves team reminds me of the spuat team from a few years ago ranked #2 in preseason that was horrid.

  52. robert, he was platooned, but it wasnt a strictly righty/lefty matchup reasoning, and as i type kotsuck hits into a dp. this will be an experiment that probably will not end well.

  53. Diaz=Still much better than Willie Harris
    Willie Harris .105 ba, 1 rbi

    Kotsay=Still much better than Andruw
    Andruw .149 ba, 2 rbi

  54. It’s bad luck plus guys pressing too hard. It hasn’t quite hit the extreme of June 2006, but it’s starting to feel just as bad.

  55. Maybe the blue jerseys need to be doused with alcohol and burnt with the ashes subsequently dumped into the Atlantic Ocean.

  56. Diaz=Still much better than Willie Harris
    Willie Harris .105 ba, 1 rbi

    Kotsay=Still much better than Andruw
    Andruw .149 ba, 2 rbi

    Yes because those are the only two possible options.

  57. One-run deficit. Ninth inning starting. We know how this will turn out.

  58. so you think a platoon of kotsay and diaz will be better than a .740 ops? robert, i dont understand your argument. we can’t call on a magical fairy to give us a better player to replace diaz at the same price.

  59. “What is our farm system producing? Where are the position players?”

    At catcher
    At short
    At second
    At third
    In right field
    and filling the bench.

  60. Why did Cox bring in the long man to pitch in the 7th inning of a 1-run game again? Anybody?

  61. Okay, Kotsay=sucks slightly less than Andruw (.220 vs .149 ba, 3rbi vs. 2 rbi)

    When does the Josh Anderson Watch officially start?

  62. 157–I wasn’t paying much attention to tonight’s game but I wondered the same thing. Boyer might have been a better call.

  63. I guess Bobby figured that Bennett was better than the other options, considering that Boyer and Acosta are now earmarked for the 8th and 9th.

  64. Ryan c,

    Negativity sake? This team is horridly bad.

    We’ll be lucky to be close to .500.

  65. I say we trade Resop for some Ben Gay and Geritol for the pitching staff and some hats for Kotsay’s bats.

  66. It’s 0-7.

    If we had been 7-0 instead, we would be 12-2. Just a 3-4 record in 1-run games would make us 8-6.

  67. The Rockies at this time last year were in bad shape. The Cardinals a couple of years before that were no better off. Now is not the time to panic.

  68. Agreed. While the overall malaise of this team is distressing, it’s no reason to start doing your best impression of Randy Quaid from Major League.

  69. Meanwhile, Braves minor league teams all played one-run games tonight. Lost three of four, two of them in extras.

  70. If Rome is one of the 1-run losers tonight, I think that will be 4 1-run losses in the past five games. The other game was also a loss. It’s a bit surprising given the highly regarded talent in Rome.

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