ESPN – Braves vs. Marlins – Box Score – April 16, 2008

Hey, it’s time for the return of the Miserable Braves Loss Type-Index! Tonight’s loss is Miserable Braves Loss Type 4.2(c): “Starting Pitcher Is No Good And Doesn’t Even Pitch Five, Team Can’t Get Hit To Come All The Way Back, Then Reliever Allows More Runs, and Team Again Can’t Get Hit To Come All The Way Back.”

Tim Hudson didn’t have anything, and left after the third trailing 4-1. He apparently is fine, he just wasn’t pitching well. It’s a good idea, where the chances of him improving plus the chances of the team rallying are probably less than the chances of him either completely imploding or getting hurt. And Jorge Campillo did a good job in his stead, throwing three perfect innings. Yunel “Future Token All-Star” Escobar hit a two-run homer to cut it to 4-3, but the Braves blew a couple of chances to get tied or ahead.

After Campillo, Bobby really had no choice but to go to Jeff Bennett. Normally, he’d use Boyer or Acosta here, but those guys are now the setup man and the closer, at least until they get hurt too. Bennett allowed a two-run homer and was lucky that was all. The Braves came back with two runs in the eighth, but Bobby wouldn’t hit for Kotsay, who hit into a double play to end the inning. It was the team’s third GIDP of the night, and I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing that you aren’t going to win many games that way. Nothing doing in the ninth, and it’s another one-run loss. I hate Kotsay.