How are we going to get the smell of brimstone out game thread: June 25, Yankees at Braves

Martin Prado“Hi, I’m Atlanta Braves infielder Martin Prado. People ask me, ‘Martin, what’s it like to get stuck on the bench, for defensive reasons no less, behind a converted outfielder?’ Well, how should I put it… Eszik saját kesztyű, Kelly Johnson! Én szakmai második baseman, és nem lehet megtagadni! Thank you and good day.

99 thoughts on “How are we going to get the smell of brimstone out game thread: June 25, Yankees at Braves”

  1. Is that Basque that you’ve got Prado speaking? If so…
    1) WHY?
    2) How the heck did you pull that off? Basque resources are rare. What I mean is – is there some online translator you used? Just curious.
    3) Care to translate it?

  2. “Eat their own gloves, Kelly Johnson! I am a professional second baseman, and should not be denied”

  3. I’m guessing that’s Hungarian based on the previous joke. Unfortunately Babelfish doesn’t have a Hungarian to English dial.

  4. I’m sure it’s too late to hope this, but Gameday still has Ludwick up to bat with Pujols on and I’m just hoping K-Rod blows it.

  5. From Peanut’s Twitter page:

    “The Braves have placed reliever Jeff Bennett on the 15-day DL with a broken left hand. According to a source, he punched a door.”

  6. The VU Recruiting Machine marches on. This time, it’s a Birmingham boy (TE Davis Dudchock) with an Auburn offer. (Offers from Florida State, Stanford, and Tennessee, too.)

    I know all of you care deeply, which is why I stay on top of this for you.

  7. I don’t see why it’s being a Gadfly to express sympathy for a player that is struggling. You aren’t using convoluted stats to make a case that he is really the best pitcher in baseball.

  8. The door is the real victim in all of this. I think I’ll Gadfly the door for the next month or so.

  9. Mac, no coincidence that you have the same song in this thread as DOB in his new blog?

  10. Does anyone really believe Bennett punched a door?

    Anyone seen Victory? The scene in which they put the goalie’s leg on the bed and kick down between the slats? I have a feeling it was a lot more like that.

  11. Bennett threw a punch at a door.

    The door rips the punch into left CF for a 2-run double.

  12. I venture into danger of excommunication with this, but:

    McCann should be bringing Bennett the chicken soup. EVERYBODY knows A-Rod has a “slider swing” – especially now.

    Either go up the ladder or out of the zone completely with that count. That one dumb pitch call may have sent the Yankees on a scoring spree.

    Also, three strikeouts, Brian? Three?

    You can say it’s the pitcher’s responsibility to approve of and believe in the pitch that is called (and I’d agree with you), but you kinda count on your All-Star catcher for better thinking than that.

    Also, can we please put Ross at 1B against lefties?

  13. The second installment in the smash hit Atlanta Braves cartoon series, starring Matt Diaz and Martin Prado (who grew a moustache just for the occasion)!

    Mac unknowingly wrote the script.

  14. @16 my gf sitting in front of me thinks i am nuts for laughing out loud. This stuff is hilarious!

  15. Y’all see where Heyward will be playing in the Futures Game? Not that it’s unexpected, but still, pretty exciting.

  16. Stu,

    I thought Heyward had said he would sit (maybe that was just the League All Star game).

  17. Per DOB

    1. McLouth
    2. Prado, 2B
    3. Chipper
    4. McCann
    5. Escobar
    6. Anderson
    7. Francoeur
    8. Kotchman
    9. Lowe

  18. braves14,

    I think you underestimate the “Mac Whammy.” It works on everything except French named objects, which have a total block on the Mac Whammy.

  19. @14 – You can’t blame McCann for that. Even if it was the wrong pitch, it was horrible location. Bennett threw 4 pitches right down the middle about thigh high that at-bat. You are ahead 0-2, there is no way I throw a pitch down the middle to A-Rod. Absolutely horrendous location there.

  20. You can’t blame McCann

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that, whatever the problem is, it’s not Brian McCann.

  21. The only good news about today’s lineup is at least Bobby didn’t bat Jeffy cleanup or 5th.

  22. According to O’Brien, Bennett punched that door before the sixth inning last night. Apparently, he roughly set it himself before going back out for the sixth, without telling anyone.

  23. #34
    No kidding. I remember cutting Jackson 5 records from the back of cereal boxes.

    And let’s not forget that young Michael sang one of the weirdest pop hits ever, “Ben,” a syrupy love song to a rat.

  24. Smoltz is getting lit up in the first by the Nats. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad.

  25. snitker’d again. why does snitker never challenge arms on doubles? i realize it was mccann running, but it looked as though he had a chance, especially with a throw from the fence (that was off line to the cutoff man).

  26. Off Topic Note:

    I’ll be in Shands Hospital in Gainsville for a few weeks, having a nodule taken out of the noggin. My family wont be able to be around much, so any Braves Journalites who live in that area that would be up for some Braves talk and all the sherbet you can eat, it would be much appreciated

  27. good luck, man. i am moving to florida soon, but not to that area. they’ll be plenty of bloggers rooting and praying for you.

  28. I turned over to the game about 10 minutes ago and the announcers were ripping on Yunel for another mistake, what did he do?

  29. Now the PeachTree cameras followed Yunel all the way into the dugout and keep it on him for another 10 seconds during the commercial. Whatever he did, they have never done this with any other players.

  30. Wow…just got home and we’re down 8-1 in the 4th. Nice job ACE!

    Is Lowe hurting or something? he’s gotten shelled twice now in the last few starts.

  31. we really have hit the ball well tonight. let’s hope we can get back in this thing.

    no hibernation mode, please.

  32. I’m watching but I still want to know what Yunnie did to have Chip and Joe all over him a while ago. This comeback is shocking though.

  33. Settle down guys… this is game is gonna be another braves 1-2 run loss. The braves are a big tease

  34. Nice while it lasted, but that’s two nights of poor ABs from McCann. He’s got to make some adjustments so he doesn’t end up flailing at off-speed pitches in these important situations.

    Great part about being down 7 after the top of the 4th is you’ve still got 6 innings worth of ABs. Let’s see if the pen can hold it here….

  35. I have to say Francoeur’s double was one of the luckiest hits I’ve ever seen. I think I saw dirt flying of his bat he swung so low, but I’ll take it.

  36. Not that I am complaining about a rally or anything, but it almost would have been nice not to have to pinch-hit for Medlen there. I still believe- in the utter absence of any data to prove it, of course- that the optimal way to bring a young starter into the league is to use him as a long reliever in low-pressure situations.

  37. Cox is such a moron… I think one of the many reasons this team sucks is that Cox has worn out his welcome in ATL. It’s time to move on please

  38. Who do we have left on the bench? I’m guessing pinch running for Javy there wasn’t possible?

  39. pinch running for javy was available in the form of jurrjens, probably the fastest guy on the team.

  40. Current story headline on

    “Smoltz rocked in Braves debut”

    They just can’t let him go…

  41. Well, perhaps the AJC knew this game was fait accompli, even after the bottom-of-the-fourth outburst. And lo and behold … it’s 10-6 and could get worse with Moylan on the mound.

  42. moylan actually pitched really well (besides the wild pitch that should have scored a run). the pitch to a-rod was a beaut, but a-rod, being a cheater, “muscled” it out to right.

    and in other news: heyward hits his 10 tonight. that’s 10 in 41 games. he’s going to be the #1 prospect in mlb next year.

  43. That Moylan “made a good pitch” but A-Rod “cheated” it for a hit.

  44. you’re not high on sarcasm are ya? but, if you would like, i can challenge your “stupidest thing i’ve ever heard” quote. stick around.

    and moylan did make a good pitch, and a-rod has basically cheated his whole professional career.

  45. When I watch Moylan, I see a guy who wasn’t altogether ready to come back from Tommy John surgery and proceeded to be overworked for a pitcher under normal circumstances, let alone post-TJ. Too many bad pitches. It’s almost as though Bobby somehow expects him to magically become what he once was, and is trying to deny what he is now.

  46. That’s probably true–let’s see what Bobby has to say after the game.

  47. chipper needs to seriously think about moving to first next year. he is butchering 3rd this year.

  48. @88 – Seriously? Have you watched ANY of the games lately – including tonight? Moylan HAS been pitching like he used to. He has been terrrific. What game are you watching?

  49. @90 – True, but he was actually pretty good last year. I don’t know what could possibly have changed in just one year. It’s almost like it is in his head – just like that one really bad year ARod had with the glove.

  50. after his first 2 outings of the year (where he was terrible), moylan has given up 9 earned runs in 28.1 innings. that is an era of less than 3.

    i will say that moylan has been pretty bad for the year with inherited runners, but he’s still a good pitcher. his pitch to a-rod, despite the opinion of anonymous lurker, was a good pitch. anyone who doesnt think so, i challenge you to go back and look at it. the count was 3-2, bases loaded, and moylan throws a fastball in on a-rod’s hands. good location. bad result.

  51. Maybe I’m more upset that Bobby intentionally walked an 0-4 Teixeira to get to A-Rod with the bases loaded, where Moylan had no room for error. Just dumb.

  52. Despite McCann’s 9th inning homer tonight…he killed the Braves offense these last two games vs the Yanks.

    Defense killed us.

    KK getting nailed on the neck killed us and the pen.

    Lowe’s lackluster (to be kind) start tonight killed us. (and if this is a sign of things to come…whooaaa Nellie…it’s gonna get ugly)

    Yanks lineup and timely hitting killed us.

    Yanks pen killed us.

    Mediocre and bush league umpiring wasnt helpful.

    Escobar has the mentality of a spoiled 12-year-old.

    The fact that this team still hasn’t won a series since late May is absolutely pathetic.

    I hate the Yanks. And I hate how much money they can spend. And I really hate 99% of their “fans” who can’t probably name 5 players in their lineup not named Jeter or Arod.

    Say what you will about Girardi…but his ejection, and the homerun by the Yanks rookie catcher really started something for them. Damn it.

    Chipper looks like a feeble old man playing 3rd.

    This team is like Rocky Balboa in the early and mid rounds, minus the guts and the heart and the fantastic finish.

    Time to sell and get ready for football season.

  53. Will people finally realize that the D. Lowe signing was a HUGE waste of money? Guess what, 3.5 years and approx 56 million left to pay this jerk. Braves are going to be stuck with this guy for a long time and he sucks.

    This whole team sucks, not just Franceour, or Ache or Bennett, every last one of them suck. Some suck harder than others, but this whole team sucks.

    The radio side was trying to make it sound like the bats ‘came alive’. THEY FELL BEHIND 8-1, THE YANKS WERE PROBABLY GROOVING STRIKES.

    The only thing that didn’t suck tonight, Transformers 2, go see it, dont’ waste your time with this team.

    I am glad I didn’t even watch this mess tonight. What little I heard on the radio and seeing the box score makes me sick enough.

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