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  1. From previous thread…

    Aren’t you aware of the gentleman’s agreement between UGA & UK?

    We’ll take 4 of every 5 on the gridiron & UK will take 4 of every 5 in hoops.

    We want to maintain some sense of order, right?

  2. @1: Indeed. Georgia losing to UK in football is a soul-searching, someone’s-gotta-get-fired event, much like it is when UK loses to Georgia in basketball. (See: Getting punked by 08-09’s atrocious Georgia outfit on Senior Night.

  3. From previous thread:

    I’d be willing to take the second coming of Ted Williams. Of course, if cryogenics works (and we can find his head), we might be able to get the original Ted Williams.

  4. I don’t think so Marc, I heard his cryogenically frozen head was set atop a bumblebee tuna can and teed off upon.

  5. So, assuming Lowe’s healthy, what’s the post-season roster, as of today?

    My best guess:

    Rotation: Hudson, Jurrjens, Hanson, Lowe
    ‘Pen: Wagner, Saito, Venters, Moylan, O’Flaherty, Farnsworth, ???
    Lineup: Infante, Heyward, Prado, Lee, McCann, Hinske, Gonzalez, Ankiel
    Bench: Diaz, Melky, Ross, Conrad, Glaus, McLouth

    Who gets that last pitching spot? Minor? I kinda doubt they’ll use him if he’s not one of the starters. Kimbrel? I’d probably be in favor of making Minor the #4 starter, and using Lowe out of the ‘pen, but I also doubt that’s what happens.

  6. I don’t think McLouth is a lock–especially with five other outfielders on the roster. I would say the Braves carry a backup middle infielder like Hernandez, or use Minor in the pen.

  7. #2
    Hoops: UK is 112-24 vs UGA

    Gridiron: UGA is 50-11-2 vs UK

    If that’s the playoff rotation, I just hope we sweep or we’re up 2-1 going into Game 4 of the NLDS.

  8. Frank Wren…“You want to get as close as you can to what you project will be your 25 (for the postseason),” Wren said. “We don’t know what that exactly looks like today, but we do know that Nate McLouth is a likely candidate to be on that roster because he brings speed and defense and a lot of things you’re looking for in postseason.”

  9. I think Glaus will be a fine DH if we make it to the ws. To me, hes shown that rest helps him. Both times hes gotten 4 or 5 days off, hes come back stronger.

    i think the post season travel schedule helps glaus immensely.

  10. I think I want McLouth in center in the late innings if the game is on the line, with Ankiel in left.

    However, I think those two might be pushing for one spot.

  11. @14 Ok, I take it back. Perhaps he will be on the roster. But seriously, it’s quotes like that that keep me from being more optimistic about the Braves in general. If Frank Wren really believes that Nate McLouth is good at defense–he was average at best for a couple years, and has been absolutely horrible this year–then I worry.

  12. I just had a much more dramatic vision. We win the WS on a Chipper Jones walk-off grand slam while down 3 points to the Yankees. Chipper Jones then goes down in Atlanta folk lore and becomes the Paul Bunyan of our era and retires and we sign someone decent to play LF for a ****ing change.


    Fredi Gonzalez tops Cubs GM Jim Hendry’s managerial wish list currently, according to Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Please let this happen.

  13. What has happened to the Cardinals?

    Or maybe more importantly, how good are the Astros? Kind of glad we were able to take 2 of 3 from them now. Could they be next year’s Padres? Finish strong and surprise the following year on good young pitching.

  14. I am not sure how the playoff roster thing works. So if Freeman gets called up and is red hot (far better than Lee or Glaus) we still can’t use him because he wasn’t on the team at a certain deadline? Is that true or did I just make that up in my paranoid head?

    Oh, and Bobby will undoubtedly put hernandez on the post season roster, not wanting go to the post season with just Conrad as a backup middle infield option.

    Another thing.. when and if Bobby gets to fill out a post season roster, I am sure the question of who to DH in the World Series won’t come into play. You’ve got to get there first.

  15. The Astros aren’t good. They’re something like the 2005 Nationals — one or two decent players, a couple decent role players, and just enough grit to play hard, but not nearly enough talent to make you feel okay about losing to them. They’re not going to lose 100 games, but they’re not a good team, and they don’t have a whole lot of help on the horizon.

  16. @24,

    I’m sure Bobby would think about it (who the DH would be)but wouldn’t say so. Other than superstition, there’s no reason not to plan ahead.

  17. 25

    I could say the same thing about the 2010 Padres. Maybe with the exception of A-Gon and Latos, no one on that team seems more than decent.

  18. @23, Colby Rasmus on the bench isn’t helping, although not wholly responsible.

    The only other answer I can think of is karmic justice.

  19. hell I’ll say it……

    OSWALT HAS A NO NO….A no hitter thru 5IP. Not a single hit off of him. ITS A NO NO right now

    but he does have 5 walks. (he’s got no shot at it now!)

  20. It appears Oswalt currently has a no-no going against the Dodgers (bottom of 6th as I write). I am writing this to jinx him. I’ll say it again to up the jinx factor: NO-HITTER, NO-HITTER, NO-HITTER.

  21. I could say the same thing about the 2010 Padres. Maybe with the exception of A-Gon and Latos, no one on that team seems more than decent.

    For one thing, Latos and A-Gon are far, far, far, far better than anyone on the Astros. The same goes for their disgusting bullpen trio of Mike Adams, Luke Gregerson, and Heath Bell.

    For another, the ownership has been far more open to spending money on amateur and international talent, and more open to trading star players to restock the farm system, than Drayton McLane. They’re in a much better position now and for the future, while the Stros are stuck in a terminal holding pattern.

    Yes, the Padres have played way above where I thought they would be. But they’re a team with a future. The Astros have been treading water ever since Biggio got old.

  22. 2-0 Phils, top 7.

    Crazy game out there. Oswalt had the no-hitter until 2 outs in the 6th, but with the 5 walks he’s thrown 107 pitches.

    Kershaw struck out 11 thru 6, but he gave up a homer on the first pitch of the game (Rollins) & another leading off the 2nd (Victorino, of course).

    C’mon, Dodgers, a little help…

    Edit: Make that 3-0, Pha…

  23. The question is – if the Phillies win, does that also mean the Braves are destined to win? Or does that only work in reverse?

  24. Ah, screw the Dodgers. We can thump the Mets again, although their getting that negative Frenchy last night makes it a little tougher.

  25. In all fairness, Frenchy was actually hitting the ball pretty well the last couple of nights against us. 3/8 2R, 1 BB, 1 RBI.

  26. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

    Actually, had it happened to almost anyone else, he would’ve been a nicer guy.

  27. I am sorta of mixed opinions on this – a guy who gets paid for giving his opinions shouldn’t be fired for doing so. On the other hand, he was hired in spite of being a terrible broadcaster, rather than because he was a good one. So, he shoulda been fired, just not for this. Guess the net result is okay though.

  28. So with no Lowe, does that put Minor in the rotation? I think that would be the best bet, I rather see him than KK, or do think that another person can take that role?

  29. It’s great to have an announcer who retains some independence of thought and utterances (see, Skip). But questioning the toughness of a young player without knowing 1) how much pain he’s really in, and 2) whether or not he’s seriously injured, is completely irresponsible.

  30. Dibble should have known not to be too hard on “the franchise”…..maybe Stan Kasten will give Ron Gant a chance. I take that back, Nat fan has enough to endure.

  31. No New Guy today? It’s not even my birthday.

    And wow this could have been fun in the last thread, unfortunately I had a meeting:

    You just can’t make a comment without being a condescending prick, can you? It’s sad, really. Someone’s life is so miserable they have to be a jackass on a message board for the ego boost. Obviously you need the satisfaction though, so do continue the Scrooge routine.

    I think the record will show I can make a comment without being a prick. Once it even happened twice in one day.

  32. That LF has made two good plays already. He kept Infante from scoring on Heyward’s hit, and that was a helluva catch.

  33. No. Typical of the Mets, everyone went after the ball and no one covered third until it was too late.

  34. I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear that Heyward was thinking of going to UCLA. Never happened.

  35. I went back to see Prado’s double in the 1st …. Heyward definitely signaled to Prado from 2nd that the pitch was going to be inside. Check it.

  36. 77
    Right after the catcher set up inside, Heyward wiped the sweat off his face with his right forearm, then picked at his earhole with his right hand. It wasn’t too obvious but not subtle at all.

  37. That’s two balls that Freeman deserved a hit on. Just thinking that he looks pretty good so far despite hitting into some bad luck.

  38. 83 — Sign-stealing is part of the game as long as it’s between the lines. (Not using a telescope like the Sillies)

  39. Drag about Omar not getting the RBI, but he is well on the way to making this triple crown chase academic.

  40. I don’t mind that out too much. Two out and he scores if that throw is even 3 feet to either side.

  41. 95

    I agree with sending Ankiel there. Chances that the mangled corpse formally known as Carlos Beltran uncorks a perfect throw there are relatively narrow, but alas… he managed to do it.

  42. I think Tommy just need an early 4 run lead to not mess around. That or facing the Mets more often.

  43. Please excuse the Simpsonism, but I enjoy seeing Mr. Heyward take those outside pitches the other way.

  44. Wasn’t Tommy hitting 95 when he came up last June? He doesn’t seem to be getting past 91 too much lately. Is it just fatigue or what? I mean, you can’t argue with his results over the last month, but losing 5mph on your fastball can’t be good.

    Hell of a pick by Freeman.

  45. Okay, that drunk woman with that high-pitched screaming and whose sound is getting caught on the mic is really annoying.

  46. 109 — I’ve noticed that too, especially recently. His K rates are a little down too of late.

  47. 109 —

    I *think* Tommy pretty quickly dropped down to throwing around 93, but I could be remembering that incorrectly.

  48. @114 – Freeman hit two balls hard for outs off Pelfrey, but was over-matched by Feliciano. No shame in that. He’s looked good in his chances at 1st, but with Hanson on the mound those have been few and far between.

  49. This just in from Joe Simpson. David Wright hits worse against good pitchers than he does against bad pitchers.

  50. @121

    Overmatched, yes, but Simpson noted he didn’t bail out on an inside breaking ball from a sidearming lefty, and I thought the same thing.

  51. I just tuned in. I hate this f’in team. What is wrong with Tommy Hanson this season? Is it the sophomore jinx or what? He’s horrible, and if he weren’t getting a lot of luck and great defense he wouldn’t be a major league pitcher.

    And I am sick and tired of Heyward and Freeman. This team is going nowhere because Frank Wren didn’t get Adam Dunn.

  52. You’re right, sansho, but he was tied up pretty bad on the out pitch. It’s encouraging, but not really exciting.

    Kids in Jeter shirts shouldn’t be allowed to partake in Turner Field festivities.

  53. 125- Jeter shirts? Doesn’t the State of Georgia have someone you can call to report such flagrant child abuse?

  54. And the bed shitting in St. Louis continues — Cardinals lost 5-2 to the Astros today. Those guys look finished.

  55. Fourteen days ago:
    The point is that, 20 or not, Heyward is a regular on a pennant contending team. He isn’t hitting much and has become a drag on the offense. I’m quite willing to concede he is likely to be a great player, but he isn’t right now. I’m not saying he sucks or let’s get rid of him, but I think people are counting on him to get hot and hit home runs and it just doesn’t look like that’s going to happen.

    Heyward’s third four-hit game in the last ten days.

    By the way, he sure looked safe to me.

  56. Well that was strange. Our 1-3 hitters have been trying out for the Rays on the basepaths lately. Extreme aggression.

  57. @124

    -you serious, man? surely you are just dripping in sarcasm. i assume that your jokes just didnt translate well over text, or there is some inside joke going on that im not aware of. because heyward is batting like .600 his past fifteen games, hanson threw a 7 inning, one hit shut out, and freeman has played eight innings in his major league career. a bit premature, i would say. i feel pretty good about the future of the braves with those guys playing key roles.

  58. Thanks to DVR, I can report that he was probably safe.

    AAR – And that’s why I can love Heyward but never really trust him. I felt the same way about Frenchy in 05 – “Can anyone really be this good?” – no, not if they planned to attend Clemson.

  59. Benches just cleared down in Miami.

    Marlins threw at Nyger “I have to run over a catcher every chance I get” Morgan for the second time in the game and he charged Chris Volstad. He pretty much whiffs on the punch and then Gaby Sanchez comes to the rescue with a semi clothesline to take Morgan to the ground.

    After things settled down, Morgan is escorted off the field yelling obscenities and gesturing to the Marlins crowd.

    What an idiot.

  60. Nyjer Morgan is mentally unstable. And I don’t mean that in a joking way. He’s just not an adjusted individual.

    Thanks for the link, csg.

  61. And the only reason Heyward’s behind Fielder in OBP is because his fat covers the inner 2/3 of the strike zone.

  62. 152 —
    That’s nice and all, but if OBP was so important they’d put it on the scoreboard. :)

    It’s pretty damn impressive though.

  63. Omar and Jason: Seven hits.
    Everyone else on both teams: Six hits.

    Braves: Still pretty good.
    LolMets: Without Frenchy, they still suck.

  64. Jason and Omar giving the rest of the hitters an off day so they can be ready for tomorrow.

    Good win.

  65. 2010 NL leaders, most games reaching base at least 4 times:

    1. Rickie Weeks, 13
    Prince Fielder, 13
    3. Jason Heyward, 12

  66. AAR,

    I was trying to beat you to it.:)

    Heyward has been red hot since my comment
    Coincidence? I think not.

  67. @157 I think that must be intentional.

    @163 Jason was about to heat up. It was very obvious. Just that some people prefer to see the stats but not trusting their own eyes.

  68. Despite the depths of his summer slump, Jason has spent just two days with an OPS under .800: April 9, when he went 0-5, and August 20, when he went 0-3. When he returned from the DL, he was batting .247/.362/.448; now, he’s at .284/.392/.484.

    Marc, thank you for your efforts!

  69. 23 games over with no Chipper and nothing from 1B for 2 months and nothing from CF all year. Really special. I think I have enjoyed this season nearly as much as 91 so far, just watching Prado, Heyward and Infante just blossom and McCann return to form. If Lee or Freeman can get it going this team can go a long way.

  70. It just makes you wonder what kind of year Heyward would have had if the Braves had a competent training staff. Really, just so very impressive lately.

  71. #170 – I really think David Wright hates playing there. Seems like he’s closer to the Braves players than his own teammates. Hell, they should just trade him to us

  72. its what Heyward can do when he isnt trying to pull every pitch, he’s making the adjustments and its paying off for him

  73. I have said this before and I will say this again:

    When Jason is playing at his worst, he is still a .800 OPS player. When Frenchy is playing at his best, he would be a .800 OPS player.

  74. SO, does anyone have the latest calculations on how Omar is doing in terms of PA and the batting title? He’s got to be over the average PA needed per game so far with all the people we’ve been getting on base.

  75. You need 502 PAs to qualify. Omar has 374 after tonight. So he needs 128 more in the remaining 29 games or 4.4 per game. That’s a reasonable number for a leadoff man who plays everyday. He’s been averaging around 4.8 in that role since he took it over.

    It’s in range if he stays healthy and in the lineup. And of course keeps hitting.

  76. In addition, he doesn’t actually have to get to 502. You can actually just assume no hits for the difference between 502 and what he ends up with. If that wins the batting title, he wins. Tony Gwynn won a batting title that way.

  77. 177- Omar now has 374 PA, and needs another 128 in our 29 remaining games to qualify without having 0-fers added to his stats. That’s 4.41 per game. Since August 1, he has come to the plate 138 times in 30 games, or 4.6 per game. So at this rate, he should get there.

  78. Realistically, if he keeps hitting, 480 or so should do it, assuming a 15 point lead. Barring injury he should reach that.

  79. I imagine Omar’s locker as being papered with articles about what a joke his All-Star selection was. Prado probably reads one aloud before every game.

  80. For the record, the Braves & Reds stand equally atop the NL tonight. During this 5-game winning streak, the Braves have outscored the Marlins & Mets 41-15.

  81. Heyward is flat scary right now. He’s going to hurt someone.

    Great performance by Hanson. But I still maintain that we should trade him now. His mechanics scream “TJ” and he’s represented by Lucifer.

    If we put McLouth on the playoff roster, it will be a vivid example of the things that were wrong with Bobby Cox – his fatal flaw, as it were.

    I fear that Mark Fox is going to cause a disruption in the force. As such, we might as well beat the football Dawgs a few times before that happens.

    Scott Van Pelt was making very ominous sounding noises regarding UNC’s football team. As in they would be decimated when the smoke cleared. Apparently something to do with widespread academic fraud. Will be fascinating to see who they play against LSU.

    As the Bear used to say, “If you got ’em down, kick ’em.” Sweep the Metros.

  82. So about the Morgan thing… just to clarify, I’m not defending him…. BUT

    I think that if a team hits a guy, intentionally or not, even in a ten run game, that guy is allowed to steal bases. For the Marlins to throw at him again because he stole two bases and scored after being beaned the first time. I can see why he was pissed.

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