128 thoughts on “Just a reminder game thread: June 21, Braves at Red Sox”

  1. Hopefully, the Groundhog has three or four hits today (I know… chances of a snowball in Hell) as the Braves site says the Royals have been/are scouting him this weekend. Maybe Wakefield will accidentally hit his bat with a few knuckleballs.

    Hope all you fathers out there enjoy your day!

  2. On KJ:
    Ya, he’s sucking right now. But his K% is down and his LD% and GB/FB are the same. Now, his BB% is down (I blame Pendleton), but his BABIP is waaaaay down. Like…. 100 points down. To put this in a Bobby Cox quote context: he’s hitting the ball well, it’s just right at somebody. He won’t continue to get so unlucky. Francoeur, on the other hand, just sucks.

  3. Because he tried to change Kelly’s approach so that, and I quote, “he doesn’t look at so many called 3rd strikes”. What I took that to mean is he wanted Kelly to be more agressive with 2 strikes and in general which is probably contributing to the decline in his walk rate. And the other reason is blaming Pendleton is the trendy thing to do. And I’m all about the trends!

  4. My opinions of/for the day:

    1. The Braves will look even more ridiculous than usual flailing at Wakefield’s knuckleball.

    2. Kelly Johnson is a talented flake.

    3. Francoeur sucks.

    Wait–sorry. #3 is not an opinion. It’s a fact.

  5. lineup: NO GROUNDHOG OR KELLY!!!!

    Jones, C
    McCann, DH
    Anderson, G
    Ross, D
    Blanco, G

  6. Facing Wakefield will probably ruin our offense for the next ten days…which is good enough to ruin the whole season…damn, I hate Wakefield back to the Pirates days.

    Blanco instead of KJ and Frenchy. So we are giving up four outs instead of eight. I guess that’s an improvement!

    Bobby should put Nate in right and Blanco in center.

  7. I think that our offense has proably already been ruined….in fact, this is probably the best time to face Wakefield–at least we go in with marginal expectations…..

  8. im kind of disappointed francoeur isnt starting today. seeing him flail helplessly at a knuckleball would be rather poetic.

  9. Wow, put Diaz instead of Blanco and you almost got yourself a big league lineup. I like it!

  10. 31 pitches from Jair already. Two more innings and we are going to see Medlen. Trailing 9-2, of course.

  11. JD drew is a bum… the fact we are hitting hard liners right to him so he doesn’t have to move his crippled self around makes me sick.

  12. this has probably been discussed several times but ….


    281 .333 .245

    Nick BLEEPING Green
    341 .442 .292

    a career utility man learned more from Chipper and McCann in the offseason than dumbass Jeffy .. unbelievable

  13. Blanco, just because you’re playing in Frenchy’s place doesn’t mean you have to hit like him.

  14. Blanco’s hit two balls harder in this game than Jeff’s hit in the last month

    btw, Joe was going off on Yunel, but the popup was Chippers to catch. He lunged in and then yunel backed off. Either way neither one of them called for it.

    Joe also seems to think that Jeffy may be sitting because of all the reports, says something may be brewing. Please!!!!

  15. #35 – yeah heard that too. “Jeff is swinging the bat really well and having a good series, even though he’s 0-6. Id hate to see him go.”

  16. i get the eerie(sp?) feeling KJ might be thrown into the deal that sends Our Worst Player to KC based on the fact that no one is dumb enough to take that waste of $4M we call “everyday RF” straight up for another player

  17. You’ve got to have the bats of the Yankees to overcome all these defensive shortcomings.

  18. That comment from Joe is irresponsible. Unless he knows we’re stuck with him and he’s trying to make the best of it.

  19. If our defense had shown up today, this would have been a 4-0 game with a runner on first.

  20. Hey, umpire, it makes it harder when you don’t call a strike a strike. O’Failurety had him struck out — it wasn’t even a close call, as we saw when the NESN people showed the StrikeTracker replay — but the ump screwed him, then tossed O’Flaherty, Bobby Cox, and Chipper Jones.

    That ump should frigging get fined.

  21. that was a pathetic call. that was down the pipe. that’s a difference in the game.

  22. Well, so much for this game. The call was horrendous, but Chipper’s got to know better than that.

  23. That was utter horseshit. Love to see Chipper step up for O’Flaherty, hate to see him gone.

    He should be fired for that mustache, much less the shoddy umpiring.

  24. The pitch to chipper in the 1st looked like a strike–if only the a$$wipe ump would be consistent with Drew at the plate.

  25. Instead of Chipper leading off the eighth, we have KJ. Like substituting spam for filet mignon. Good night.

  26. Maybe both chipper and cox had seen all of the putrid play from this team that could stand and decided to grab beers and cigars …

    Probably not, but you couldn’t blame them.

  27. I swear, every time I say something bad about KJ and Frenchy, they get on base.

  28. You are both right, Joe and Chip. Why in the world should Brian McCann, the best Braves hitter left in that dugout, try to drive him home? He should definitely just try to advance that runner. Like maybe bunt…

    And yeah. It’s also great that the Braves have Garrett Anderson for these situations.


    Get these two the hell out of here…

  29. im so sick of garret anderson being referred to as a “professional hitter” (non-chip TBS announcer). i guess thats a euphemism for an old, slow, slap-hitting, powerless left fielder.

    (im trying the whole say bad things to make good things happen trick)

  30. so if all goes according to plan, Kotchmann (the 4th consecutive lefty-lefty matchup) is going to hit a HR……. and Bobby will still be senile and dumb

    edit: spoke too soon

  31. Interesting…Bobby’s no longer in the game, and Gonzo is warming up to pitch the 8th. Maybe McDowell will manage the bullpen better than Bobby usually does.

  32. I don’t get being willing to pr Diaz for Anderson if you’re not willing to ph Diaz for Anderson.

  33. Note that Anderson doesn’t even bother to give Diaz some skin when he, Diaz, comes in to pinch run.

  34. chip is delusional if he thinks nate wouldve scored from second on that yuni single

  35. I think Diaz swings as hard as he can with his eyes closed. Cause half the time he is swinging at balls at his face or in the dirt and ending up across the plate in the left handers batting box

  36. I seriously just turned over to this game right as the USA soccer game ended. Just in time for the final pitch of the game. Awesome.

  37. Well, except for the blowout, Mac’s prediction for the series was spot on.

    On second thought, with the way the Braves have been hitting, 3-0 is a blowout.

  38. You can’t really blame Bennett this time. That ball is foul in every other park in the league.

  39. Bennett needs to be used the way Medlen is, the way James Parr was — only in case of an eight-run lead or deficit.

  40. Nice… hopefully that will be Bennett’s last pitch as a Brave. Once Campillo comes back Bennett is gone

  41. I’m sure Francoeur said something to someone during the course of the game that had a negative effect in their AB

  42. The game was lost with the 2 defensive miscues. Can’t drop the ball all over the field & give a good team 3 runs.

    Reminds me of a passage from Ball Four:

    “We won tonight because their shortsop made an error in the 10th & opened the door & we stepped in, just like the old Yankees used to.”

    That’s what it was like when the Braves would play a lesser team back in the day, too.

  43. True Story. My Wife wanted me to go to the store, as the bottom of the 9th rolled around. When I saw Bennett, I said, I will the game will be over soon. One pitch later, I was on my way to pick up some milk.

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