106 thoughts on “Orange dust game thread: Sept. 13, Nats at Braves”

  1. Being fat isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Look at Babe Ruth. I’m sure Melky has been compared to Babe Ruth many times. After all, we were expecting Melky to hit .300 with thirty home runs. Too bad that he actually sucks and couldn’t keep Betty White from taking an extra base.

  2. Be vewy, vewy quiet, but I was right that the hangman isn’t hanging this year – at least as it regards celebration penalties.

    If they didn’t flag the Bama receiver for the flip, they aren’t gonna flag anyone that doesn’t directly trash talk a fallen opponent.

    Makes football sooooo much better.

  3. So after the Jacksonville State debacle I’ve finally gotten on the internet again. Its been a long sad week and the Braves aren’t helping.

    Stu, I know who Vandy’s going to get their at least one SEC win against this year, and that’s this weekend. If you’re making the trip I’ll supply you with a beer at some point.

    Mac is it two late to re-write my preview? 7-5 looks a little overly optimistic at this point. I may have lost my journalistic integrity.

  4. I’ll never link from TMZ (they are the spawn of the Devil), but they are reporting that what sent Floyd Mayweather off on his woman-beating tear was the knowledge she was having an affair with CJ Watson (former UT basketball great).

    All the women in the world and CJ hooks up with Floyd Mayweather’s? Dude …

  5. There once was a fella named Stu
    Who could only converse in haiku
    Though the limerick is better
    I guess the “V” on his sweater
    Makes him smarter than Moises Alou

    (Sorry – couldn’t think of a better ending.)

  6. Oh. I should have known
    that. In fact, I did know that.
    Just did not realize.

    I guess that may be cheating though. Is “realize” 2 syllables or 3? Guess it depends on where you are from…

  7. Yunesky Maya and his 7.20 ERA is exactly the type of pitcher we’ve made look like Greg Maddux lately.

    We play the Nationals in 6 of our next 12 games. That would be a good thing for most teams, but the way we’ve played lately against bad teams (and bad pitchers) makes this extremely scary. We really need to sweep this series at home!

  8. @11
    Limericks are a slippery slope–let’s go down head first!

    Their defense just makes me shout
    Their offense puts me into a pout
    But time and again
    In two thousand and ten
    The Braves prove you can’t count them out!

    Go Braves!

  9. Pennant-race baseball has that weird mixture of exhilaration & fear. Wish we weren’t one-out/one-up as we are, but these next few weeks could be quite the thrill ride.

    Count me as happy to be playing Washington this week.

  10. a pitcher who wears a braves hat
    sees a team that is coming to bat
    somehow when he throws
    bugs fly up his nose
    he just knew he’d have trouble with nats

  11. Swing And A Miss

    a pitcher recaptures his fun
    from times long ago when he won
    he aims for the toes,
    he grins, and he throws
    and the batter is already dunn

  12. Once again, Braves Journal surpasses all other baseball blogs in erudition and sophistication. (Sorry, I don’t do haikus, never could.)

  13. The Legend hits hard and inflicts
    close calls and dark singed fabrics
    the boss sheds a tear
    what a horrible year
    and now he has ripped Capps to fix

  14. What you gon’ do with all that junk?
    All that junk inside your trunk?
    I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
    Get you love drunk off my hump.
    My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump,
    My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lumps

    leave me alone, its relevant to Melky.

  15. Melky sits!!!

    Braves lineup: 1. Infante 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Prado 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Lee 1B, 6. McLouth CF, 7. Gonzalez SS, 8. Diaz LF, 9. Lowe P

  16. Hey, anybody going to the Braves games in Flushing this weekend?

    Or maybe:

    Hey, anybody
    going to the Braves games in
    Flushing this weekend?

  17. 37- Appropriate, because the Braves depart for the Narrow Road to the Deep North after this series. Well, New York, Philly, and Washington anyway.

    If we don’t pitch and hit better, it’ll be the Narrow Road to the Deep Sh*t.

  18. I just asked Tim Kurkjian on the radio who he thinks the Braves will trade in the offseason for an OF. He said they can trade Hanson for a top-tier OF, or Jurrjens/Minor for a second-tier OF.

    I never even thought of trading Hanson… but if trading him gets us three years of a top OF, I say do it.

  19. I’d be interested in his ideas of “top tier” and “second tier”. Who’s a “top tier” OF? Braun? Rasmus? Because I would think a young, cost controlled talent like Hanson would demand the same in regards to an OF.

    Hanson for CarGo? I wouldn’t take much less,
    and given his splits I’d still think twice about it.

  20. Melky had a positive UZR in CF last year. Did he really get that much fatter in the offseason? Is it a park thing?

  21. Well, I’d say since most fly balls in New Yankee Stadium land in the seats, his UZR would be impacted.

  22. serious question. Why is Heyward still hitting in the 2 hole? I know the 3 spot is reserved for Chipper even if he is hitting like a guy who should be in the 6th, 7th or 8th spot, but now that he is out, why keep the guy who has been on fire in a non-rbi spot?

  23. @45
    because bobby cox is the manager and that’s the way it’s going to be.

    on a personal note, i’m enjoying my first thomas creek beer out of greenville, sc. i’m having the vanilla cream ale and it’s surprisingly delicious. recommended.

  24. I agree. Heyward is drilling the ball, give him a chance to get use to his future. This McCann-Lee 1, 2 punch needs to add some punch to the 1, 2. Melky was thinner last year, and obivously his workout habits are Andruw-Jones like….so I can imagine what next year will bring.

  25. 47- The “McCann-Lee 1, 2 punch” is like following up your first shot by belting yourself in the ‘nads.

  26. #45
    Splits up the righties & lefties at the top of the order, plus he’s a super-high OBP guy & FWIW, he has more speed on a team with very little. I’m fine with it.

  27. I know the 3 spot is reserved for Chipper even if he is hitting like a guy who should be in the 6th, 7th or 8th spot, but now that he is out, why keep the guy who has been on fire in a non-rbi spot?

    You honestly think there would be any noticeable production difference hitting Prado second and Hayward third?

    Guess again. It would just make it easier for the other manager to ROOGY Infante-Prado and then LOOGY Heyward-McCann. It’s fine the way it is.

    Edit – Or what ubbaba said.

  28. Hey walks! I remember when we used to do this!

    Edit: Wow an injection and an infusion. Joe is absolutely giddy the Nate’s hit a few balls hard.

    Double Edit: The old double balk. Don’t see that much.

  29. No, Heyward’s the Unmelky. Diaz is the non-Melky, which is still a big improvement. (McLouth is now the ex-Melky.)

  30. The Marlins are trotting out Andrew Miller again against the Phils? I guess we’d better win to keep pace.

  31. I’ll take runs any way we can get them, especially in a playoff race, but that second balk looked a little petty to me. The guy might twitched or something.

    Oh well. Guess he’ll have to learn to twitch some non-balk inducing way.

    Such is life in MLB.

  32. so, to prove that he’s worthy to start over melky, all diaz has to do now is throw 5 players out at the plate and hit 6 consecutive home runs.

  33. @68
    after his earlier triple, diaz’s ops since coming back from injury is approaching .900. i dont think he needs to do anything other than what he’s been doing the last 47 games.

  34. latest on the phillies home page says they are going to re-align their pitchers so that we’ll have to face oswalt, hammels, and halladay.

  35. Sorry, if this has been brought up before, but I haven’t watched in the past couple of weeks. Nate’s stance is different right? Looks like he may have a better view of the ball and is standing up straighter.

  36. 98- Lowe was at 105 pitches; the CG means less than having him ready for his next start against the Phillies.

  37. A thing of beauty. Shame it won’t get us into first place, but we’ll gain a game on either the Pads or Rockies tonight.

    Oh, and attendance is given as 18,647.

  38. RE: McLouth

    The SportSouth guys were talking up a timing mechanism that Chipper suggested. He’s bringing his hands slightly back to start his swing. Apparently keeps him on the ball better.

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