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  1. Who picked the State, Auburn game?? ME! Got the score wrong but I picked my bulldogs to win.

    Here is my post from yesterday:

    “So wrong on the Miss. St Auburn game.

    Here is what the real score will look like: Aurburn: 17 MSU: 27”

    You all were picking State to lose 45 to 0 and stuff like that. Never again count out my bulldogs. Croom has this program on the rise!!!

  2. I’d say, thus far, the SEC was a little overrated coming into the season. This is a year of youth among the powers of the conference. LSU is really the only top-tier team. Florida is going to get beaten eventually, maybe even a couple of times. GA and Tenn aren’t ready for prime time. Meanwhile, the Pac-10 is looking underrated. (This is coming from a Georgia fan.)

  3. Oh and another thing. It’s gonna be great to whoop up on the tide this year and go 2-0 against the Alabama state “powers”. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. SomeYahoo-

    Still feel the same way about FL after a 28-6 first half against Tennessee? Yowza, UF’s offense looks good.

    Also, for anyone else watching the game, do you find it funny how Lundquist and his lackey were talking about how Tennessee was “dominating” back when it was 7-3 in the first half, and then yapping about how the game had “completely turned around” now that UF is blowing them out? I mean, I don’t really get how a game can “turn around” when one team’s been winning from the start, but there ya go. :-)

    Go Gators.

  5. I can’t wait to hear from Wryn. I hate that Auburn is doing so poorly, because they certainly won’t be looking past Vandy now.

  6. I thought Lundquist’s comment about Tennessee “dominating” was pretty dumb. I mean, they were dominating on defense against us when we had two straight three-and-outs and our only score was on a punt return, but you’re “dominating” when you’re losing. Florida’s quality is showing after the first half. Tennessee’s last drive was a little rough though.

    I think people shouldn’t be so dogmatic about Florida losing, and especially a couple times. Do I think they’re going to lose? Probably. Is it entirely possible for Florida to squeak out a win against LSU, and then run the table on a now mediocre Auburn, a decent South Carolina, and the rest of their schedule? Yes, I really think so.

    Florida’s got a sick offense, and their defense will only get better.

  7. Florida was much better (esp. On defense) a year ago and lost a game. It is VERY hard to go undefeated in this conference. Florida will lose a game or two.

  8. Never said I didn’t think we’d lose a game. If Mr. Yahoo thinks that people are “rating” UF as a potential unbeaten, I think he’s nuts. I do think they’re a top-teir team, though.

  9. Yeah, the defense has been doing the “bend-but-don’t-break” thing so far, and last drive they broke a bit. Still, not bad for the first half of SEC football with an almost entirely green unit.

  10. SomeYahoo: Florida is going to get beaten eventually, maybe even a couple of times.

    mraver: Still feel the same way about FL after a 28-6 first half against Tennessee?

    I assumed you were referring to the only remark he made about Florida.

  11. For those who care: Richmond defeated Durham 6-2 this afternoon to force game 5 of the IL finals, which will begin at 7pm Eastern. Zach Schreiber got the win, our old buddy Chad Paronto pitched the 9th (giving up a run), Lillibridge went 2-3, and Brandon Jones hit a home run.

  12. While Florida’s defense was better a year ago, their offense is better this year. Since our defense is so young and I don’t know how they’ll improve, I don’t know if our offense’s improvement will offset our defense’s losses. Our special teams has done well thus far, even including Coker’s 37 yard average on kick returns today.

    Our schedule is more favorable this year than next year. That’s why I said that if Florida can pull off a win vs. LSU, I feel confident about us perhaps getting through the regular season safely. Beating LSU twice? I dunno.

    I think at the end of the day, not calling Florida a top-tier team is a bit inaccurate.

  13. Man, I really need to proofread. “Our schedule is more favorable this year than LAST year.” Sorry, once again.

  14. I said yesterday that if Cal can put up 45 on UT, then I don’t see why we can’t put atleast 35, if not 50. With 35 through just after half time, they might be making good on my prediction.

  15. Rob,

    Who didn’t think Florida could score that much on this defense?

    I agree that Florida’s top-tier—I just think it’s unrealistic to predict that they won’t lose, which is what I thought mraver was doing and is what you’ve sorta done.

  16. Do I think they’re going to lose? Probably.

    Beating LSU twice? I dunno.

    What have I sorta done? I don’t see anything.

    Who didn’t think Florida could score that much on this defense?

    In the local newspapers here in Gainesville (I’m home for the weekend) and in articles by national writers, I’m seeing this game being billed as “Tebow’s First Real Test”, and I don’t really see that.

  17. Probably because we have a much better offense this year. Our defense was pretty inactive in the red zone last year, and we’re now 16-17 in the red zone so far this year.

  18. And for the curious:

    Johnson 2b
    Renteria ss
    CJones 3b
    Teixeira 1b
    Francoeur rf
    AJones cf
    Diaz lf
    Miller “c”
    Cormier “p”

    Logan cf
    Jimenez ss
    Zimmerman 3b
    Young 1b
    Kearns rf
    Pena lf
    Belliard 2b
    Schneider c
    Bergmann p

  19. Rob,

    Well, you left out this part of your quote:

    Is it entirely possible for Florida to squeak out a win against LSU, and then run the table on a now mediocre Auburn, a decent South Carolina, and the rest of their schedule? Yes, I really think so.

    That’s the sorta I was talking about.

    As for the Gainesville reporters, they must not have seen the UT-Cal game.

  20. I said “is it possible”? Yes, I really think so. Is it going to happen? Probably not. Read, Stu. Read.

  21. It’s so frustrating looking at our lineup and then remembering that our team is out of contention. That just shows how bad our pitching has been.

  22. also … why is Willie not starting against the RHP? I have reeeally been out of the loop. I’m assuming Willie’s “spectacular” season hit reality with that 0-45 streak.

  23. Well, Willie has just predictably gone down closer to his norm, but this is his career- best year. He doesn’t deserve to start anymore, but I think he can be a good bench player.

  24. So the lineup should reflect how we feel? Does this mean that if we think the Braves are out of contention that the scrubs should start?

  25. Doug Clark hits a three-run shot in the bottom of the first and Carlos Mendez follows with a solo shot to make it 4-0 so far.

  26. Feels like a long night is coming for Lance. Or, to put it better, a very short night.

    And Florida looked good, but Tenn’s D looks terrible. They’re going to give up a lot of points this year.

    Go Nebraska! I’m so SICK of all the USC-is-the -greatest-team-to-ever-step-on-the-field crap. It would be sweet if Nebraska pulled the upset.

  27. How much is Notre Dame paying ESPN to keep talking about them? Of all the football today, the stupid, irrelevant ND-Mich game has been the day’s top story. Can we please put ND in their graves for 2007? They’re horrible.

  28. Lance Cormier sucks so bad. It’s just mind boggling why the Braves keep giving this loser starts.

    Please, please Schuerholz trade this bum this offseason. Otherwise Cox will keep using him.

  29. “Utah is demolishing UCLA. Given how badly Utah had been playing, that might be a bigger upset App State-Michigan.”

    UCLA was a 16 point favorite and lost by 38. That’s a pretty huge upset.

  30. Kevin Barry had eight strikeouts in five innnigs. Phil Stockman ran into trouble in his second inning of work, walking two straight, but Dan Smith bailed him out with two strikeouts. It’s still 7-1 through seven.

  31. He struggled a bit, allowing a run with a single, a wild pitch, and another single. Brandon Jones threw out the runner at second. Devine struck out the next guy and got the last guy to fly out to right.


  32. They wouldn’t be getting gashed if it wasn’t for Wilson’s spaz attack that kept them on the field for about 20 minutes in a row. It was like he was shaving points.

    I’ll recap the stupid Braves latest stupid loss later.

  33. No no no, Tuberville shouldn’t be fired.

    It’s not like Tuberville goes out there and tells the team to commit five turnovers in consecutive losses.

    This is a really young football team. Every touchdown scored by Auburn through three weeks has been by either a freshman or a sophomore. Auburn is absolutely terrible in the senior class, a direct carryover from Jet-gate.

    Kodi Burns looked alright today. Time to rally around him for the next four years. It makes us more dangerous. Remember, this is an Auburn team that lost four starting linemen, the top RB in Irons, the top WR in Taylor, and the heir apparent at tailback is out with academic problems in Lester.

    Are we a dynamite football team this year? No, not really.

    Has Tuberville made bone-headed decisions? Yes.

    Will some of the staff have to be overturned? Yes, I think Borges is gone at season’s end.

    But Tuberville’s not under fire. That’s silly.

    Worst case scenario is Auburn goes about 4-8 and loses to Bama. So what? It costs Bama about $4 million/season to be top dog, while Auburn uses other athletic funds to go build a new coliseum and enhance giving. Auburn’s only a school that gets 22% of funding from the state anyway, so there’s not a huge bounty to begin with..

    War Eagle!

  34. Helluva win by Bama.

    When Nutt had his QB throw that pass on 3rd down on Ark’s last possession, I had a feeling that Bama would could use that extra 30+ seconds, and they sure did.

    Alright Bama people. Let’s get it on.

  35. It’s going to be a hell of a game next week. I’m a big fan of the Tide and Dawgs both, but the Tide wins out this week.

    So….ROLL TIDE!

    /sorry Dawgs. I’ll just keep telling myself this isn’t your year anyway.

  36. The SEC is looking a bit different than what it looked like at the beginning of the season. Great win for Bama, and a great win for Kentucky. Congratulations to both of them. For what it’s worth, I predicted Kentucky doing a bit better against Louisville, but I could have never predicted they’d actually win.

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