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  1. so with Cormier and Carlyle pitching the next two days, do we now become satisfied with a split in this series? Then hope that we get the 1st two from ST louis wiht Smoltz and Hudson?

  2. This post got lost two threads ago since it was at the end, right before a new thread went up.
    All time Gold Glove team? This is a freaking joke, not only did Andruw not make the team, but Jeter was up for consideration at SS, and Joe Morgan beat out Mazeroski at 2b, which is a huge travesty. Maz is the best defensive 2b to have ever played the game, and its not even questionable.


  3. even if Hamels doesnt need surgery this is bad timing for them…

    “I thought I wasn’t going to be anywhere close [to the disabled list],” Hamels said. “I’ve been in such good shape and the soreness I’ve had has been typical soreness. It’s really unfortunate. I thought I was going to have a clean slate this year.”

    Hamels will undergo an MRI on Wednesday and said he expects to be placed on the disabled list, making him unavailable for the series against the Mets. Hamels could miss up to three weeks.

    Hamels felt discomfort two days before his start last Thursday in Washington, but survived 6 2/3 shutout innings and 101 pitches in sweltering heat and humidity — an outing in which Hamels admitted he was tired by the third inning.

  4. ububba, they said last night that the Braves have invited those two guys to come perform at one of the games. Frenchy apparently invited them as special guests

  5. Don’t they say “Scott Thorman sucks” in that song? Because if csg is right, then the Atlanta Braves, like everyone on this board, has officially acknowledged that fact.

  6. When looking at the complete futility of the pitching efforts at the bottom of our rotation, at what point do we question Roger McDowell’s assistance to these guys? Shouldn’t at least one of them have gotten better during the course of the season?

  7. they made them change the lyrics from “Scott thorman sucks and julio is old” to “Salty next to Tex is like silver next to gold.”

    They also had to change “That’s not Gay because he’s mark teixeira” to “That’s OK because hes mark teixeira.” They totally sold out.

  8. Sold out? It’s not exactly like rappers or rockers putting out PG versions of their CDs for Wal-Mart.

    But if I were them, I’d tread lightly around Thorman’s locker.

  9. I’ll certainly be satisfied with a split. Plus, I think the Braves need to be setting their sights on San Diego and Philadelphia.

  10. I’m not sure if that constitutes selling out. Plus, I’m also not sure I want the Braves, already the franchise most of the country (unfortunately) associates with John Rocker, to be endorsing a homophobic comment.

  11. The last three times I’ve wondered who the opposing pitcher was, he shut down our offense.

  12. Adam M,

    So you knew who that Ubaldo Jimenez guy, or whoever that was who pitched for the Rockies, was? ;)

    But, seriously, if the offense keeps up, one of these starts has to be good. They can’t be ALL bad.

  13. Who got sent down? Prado? I’m saying that with Edgar back, we go on that win streak we’ve been looking for. That guy stays on base constantly. You heard it here 1st.

  14. Here’s my McDowell sonnet from a year ago.

    Run past third base, the coach is hoarsely yelling
    “Oh SHIT!” says Bobby, far too many times.
    Got Ray from Richmond, Key or Ken by spelling,
    Ends the inning, and his arm, with changeup slime,
    Right next: Frank Jobe, with Huddie there—I’m weeping;
    And all the pitchers, terrible or sleeping.
    Mets beating us in pitching? What the *#%!?
    Can’t anyone here play this game? You suck!
    Days, weeks… what next? LaRoche, a lefty, pitching?
    Or worse, a Sosa slider hung to Dunn
    Which he just KILLS. Score’s 605 to one.
    Earned runs? No, no. There’s more to all my bitching.
    Let me be clear: the Second Spitter blows.
    Leo had smarter boogers in his nose.

  15. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit pessimistic, I admit. But I’m not taking anything for granted.

  16. I pitching coach is only as good or bad as his pitchers. These guys are professionals and should know how to pitch by now. Go back 10 years and put McDowell in Mazzone’s place and the results probably wouldnt be much different. However, we’ll never know, but how good do you think anyone else would be with Redman, Davies, Lerew, Reyes, Cormier, and Carlyle in their rotation

  17. yeah Renty just hobbled out of the box on the first pitch and he didnt even swing, he’s going to get pulled!

  18. I dont think we’ll see him play again this year, what does that do to his trade value in the offseason?

  19. and thats why you make him play in a minor league game or two, I guess we are short handed on the bench today

    I guess Renty might play again mid september

  20. How did he reinjure himself? Does it look like a reaggrivation of the same thing that put him on the DL or something else?

  21. #31 –

    Renty just hurt himself without even swinging the bat. Lifted his front foot and planted it, but somehow tweaked his back ankle in the process.

  22. It’s funny how a player that I was originally loathe to trade for has now become one of my favorites. I hope he’ll wait until he’s fully ready next time.

  23. so how do you throw 36 pitches in the first and get out of the inning without allowing a run?

  24. or,

    3 twelve pitch at bats that result in strikeouts but in which lots of pitches are fouled away.

  25. csg, who cares about the Salty update. Tex is amazing and McCann is playing awesome since the break. Dont’ mean to be a dick, just saying…

  26. I like the updates, csg.

    I’m not sorry we made the trade or anything; I just like hearing how our former top prospect is doing, and I probably wouldn’t otherwise do the research to find out.

  27. sorry he’s been struggling and is having a good game. thought it was worth posting. apparently you dont care, others might….

  28. Jake,

    There’s information you can take to heart & information you can ignore. It’s your choice.

    FWIW, 8th-inning score: Rangers 20, Orioles 3

  29. mailman,

    they keep showing the replay and it doesnt look as bad as it first did. maybe they just took him out for precaution, who knows

  30. Have you ever had a high ankle sprain? Thats not the kind you get when you trip over your shoelace.

  31. I like the Salty updates too. I wish there were some kind of page that would easily pull the stats for all players involved in a trade. It’s hard to really know if a trade is good or bad until a few years down the line anyway.

  32. Salty’s not the only one having a good game for Texas: they have 24 runs against Baltimore. Quite the pitching coach those O’s have!

  33. sorry last post about Salty

    4-5 2hr 5R 7RBI

    who is this Cormier guy? 9 up and 9 down, his last 10 innings we have given him 0 runs

  34. I was just looking through the MLB.com notes for the game and while I knew the Braves have just never seemed to bust out, here is their record each month after starting April 16-9:

    May 14-14
    June 13-15
    July 13-13
    Aug 10-9

    That is some serious consistent mediocrity.

  35. It is very difficult to go on a winning streak when you only have two good starting pitchers. Those numbers don’t lie.

  36. I’m conflicted. Do we want the Mets (6.0 back in the division) or the Padres (wildcard) to lose?

  37. I like having a shot at both to be honest, if we can win these last two and the Padres can win the lact two, we can still be in reach of the division

  38. My advice is to ignore the series so you don’t have to choose. If the Braves don’t win a little more, none of it will matter.

  39. Goodness, Texas is threatening again. I’d suggest they take some of their guys out, but they already took out Young and the rest of the team is a bunch of backups… who are currently averaging 3 runs an inning (for the game).

  40. Cormier should never be allowed to face the same batter twice in a game.

  41. Wow, the Braves have three AA pitchers in their starting rotation. I can’t believe I’m still following this team.

  42. 27-3. I wonder what Leo is thinking.

    He’s thinking “I can’t believe we have to play another f-ing game tonight”.

    Paul Shuey is still in baseball?

    There it goes! 30!

  43. LMAO. That is so awesome. I just wish it were the Yankees or Red Sox having 30 runs posted against them.

  44. Hmmm… if Baltimore wins the second game, that will make this all the more amusing. And if that was the Yankees-Red Sox, there would be no way a brawl wouldn’t ensue in Game 2.

  45. I’d say that the list of games that featured a 9 spot and a 10 spot by the same team has got to be real short.

  46. hey, who did the Phillies hire to coach their baserunners in the off-season? Has anyone else noticed they have 101 team steals compared to 15 caught stealing? That’s like 101 team steals compared to Willie Harris.

  47. Watching a team score 30 runs is kind of like watching that guy who won $112,000 on Press Your Luck … you just don’t think he can keep going and going like this, but somehow he does.

  48. Like I said, it’s also coaching. He’s fast and can be taught how to be a better baserunner.

  49. So glad willie’s playing and not Matt Diaz, who’s only batting .350 and knows how to run bases and not throw balls into the dugout.

  50. I just don’t get it. Diaz gets 2-3 hits a night, EVERY time he plays. I wish Cox would find a damn lineup and stick with it. No more platoons, no more screwing around. Pick 8 guys, play them everyday, and bat them the same spot in the order.
    It’s not that hard.

  51. So let’s review:

    Braves’ fifth inning: Bases loaded, one out, Teixeira and McCann up and the Braves do not score.

    Reds’ fifth inning: Runners on first and second, one out, pitcher Bronson Arroyo up and the Reds score two runs.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  52. can we just use a rotation of kj, renteria, diaz, willie, and escobar as our 4th and 5th starters. that way, we can at least put the best 1-9 offensive lineup out there every night. i hate our pitchers.

  53. That one goes out to all the Andruw haters out there. Stupid meaningless homeruns!

  54. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious what Schuerholz will be looking for this upcoming offseason. It’s clear he’s in win-now mode, so I expect the Braves’ staff to look really good on paper come the start of 2008.

  55. I just hope he doesn’t make the same mistake he’s made the last 2 years and try and rely on Mike Hampton. If he comes back, great, but let it be a bonus, not something we rely on.
    Got to pick up 2 starters this offseason.

  56. I was just sitting here wondering why Andruw was hitting before KJ, of all people (put the most patient hitter on the team in the #8 hole, where you get pitched around anyway), when Andruw went and showed me why. Thanks, ‘Druw. Can you hit a few more before you leave Cincinatti?

  57. #130 Dan – dont forget that we had two on and one out with Chipper up and he hits the top of the wall for only a single and no one scores

    Bronson hits a weak chopper and two score, Hamilton hits the top of the wall and it goes out. The Reds have our number

  58. Every year there’s one bad team that we can’t beat. It’s usually the Marlins.

  59. Because, Dan, Woodward is batting .200 and Diaz is batting .350.
    Wait…b/c Bobby Cox doesn’t know what he’s doing?

  60. why hit Woodward over Diaz here? Prado was sent down and Rent is out, we have no more Inf’s if someone gets injured, plus with one on let Diaz hit

  61. “Every year there’s one bad team that we can’t beat. It’s usually the Marlins.”

    2005: Padres

    2006: Diamondbacks

    2007: Reds

  62. If we score one every other inning, and the Reds score two every inning, it’s going to be very difficult to win this game.

  63. Bobby you’re a freakin moron for what you just did. Keep Woodward on the bench and let Diaz hit for Cormier…unbelievable, thats the worse job of managing Ive seen in a while

  64. So that’s why Diaz didn’t pinch hit for the pitcher. Do we have anyone left on our bench except Corky Miller?

  65. The Reds’ bullpen sucks, right? Yesterday and so far today, the Braves haven’t done anything against them.

  66. Here is what I tell myself to keep my blood pressure down whenever I see a bad substitution/playing time situation: “At least it’s not Julio Franco”.

  67. Not to rile the Cox apologists here, but seriously, I think it’s time for him to go. We may not have the players to win this year, which isn’t his fault, but his game management has been a disaster the last 2 years.

  68. over Woodward, I would rather have Franco. We now have Thorman and Miller on the bench, I wonder if Bobby will let Thor hit for Tex and Corky for McCann here, might as well

  69. I can understand the platoon: Diaz hits .330 against righties. Oh wait, that’s tremendous.

    And as for having Kelly Johnson, the 2nd best hitting 2B in all of baseball, one of the most patient hitters in baseball – he sees 4.08 pitches per at bat while, by comparison, Chipper sees 3.82 and Teixeira sees 4.0; he also is 10th in the NL in walks while only playing half the time – batting 7th and 8th, I think that too is criminal. Well, just stupid. Willie Harris can’t run the bases and Yunel Escobar is a nice singles hitter with a bit of speed, but there’s no reason anyone but Johnson should be the leadoff hitter. I agree disgruntled, it’s just not that hard.

  70. if everyone gets thrown out of a game, and the game is tied, who wins? thats what i want to happen to sd and ny tonight.

  71. Do other managers do this, or just Cox? Johnson, Escobar, Harris, Diaz, even Andruw and Francoeur are different every game. I’d imagine it’s hard coming to the park not knowing where you’re going to play, or even IF you’re going to play.
    There are 36 games left. Pick a lineup.

  72. “I can understand the platoon: Diaz hits .330 against righties. Oh wait, that’s tremendous.”

    I like to call it “pulling a Remlinger”. That’s when Cox constantly uses somebody for a lefty-vs.-righty matchup even though the numbers prove they are just as good or bad against right-handers/left-handers as they are against left-handers/right-handers.

  73. That’s because he’s not even looking at the numbers. At least with Escobar and Johnson, there is a case to be made that Escobar is as good, if not better, than Johnson is against lefties. But there is no reason whatsoever that Diaz sits. And he’s sitting against righties! Most pitchers are right-handed! The Braves 3rd or 4th best hitter is sitting 60% of the time. Just kills me.

  74. I was wondering earlier in which game would I start really looking forward to football season, I found out tonight

  75. But it’s only .343 post All-Star break, which signifies the regression most folks thought would happen.

  76. csg, you picked THIS game? This game has been tame compared to some the last 2 months.
    The Soriano grand slam a few sunday nights ago did it for me.

  77. Willie Harris is playing left-field and has no power. To be honest, I don’t like having any powerless, one-homerun-in-a-full-season type everyday or near everyday position players.

  78. #168 – actually our 3rd or 4th best hitter are sitting 99% of the time, both Diaz and Willie are in the top 5. Average wise that is

  79. disgruntled, i had a little bit of hope until tonight. Bobby’s decision making tonight took me over the top

  80. Isn’t there a statistic that can give an idea of consistency? Willie has played great for the Braves this year, I don’t dispute it (and I love Bobby Cox… but this is a blog, and the season is going down the drain). But I’m curious to know how much of his slugging, which is clearly high for him, has been inflated by a few performances, as well as how much Diaz’ has – or has not.

  81. San Diego up 7-2 in the 7th. Don’t know if that’s good or bad, or if it even matters anymore.

  82. 2-1 count….swings at the ankles,2-2…….
    then swings at the head 2-3. this is andruw jones.

  83. probably the best person to have up in this situation, so the stupid move early actually worked out ok.

  84. so we are about to have a losing record since the Tex trade and he leads the NL in HR’s and Rbi’s for the month, unbelievable

  85. Hey Yates if you’d learn to throw strikes you wouldnt have to worry about runners on 1st – what happened to the Yates that struck out Manny ramirez on 3 straight fastballs?

  86. The Reds have won 90 consecutive games when leading in the 9th inning. ARE you kidding???

  87. I’ve hated that Johnson has lost so much playing time but Escobar deserves to play. What a dilemna.

  88. 2 games back in the WC

    1 back of the Phillies

    6 back of the Mets

    so much for the guys talking about how big this series is, they look like they could really care less

  89. That’s what’s most disturbing, csg. They look like they just realized they don’t have it this year.

  90. Game day was showing all three of those called strikes as really outside. Were they that bad?

  91. We’ve got 6 games left with NYM. It’s not over by a long shot. If I had a nickle for everytime someone has declared this season over I’d be rich.

  92. Kind of nice to see someone get upset. I didn’t realize anyone was still awake.
    Cue Taps. This season’s over.

  93. now they are 49-0 when leading in the 9th inning this season. Where would the Braves be if they hadn’t blown 9th inning leads?


  95. Haha, ok, you’re right. Can’t wait to see the Mets next week. Let’s see…Reyes, Wright, Delgado, Beltran against…Cormier? Carlyle? Reyes?
    We’re so “close”. We’ve been “close” since May. Give it up.

  96. 2 games out of the wildcard….terrible loss, but not the season. at least be realistic. 36 games left. you are even more disgruntled than your name.

  97. j-rod has a point, but you also have to realize that Tex wants to get on for McCann who his tearing it up right now. Thats twice the last two nights he’s come up in big situations and tried drawing a walk for the next hitter. Sometimes you just have to try and do it yourself. Anyways, Arroy’s hit is what beats us tonight. Right after we couldnt do anything with Tex and McCann up there with the bases loaded.

    Carlyle has to salvage the series tomorrow night, Im not watching

  98. Tom, we can only be so lucky we could very easily be looking at a 1-6 season against the reds

  99. Funny. I guess I’d have more hope if we had at least a #3 starter, or decent closer, or manager who knew what he was doing, or the team looked like the wanted to win.
    I love the optimism, though. Y’all keep that up. Wild card winners always lose 5 out of 6 to bad teams. It’s all just going to magically “click” soon and the Braves of old will bring it home, just like in the 90’s.
    Give me some of whatever y’all are on.

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