Game Thread: July 1, Braves at Marlins

Hey, a sweep opportunity! Of course, it’s Buddy Carlyle versus Dontrelle Willis, so I’m not too optimistic.

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  1. Also, “Sledgehammer” is definitly one of the most innovative music videos ever.

  2. At this point i’m pleased to win series, though a sweep would be nice considering how the Mets are playing and we have to go to LA and SD.

    The schedule in July and August is fairly benign except a few series here and there, so if teh braves can just win most of these series I think they will stay in position to make the September push. Also, I still think some type of move will be made involving starting pitching, though probably just a mid-rotation guy.

  3. Lineups for our latest success:

    Escobar 2b
    Renteria ss
    CJones 3b
    AJones cf
    Francoeur rf
    Diaz lf
    Saltalamacchia c
    Woodward 1b/ wtf?
    Carlyle p

    Ramirez ss
    Uggla 2b
    Cabrera 3b
    Jacobs 1b
    Willingham lf
    Hermida rf
    Olivo c
    Amezaga cf
    Willis p

  4. Woodward? WOODWARD?

    Thanks for the info Godot. I actually figured they would be in the bottom third of the league.

  5. Wow, Thorman’s not going to start against lefthanders any more at all would be my guess as to what’s up with Woodward starting. Personally, I’d rather have the possibility of a Thor homerun or double, along with the incessant and more likely popups, than to have the even more likely popups delivered by Woodward.

    On second thought, this is probably just Bobby getting playing time for his bench. It is one of his things (and often it has rewarded him over the last 15 years).

  6. I’m pissed Ward is in there, but Bobby loaded up with righties against Willis.

    Still, I’d prefer a slumping lefty McCann or Thorman to Ward.

  7. Just looked at the Richmond roaster to see what alternatives we have to keeping Woodward as a platoon 1B…

    Wow, we have a lot of bad hitters in Virginia.

    Graham Koonce, hitting 231/ 329/ 476 since his arrival from Kansas City (he was the PTBNL in the Tony Pena Jr. trade) seems to be the best of the lot. His main competition at 1B is Carlos Mendez (who was our catcher at Richmond last year), who’s hitting 279/ 315/ 436.

    As for OFs:
    Larry Bigbie 175/ 217/ 281
    Gregor Blanco 281/ 361/ 366, 13 SB, 11 CS
    TJ Bohn 241/ 343/ 317
    Doug Clark 242/ 314/ 355

    Lillibridge has been called up to Richmond, where he’s hitting 269/ 315/ 356 (10 SB, 1 CS). Not ready yet. Good thing Escobar’s doing so well.

    And Nepotism Boy: 183/ 289/ 195. One double and no other extra-base hits in 82 AB. Nice to know some things never change.

  8. I remember seeing this video on MTV sometime before I was 10, it is STILL completely weird.

    I like the song, too.

  9. This lineup illustrates why Pena should be up and Orr should be down. Don’t understand why this move has not been made yet.

  10. i’m sure orr is out of options so he wouldnt be going down, and i really dont know why woodward or orr are on the team at all. with escobar playing well, i wouldnt doubt both of these guys getting axed before seasons end.

  11. I foresee a mass screwage of Braves on the All-Star team.

    I expect one to make it, that being Smoltz, with Renteria and Soriano getting the shaft.

  12. Smoltz has pitched well. But personally, I hope they snub him. He’ll get angry and pitch even better, plus he wont’ have to pitch any innings for those days. And as competitive as he is, he won’t say thanks but no thanks.

  13. It’s too bad that all 4 NL East SS’s won’t get to go, and someone from say, the Royals, goes just because every team gets a player.

    Edgar .312
    Hanley .311
    Jose .302
    Jimmy .284

    Edgar Mediocre to bad
    Hanley Mediocre to bad
    Jose Good to very good
    Jimmy Good to very good

  14. Also, just playing around, it looks like Miguel Cabrera (according to FRAR/FRAA, anyway), isn’t much worse defensively than anyone else on the Marlins. He’s actually a little better than Ho-Ram. Chipper’s been below average defensively, but in my mind has been the best hitter in the leaguer this year, considering how much he’s missed (EqA of .348). David Wright also surprised me with his good defensive ratings, since I thought he was pretty average at best.

    Also, just to kick a horse while it’s down: Jeter’s EqA is lower than everyone but Rollins’.

  15. orr still has all his options, bobby just loves him. ive been hoping pena would take orr’s place for awhile now.

  16. It’s quite understandable that the crowd is pathetic. Summer afternoons in South Florida are roughly as unpleasant as watching a Chris Woodward at-bat. And today, the two intersect.

  17. I don’t like Jimmy Rollins, I don’t care how much he hits or how good his defense is.

    I actually like Jose Reyes, but since he plays for the Mets, I don’t like him by default.

    I don’t care about Hanley Ramirez either way.

  18. It’s the Marlins, I know, but I would think they would actually care about a division rival and seeing Willis pitch.

  19. @31: What’s useful about Carlyle hitting with two outs/bases loaded? Might as well take your chances in that situation. Decisions like that are what makes National League baseball the superior game. (Disclaimer: I’m not watching on TV, so I’m just interpreting box score data. Feel free to tell me Diaz was out by 40 feet.)

  20. #16 – actually, Orr has all of his options left, as he has been with the big club continuously since being brought up in ’05

    Chuck G – not quite 40, but certainly 5 or 6

  21. South Florida has several things working against them in attracting baseball fans. These are well documented:

    1. The stadium.

    Dolphin Stadium is a football stadium located near the Dade-Broward line that is visually unattractive and functionally odd for a baseball layout. I often go to games when down there on business because it gives me something to do and I love baseball. However, when you compare it to the Ted, Camden, PacBell or some of the other new parks i’ve been in, it is not even close. the stadium is also located near the often clogged Florida Turnpike and Palmetto Expressway, which hinder people from getting there in the evening due to traffic backups.

    2. The weather

    It rains a lot down there, and when not raining it is hot and humid. Nothing is worse than stweing in heat, getting rained on, and then stewing again. They need a retractable roof facility.

    3. The organization

    The mass sell-offs have certainly hurt with garnering local support. These also create periods of years where the team is not very competitive.

    4. The population

    Many of your hard core baseball fans down there are folks relocated from the NE, so you have a lot of Red Sox, Yankees and mets fans down there. A quick scan of the sports radio station will tell you those teams get lots of coverage.

    5. Other options

    Between the beaches, golf, racing & water sports, there is a lot to do other than go to the baseball game.

    6. Extra baseball

    With spring training prominent in south Florida, you can see baseball for about 8 months a year down there.

    Frankly i’m not surprised they don’t draw well, even with Willis pitching. if I were there today i’d probably be at the beach.

  22. MLB says the game is delayed. I assume its a rain delay? does it look like its gonna start up anytime soon

  23. I wonder if there’s ever been someone who got traded, and then refused to play for the team he was traded to?

    I was thinking, if I played for the Braves, and I got traded to Texas or Tampa Bay or the Mets or even Houston, I don’t think I’d have the heart or desire to even show up or play there.

  24. Hell shit ass crap fuck teabag dingleberry Jim Leyritz.

    Try it again now, Mac.

  25. When I check, there were numerous little showers and such in the area, could be a while…

  26. Do only the stupidest of fans call in during Rain Delay shows? How do you not know what a curveball is? What do you mean they never explain what it does. It’s a CURVEball, it curves!

  27. You only brought this post up to a PG, Chuck. Maybe the Mingle2 filter needs more creative profanity programmed in.

  28. Dustin: John Elway and Eli Manning basically decided before hand they weren’t going to play for the Colts and Chargers, so that is similar I guess.

  29. Was Carlyle really pulled in favor of Villareal? I didn’t think the rain delay was that long.

  30. Alonzo Mourning was traded from the Nets to the Raptors and refused to report to Toronto, so the Raptors bought him out and he signed with the Heat.

  31. And, I’m not one of those fans, but I seriously could have thrown out Mike Jacobs this past inning. That ball was at medium depth and even an average throw would have gotten him by 10 feet. Diaz’s arm sucks.

  32. Skip just quoted Dave Bristol… “The Braves will be pitching Richard Wholestaff today”…or something like that.

  33. Diaz’s arm doesn’t suck. That wasn’t a particularly good throw (though it almost certainly would have been sufficient if the field weren’t waterlogged), but it wasn’t as bad as you’re making it out to be. Plus, he’s made several adequate-to-good throws in the past. He’s not Juan Pierre or Johnny Damon.

  34. why is pete orr not in the game at this point? it seems to be one of the only times i can think of when it would be safe to have him in there. why keep chipper out there just to get hurt?

    thanks for clearingnup that whole curveball thing for me. :)

  35. I doubt that last Andruw AB will make Boras’ marketing package. That one really hurt, but it wasn’t totally unexpected. Hopefully with 2 HR this week and some other hard hit balls he’s coming out of it. We can only hope so.

    Still…credit this team for coming back. Can we take Benitez with us on teh road trip?

  36. Andruw ist just pathetic! How long do we have to bear this? I hate it even if he hits a homerun to left because for every time he does, he makes 50 outs trying to pull the ball. 20 of those on double plays, of course.

  37. Lord, have mercy. Druw, go ahead and bunt. Crap or get off the crapper. 2 on and no out with the 4 and 5 spots due up…and imagine, that! no runs.

    solo shots be darned…Druw needs to be dropped in the lineup. Why is he back in the 4 hole?

  38. Any game that features buddy carlye, villareal, thorman, and peter moylan in important roles shouldn’t even be close. we should consider ourselves lucky today.

  39. gameday is wrong, 2 outs harris running for thorman, b-mac at the plate…and i just lost the radio feed….tune in next time for the exciting conclusion!

  40. yea!! thats the 1st time ive ever seen the Pete Orr 9th inning pinch-runner actually score – usually its the equivilant of a forfeit. Go Yunel!

  41. the marlins must be picking up on wickmans pitchers or something – cause this is insane.

    Soriano should be our marlins specialist closer

  42. Not exactly sarcastic. More like melodramatic. We shouldn’t release him and there are teams that would want him—but he’s definitely lost my confidence.

  43. So you’re the one to blame for that blown save Mac, good job.
    Kidding of course, Wickman should be banned from Dolphins stadium…

  44. Stu,

    I thought he still had him even on the bounce.
    Furthermore, you always need to make your case to a point. It will get you calls later.

  45. Did you see the replay, Mike? He was clearly safe. Not close.

    And he’s not just “making his case”. He’s whining, and that’s the second time. It’s annoying.

    That his hitting is obviously huge for us right now.

  46. Not true, Mike. You see the occasional dumbfounded look or roll of the eyes but not the extended-grimace-and-spin-around-and-refusal-to-give-the-ball-back-yet routine.

    He’s reminded me of Dikembe Mutombo, and that’s not a good thing.

  47. Soriano and Wickman are both looking ugly lately. With Gonzo on the DL, there goes our bullpen. Yates is our best reliever right now, and that, Ladies and Gentleman, is not good news.

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