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  1. This is going to be a fun day for me, because I’m going to the game, and then having to drive back as fast as possible to get to my fantasy football draft at 6. There is no way I’m missing either.

  2. I wonder how different this season would have been if Shuerholz had decided to sign Glavine, budget be damned. Of course Tommy may not have come back at any price.

  3. 3rd game for me today. hopefully we dont shart ourselves again. nothing short of a miracle to make the playoffs now. lets hope we got a horseshoe up our arses.

  4. So, the season is over. Can we celbrate it with a double digits rout of the Mets, please?

  5. I’d like to think that with Hampton playing, Gonzalez playing more and Andruw playing normally, we’d have had a much better shot.

    But this team doesn’t even perform like it you think it would on paper without those three making reasonably expected contributions…we can’t even beat a team that we beat all year and that came to us absolutely reeling. We can’t even put up a fight against them.

    We criticize Bobby a lot, but most of us never push it far enough to question if his seat’s getting hot. At this point, maybe it’s worth talking about.

  6. He only has one more year, I doubt JS is considering letting him go.

    Though I completely agree, Adam. A few in-game managerial decisions this year have really left me scratching my head. That in the fact I can’t remember the last time he has successfully pulled off a hit and run. It always seems like “swing at a bad pitch and miss by three feet and get thrown out at second standing up.”

  7. I think JS will be aggressive in the offseason and make a major push for a ring next year, especially if Liberty is giving him some wiggle room with the payroll.

    SP: Hudson, Smoltz, (Yet to be signed #3 SP), Hampton, James (with a third pitch, please God)

    RP: A healthy Gonzales and Soriano competing for a closer roll, Mahay, Moylan, Acosta, Ascanio, et al

    C: McCann
    1B: Tex
    2B: KJ
    SS: Yunel
    3B: Chipper
    LF: I hope for Diaz, but maybe JS will make a trade for another big bat in left. Thoughts?
    CF: Frenchy or FA (Mike Cameron, maybe even Torii Hunter?)
    RF: Frenchy or FA

    Once again, on paper we’re pretty darn good. Renteria has been excellent for us but I think he’ll be key in a deal for a solid #3. Maybe the Braves will take a gamble on Dontrelle Willis if given a reasonable deal.

    The only question marks in my mind is what our outfield looks like next year. I’ve heard talk of Frenchy moving to center, so even RF is up in the air. Do you think JS will go for speed or power in these positions?

  8. Rob–I wouldn’t include Hampton until he shows he’s healthy next spring.

    I think starting pitching is the biggest question followed by CF. I think the pen could be solid if Cox doesn’t burn them out by the all star break.

  9. Frank,

    Unfortunately for us, if Hampton is healthy enough to pitch, even poorly, aren’t we essentially stuck with him? We can’t trade him and $14 mil (?) is a lot of payroll to eat up.

    But fair enough. It would be interesting to see JS pick up 2 starters.

  10. “wonder how different this season would have been if Shuerholz had decided to sign Glavine, budget be damned.”

    Worse. The only way the Braves could have gotten Glavine with their 80 million budget at the time was to trade Hudson.

  11. Nice effort there, Andruw.

    From the previous thread, you didn’t address 2 things about your War Eagles from last night’s game:

    1) Your offensive line got pushed around by Kansas State and 2) your QB was flat-out lousy.

    You can wear rose-colored glasses, but that’s gotta improve.

  12. @14
    i was going to address that but there really isn’t a place on the site to do so other than these threads. ububba, the o-line did get manhandled but they looked a lot better than i was expecting. Brandon “i like it from behind” Cox is awful, and i’m not sure why Tub is so loyal to him. That said, he didn’t get a lot of help last night, and spent most of his time running for his life. The RBs have to learn how to pick up the blitz, and the WRs and TEs have to make some plays.
    Defense was better, but they couldn’t make an open field tackle to save their lives. Special teams were hit or miss too. Kick coverage was awful, the return game was better and i thought the young kickers did a good job in their first game.
    CF is gonna be another stout test for an inexperienced Auburn offense but i think it will really help them find their legs before getting into the meat of the schedule.

    Coming out of last night i was most impressed with this team’s ability to find a way to win and that goes along way with a young team. Ultimately i see this team losing 3 games…not too bad.

  13. Game over. I know it’s only 3-1 in the top of the 5th, but the motivation is now officially gone for the rest of the game. This crappy team will be lucky to score another run the rest of the game.

  14. When Wright hits Smoltz, things aren’t going your way. He usually dominates Wright.

    All you can do is thank your lucky stars that K-State tried to block that punt & hope for improvement in the next few tune-ups.

    Yes, finding a way to win pretty much trumps everything else. But as an SEC watcher with some emotional investment in the fortunes of the other league teams, Auburn didn’t exactly give me much pause last night.

    And, c’mon now, you don’t have to insult your QB that way.

  15. Very good point, Ron. At this point, the only way the Braves can make the playoffs is if the Phillies and Mets team buses crash into each other and everyone dies. I must be a masochist to keep watching this game when the outcome is obvious.

  16. well, i would have said the same thing about UGA last season, yet they turned the corner late in the season. i hope the rest of the SEC counts Auburn out.
    and no i don’t, but i choose to. (i prey that he shows me up. please i beg you.)

  17. What’s amazing is the stat they just showed on TBS. 45-55 in the last 100 games. To think, if only they had gone 50-50 in the last 100 they would be 1.5 back going into today.

  18. Down 2 runs with nobody out and trying to stretch that hit into a double…geez, can this team do anything right?

  19. i think the braves still expect teams to roll over for them…those days are gone. i don’t even want to think about next season, i hope this team just soaks up the misery of losing and finds some fight in the off season after the league has had a big laugh at their expense.

  20. Next season looks pretty promising in comparison, Beedee. Hopefully JS will come through and get us a pitcher; an area which he has definitely failed us this year.

  21. an area which he has definitely failed us this year.

    And the year before. Lest we forget we went into the ’06 season with Jorge Sosa as our #3.

    Schuerholz has abandoned the pitching and defense philosophy that made us so good for a decade plus.

  22. Does anyone know that Bob Horner’s 4 homerun game was taped delayed on TBS because of the Goodwill games. I still remember that.

  23. I know it looks like it’s over, but a big come from behind win over the Mets right now might fire up the team and drive them the rest of the season.

    Ahh, who am I kidding?

  24. It’s pretty much a lock that Jorge MFSosa comes in and shuts us down, just to twist the blade in our hearts a bit more.

  25. “Is Glavine retiring after this season?”

    I hope so. I don’t want to go through his stale act about if he’ll come back to the Braves or stay a Met again this offseason.

  26. Bobby Cox: the last person who trusts Julio Franco.

    Why bring up Franco and have to pay him for the rest of the season? Sentimental reasons?

  27. SNY made some comment about Glavine having his last appearance at Turner Field. I don’t remember seeing anything about Glavine hanging it up.

  28. I still like Julio. I would rather have him come off the bench then those other pieces of work.

  29. With Escobar’s emergence, I would think Renteria is traded for pitching. I’m not quite sure what his value is, however.

  30. Even with our recent struggles, I’ll take this year over last. Our season is effectively over, but at least I can feel that way in September and not in July like last year.

  31. Now watch as the Braves make a struggling Wagner, who’s allowed runs in his last four outings, look like a Cy Young candidate.

  32. Tex has done his part. When you average seven runs a game and lose because you’re 3, 4, and 5 pitchers belong in AAA, it kind of takes the wind out of your sails.

  33. I second that, Timo. I wonder if they’ll still go after a closer with Soriano and Gonzo being questionable.

  34. now if orr could just get caught trying to take a base on strike 3 the trifecta would be complete.

  35. I just don’t like that play. Wagner is obviously laboring. You can’t give outs away, hoping for a tie with the way things have gone. It’s a timid, stupid play.

  36. I don’t have a problem with that play if it’s already a tie game. But why would you play for a tie? Especially given the fact that we’re like 1-28 in extra innings this year.

    C’mon Matty!

  37. Rob–sorry to be slow responding, I’ve been out awhile with the family. You’re right that ATL is stuck with Hampton’s salary whether or not he’s healthy. My point is that folks thinking ahead to next year shouldn’t assume Hampton will be healthy enough to be in next year’s rotation. Indeed that may be the biggest mistake of this season. When Hampton was hurt in the spring this year we ended up with Redmon etc. About a week ago there was a graphic saying the Braves were something like 2-19 in games started by Redmon, Lerew, etc. If the Braves had decent enough pitching win even 40% of those games (going maybe 9-12 instead of 2-19) this season would look much different.

  38. two hard hit balls off Wagner to start the inning and then we give them an out, great call Bobby.

    Diaz make that hurt!

  39. My reaction to a loss has done a complete 180 since yesterday. Yesterday I was shouting at the TV, cursing Bobby, giving Pelfrey all sorts of awards in the Special Olympics. Today, just a sigh.

  40. Bobby Cox is just an utterly incompetent late game strategist. We had the momentum against a struggling reliever and he goes and gives them an out.

  41. On the bright side: Braves are 8-7 against the Mets this season. So they still lead that season series!

  42. 3,4,5 hitters 4 for 33 in the series, 1 RBI

    way to outslug the opponents. This team just sucks plain and simple. People want to talk about how bad our 4th and 5th starters have been, but the offense can be blamed also. Too many losses in extras when we couldnt score and everytime we get good pitching the offense becomes stale. Our manager has completely lost everything also. Just a terrible team

  43. “Who the hell bunts down three runs?”

    The answer is: Bobby Cox. Not Woodward. It’s Cox who calls these stupid bunts. Vote for Cox.

  44. I’d like to host a bunt workshop for the Braves next spring training. I’m not a bunting expert or anything, but I think if I just had slideshows with pictures of Pete Orr and Buddy Carlyle with big x’s through them, they’ll get the idea.

  45. Rob, I think you can put everyone on this team in the slideshows. Other than Smoltz, I cant recall a good sac bunt in the past 3 months

  46. Im really just happy that the guys feel like they have the best lineup in the NL right now. Just keep up the good work guys, you’re doing great

  47. The lineup is way too good on paper to play as poorly as we have. At what point does TP’s abilities come into question?

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