Braves 8, Nats 5 (13 innings)

ESPN – Braves vs. Nationals Box Score, September 14 2007 – MLB

I am not recapping that whole thing. Hitting the highlights, such as they were… The Braves opened up a 3-0 lead in the first, Teixeira the big blow with a two-run double. Chipper, back in the lineup, scored on an Andruw sac fly.

Chuck James couldn’t hold it, though. He allowed a solo homer in the first and another run in the third. In the fourth, he gave up a leadoff double and Bobby yanked him at 70 pitches, 56 of them strikes. He didn’t walk anyone, I guess that’s something. Villarreal gave up a Grybo to tie it.

The game went on and on from there. The Nats got a two-run homer in the seventh (after the Braves had left the bases loaded on a truly dubious 3-2 strikeout of Teixeira in the top of the inning) to take a 5-3 lead. The Braves got a run back in the eighth, Diaz singling in Andruw. In the ninth, Stinky Pete (pinch-running for Renteria) scored from first on a Chipper double.

And then it went on and on from there. Finally, the Braves got hits from Prado and Chipper with one out in the thirteenth. Teixeira was walked, semi-intentionally, and Francoeur — 0-5 to that point — singled to score two. Andruw added a sac fly for 8-5. The Nats got the leadoff man on but that was it.

Ascanio wound up with the win, his first, pitching the 12th and 13th. Each team played 23 players. Escobar, Renteria, and Chipper all had three hits, but McCann was 0-7.

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  1. Rough night for BMac.

    Also, I’m going to go ahead and praise Cox for pinch-running for Renteria with Orr. I doubt Edgar gets in from 1st to tie it in the 9th.

    still, it’d be nice if it mattered. :-/

  2. Repost in a more baseball related threat:

    (Thanks for the responses earlier)

    Baseball related:

    As a Braves fan in Ohio, I’m considering purchasing the MLB.TV package for next season with the demise of TBS and the Braves. I just wanted some honest accounts of how its worked for any Braves Journal fan who has used the service.

    How is the quality? High spots? Low spots? Has anyone used an S-video hookup to put the game on their television? If so, quality? Sound? Reliability?

    Any info will help. Also, what’s the full season price?

    Thanks –

  3. 89.95 yearly. buy the premium package, especially if you have a fast computer with fast service. if you use the s hookup to put on your tv, you HAVE to have the premium package. the 350k looks terrible on the tv. the 700k looks decent. you should get all the games except for the ones that they play the teams in your area (the fox sports telecasts are blocked). i have purchased it for 2 years now. my buddy and i kinda cheat the system and split it every year. we never seem to have trouble logging on together. hope this helps.

  4. I love my I got the premium and just use the Mosaic application. The picture is pretty good, it’s easy and quick to switch from game to game, and it’s easier to cheat the system by using a proxy ip to watch blacked out games. I think the premium is 119.99 for the full season.

  5. Said Francouer after meeting the President at the White House yesterday:
    “He told us his stance on the war and what he’s going to keep doing, the reason he’d done it. It was cool to hear what he said. I’m a big George W fan, so a chance to get to meet him, talk baseball, hang out was really, really neat.”

    I knew Frenchy had plate disciple problems, but I didn’t realize he was also an idiot.

  6. We’re going to have to stop talking about this soon, I imagine, but Bobby’s a pretty outspoken W supporter.

  7. Wow, so I guess everyone who agrees with Francouer there is an idiot. Hmm… yeah I don’t think we should pursue this…

  8. The idiotic part is for Francoeur to think the POTUS is vetting his policy with the Atlanta Braves.

    At least I broke my losing streak in Braves/Nats game that I attend–of course, I left after the 9th inning assuming the Braves would lose in extras. But that counts as a personal win, right?

    James was awful, but let me tell you, Soriano was throwing some serious heat. On one pitch, the pitchmeter had him at 103! (I think that was a mistake.) When I was there, Frenchy and McCann were just terrible. I guess Frenchy was still excited over meeting his hero.

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