– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Brewers

This just sucks. The Braves are only scoring two runs a night, and plain and simple you aren’t going to win many games that way.

Hudson pitched pretty well, actually, even if he gave up four runs. He allowed a solo homer in the fourth, but most of the other runs were mostly the result of soft hits. The go-ahead run in the sixth was the result of Prince Fielder crossing up that godawful shift that I hate so much and singling to where the shortstop should have been. Hudson struck out four and didn’t walk anyone.

But the Braves couldn’t do anything offensively, again, except for a two-run homer by Chipper in the fourth. They had seven hits, but none other for extra bases, and didn’t draw a walk until two out in the ninth. The bottom of the order is struggling something awful on this road trip.

Day game tomorrow. It is on TBS because they don’t want to interrupt their fine prime-time slate of sitcoms everyone’s seen every episode of a half dozen times or more. Sosa versus Ben Sheets. Somehow Sosa gets all the aces, though Sheets is 0-2 with a 4.50 ERA so far this year.