– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Nationals

Andruw isn't in hereThat was the worst yet. A two-hit complete-game shutout by Pedro Astacio. Considering the degree of difficulty, that’s probably worse than the Randy Johnson perfect game.

It was a perfect game until Francoeur hit a bloop single with two out in the fifth. LaRoche had a single in the seventh. That’s it. In their defense, Andruw did not play and Renteria was limited to pinch-hitting, the best-hitting centerfielder in the league replaced by the increasingly fifth-outfielderish Ryan Langerhans and the intensely pathetic L’il Tony Pena.

Lance Cormier did not, actually, pitch all that badly. He gave up a run in the second that was mostly on infield singles. He could have gotten out of the third without any runs with good defense and one run with any defense at all, but Marcus made a throwing error on an infield single and Pena simply whiffed on a groundball. The run in the fifth on a double was his fault and McBride finished that inning. Ray, Yates, and Barry finished up without damage.

I’m disgusted.