Braves 5, Padres 4 – MLB – Box Score – Padres at Braves

One day, I’ll learn that the Braves generally know what they’re doing. Breaking out of his slump in a big way, Jeff Francoeur followed up yesterday’s two homers with three hits, the big one a two-out homer in the eighth to give the Braves the lead, and once Reitsma managed (by the skin of his teeth) to not blow it, the win. Francouer is now up to .200 on the season.

Tim Hudson pitched well at times after giving up one run in the first. But handed a 3-1 lead in the fourth, he couldn’t hold it, allowing four baserunners and three runs. He left the game with two out in the seventh, for by far his best outing of the year. His ERA is all the way down to 9.20!

Remlinger finished the seventh; Villareal pitched a perfect eighth with two strikeouts and got the win. Reitsma allowed two hits in the ninth but got the final out with the tying run at third and go-ahead run at second.

Renteria continues hot, with a homer among his two hits. Andruw and Betemit both doubled. Langerhans had a hit and a walk and is hitting .406.

Peavy-Smoltz tomorrow night.

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  1. Not mentioned: Bobby gets tossed for the second time this season; Brian Onora is an idiot.

  2. I know this is a semi-taboo subject, but Glavine has 11 strikeouts through 6 innings tonight.

    No matter what you feel about the guy, he’s one of the all-time greats. I hope we can bring him back next year for #300.

  3. Gotta go out to eat more often.

    As the game wasn’t on TBS tonight, I went to a Mex spot tonight for dinner & drinks. Got home just in time to hear the Frenchy homer.

    Brewers rallying in the 7th, now it’s 4-3 Mets.

  4. AAR, that’s true. I still love Glavine and the hardest part of him not being on the Braves is that I am forced to pull for the Mets every fifth day.

    Looks like a good game tonight. Wish I hadn’t missed (on the road). Yall all have a Happy Easter.

  5. The umps are afriad of Bobby.

    Just want to share my thought on tonight’s game:

    – when Chipper returns (I hope indeed only a two weeks rest will be enough), I hope Bobby will rest Marcus because he does look like playing hurt during his at-bats. His swings look a bit slow.

    – Mac, may I suggest to start a “Adam strikeout meter”?

    – Villarreal continues his magic toward his 20-win season!

    – Reitsma still can’t find his control with his fastballs.

    – While it’s not a quality start, at least Hudson was efficient enough to pitch into the seventh inning with 90 pitches. That must be an improvement!

  6. Hey All,

    I am hopping on my wife’s Grandmother’s computer here in Chicago to say hello.

    I guess the Braves won(?) because Yahoo ‘still’ has the game going.

    By the way, I got to Chicago (for the purposes of Passover) Thursday morning but my wife and I did make it to the Cubs/Reds game yesterday (since I had never been to Wrigley Field and it was cool…I have some digital photos I will send…including me in my BRAVES hat and the Maddux CUBS t-shirt. I bought.

  7. Oh and thanks for the Passover wishes. A very happy Good friday and Easter to many of the BravesJournal posters and a Happy Passover to the few others who celebrate that like me!

  8. I’m having the same problem with Yahoo as I think I heard it reported on ESPN NEWS that Francouer’s HR was a game winner, still Yahoo has the game in the top of the 9th.

    BTW, Mac, I’m happy to participate in your blog because as you know I left the site this week.

  9. Well, I have to drop out for a while – off to Angola (ugh) for a couple of weeks. I’ll be lurking though, so keep up the usual insightful analysis and sprightly commentary that is your hallmark

    I just can’t quit you guys….

  10. To be this close to .500 wuth such poor starting pitching is amazing, It is more likely that starting pitching will return to norm before the hitting goes bad. Relief pitching may be better than last year but it is hard to tell

  11. Tenha uma viagem boa, nosso amigo.

    Tell me you bablefished that – but obrigado, sfage favor

  12. Good luck, spike. If you see anyone in Angola with an arm, sign em up, I hear we have a few open bullpen spots :)

  13. Tonight I had an awful thing happen. I realized what kinda hell I have been putting some of you through. Tonight on a mets chat room a brewer fan came on and started talking all this shit when they were making a comeback and the mets were struggling. As this putrid piece of shit kept talking I found myself being reminded about how I must absolutely drive some of you crazy, much like this fan was to me. Anyway. I am sorry. That’s all I can say. I still hate your team and many of it’s fans but I can now understand how some of you feel. I don’t want to be like that kid that I so ungratefully met today so I will do my best to relax on the whole mets are the best and the braves suck thing. This is your web site and you deserve a place to talk about the one thing that units all of you. Your pride and joy the braves. Again I am sorry and I hope there are no hard feelings.

    Braves:::::You guys gave up less then 5 runs tonight!!! And look what happened you won. Ya still should have beat them by more, and Hudson is still not pitching that good but a win is a win right. At least Francore is starting to hit for you. You don’t want a young kid like that to lose confidence this early in the season, It seems he’s back on track. He is not what you need to get better though. You have been putting up the runs, it’s simply the pitching.

    Mets::::Can you give the mets some credit now? we won against a good team. So put that crap to rest will you. Like it or not The mets are your only rival in this division thus far, and more then likely for the entire season.

  14. I just wanted to show some love for that replay footage of Langerhans in the dugout going full-tilt berserker when Frenchy homered. That kid’s all ball.

  15. Francoeur is now 7 for his last 9 at bats, with 3 home runs. Apparently, he is a bit streaky…

  16. Just read on that Devine left the game after having lower back problems that he had been experiencing since March 27th. I’m starting to think this guy is hopeless and I hope I’m wrong. I think he just sucks and everytime he pitches and doesn’t do well then there is some sort of an injury problem. Any thoughts?

    If he is injured then what is going on:

    Devine = back
    Foster = elbow
    Hampton = elbow
    Hudson = ?????
    McBride = getting better
    Smoltz = probably still having shoulder problems
    Thomson = finger and elbow (looks better now)

    I see a pattern, but why are our pitchers having so much difficulty. There has to be a method to the madness!

  17. NY METS – thats exactly what I was talking about before. I’m glad you see it from our perspective. We are Braves fans and come on here to discuss the Braves- their strengths, weaknesses, future, past, and matchups against our perceived rivals. The Mets certainly appear to be the Braves competition for the NL East crown thus far. Imagine how good the games between the Mets and Braves will be if the Mets keep playing like they are and the Braves get their starters going. It will make for some very exciting baseball.

    Although, part of me thinks you made up your story. Because after all, there aren’t really any actual Brewers fans are there? ;)

  18. does anyone picture a Damian Moss comeback this year. We might end up seeing him sooner rather than later. Good game tonight – sleep well!

  19. I’ve met Brewers fans. On occasion. They’re an odd lot.

    Like Bud Selig, say?

  20. Wow… well… I’m glad to return home and see that it looks like we had a great night! (actually I knew we had won before I left the MS-B field) lol …I think I spent more time straining my eyes tonight trying to see the game on a tv! HAHA… I was right behind the plate almost! I loved my seats! One of the suites up top had the Braves game on though… so of course I kept straining my eyes trying to watch it! LOL …I saw Jeff’s homer! I was jumping up and down and everyone was looking at me like ??!?!? lol… it was sorta funny since they had no idea what I was doing.

    Umm… MS won tonight… 6-2 over Mobile. I thought everyone looked pretty good. Salty did much better tonight as did the whole offense. He had a homer in I believe it was his third AB… it was a beautiful shot! ..all in all very good game. Waters started and pitched very well for a while, then we brought in Startup… he looked great once he settled in…. then Glenn Tucker and I belive Acosta pitched the 9th… all pitching looked pretty good to me. …anyway I just thought I’d post since I had finally gotten back home!

    Glad we had a great night in Atlanta!

  21. Miranda, wonderful game recap! Glad all the young ‘uns are doing so well. I’m just worried they’ll be in Atlanta all too soon…

  22. Oh… I know… I was thinking the same thing while I was watching the bull pen do some work tonight! All of the pitching looked very good to me tonight. Startup has a different look about him… I like it though! I was worried at first because when he first came in and was warming up… NOTHNG was in the strike zone… it was bad lol… I guess he faked em all off because he finally threw a strike and told em he was ready! He looked good though…. even better the longer he went! The pitching did look great though and I was thinking oh man they’ll be in atlanta in no time! HAHA

  23. Actually, I live in Wisconsin (I know; it’s just the sad truth) and I assure everyone there are in fact Brewers fans. People around these parts just love sports, and so by default they find themselves pulling for a mediocre ball club every summer. Until football season anyway.

    I recently discovered this blog and am relatively new here, but all the same I wish everyone a good holiday weekend – for Passover or for Easter.

  24. Yes, dix there truly was a padres fan on our blog. (on our chat room no less so He posted like every 10 seconds) Why would I make anything up like that. What else in gods name would make me say I’m sorry to braves fans. No offense But I really do hate most of you and that right there makes me not want to own up to my mistake. But It wouldn’t be

  25. does anyone picture a Damian Moss comeback this year. We might end up seeing him sooner rather than later. Good game tonight – sleep well!

    How in the world is one supposed to sleep well after receiving this information?

  26. The ultimate bad dream would be hearing of a Travis Smith return. Bobby has always seemed to like him for some reason. He sucks!

  27. Mac, who was the last team to change their pithcing coach in the middle of the season. Does this happen often. How much longer will Bobby put up with his starters giving up 5+ runs and 8 or 9+ hits per game.

    Do we have the resources to bring in an outside ace or at least someone of some value?

  28. Changing during the season is pretty common, and the Braves have several internal candidates. (They apparently didn’t want to disrupt their minor league system, but I think that was a mistake.)

  29. Back to the drinks:

    Smoker’s Phlegm

    2 oz shot of Jaegermeister
    1 healthy dollop of mayonnaise

    Place dollop of mayo in shot glass so that it floats freely. Enjoy very quickly.

  30. Another favorite drink recipe:

    Li’l Met

    2 oz shot of Pernod

    You can substitute any licorice flavored liqueur for the Pernod and remain true to the original recipe because Li’l Met is basically an anise.

  31. Ha! Those are great, Jeff K. Oddly, I like to nurse a Pernod on the rocks from time to time. Now I have a fun new name for it. Thanks!

  32. When is Kelly coming back. We could use his bat off the bench instead of Moylan in the pen.

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