– MLB – Box Score – Braves at Mets

Miserable Braves Loss Type 1.1(a): “Just Plain Embarrassing.”

So, after making a pitcher who came in with an ERA over six look like an All-Star, the Braves’ encore was making a pitcher who came in with an ERA over seven look like a Hall of Famer. Five hit by Oliver Perez, who hasn’t looked like even a AAA pitcher since 2004? This is definitely worse than the Randy Johnson perfect game. It’s worth at least two Randy Johnson perfect games.

francoeur.PNGThe Braves had five hits and one walk. One of the hits was for extra bases — by Todd Pratt, of all people. Renteria singled and stole second; this was the only other baserunner to get that far until Francoeur walked in the ninth to move Marcus, who had singled (one of his two hits) to second.

Davies didn’t look all that bad through five. He allowed two runs in the first, but kept the Mets off the board otherwise until he fell apart in the sixth, allowing four runs. I’m trying to be positive here… Oh, and he had five strikeouts. Devine was okay, I guess. Barry pitched a seven-pitch scoreless ninth.

Oh, I have nothing. Do not listen the next clip if you value your sanity. This is purely a comment on what I think of the current, Chipper-less Braves lineup after today’s debacle.