12 thoughts on “The Mickey Mantle of managers”

  1. Congratulations, Bobby Cox. Richly deserved.

    For all the bashing he gets around here, we should step back and realize how much worse it could be. We could have Larry Bowa!

  2. Or almost anyone other than Bobby Cox. To say we should realize how much worse it could be is to imply that it’s bad. And it’s not.

    Yes, the late-game and postseason blunders are frustrating, but I’ll take Bobby and the fact that we’re given a chance to win the championship each year over any day of the week.

  3. I just saw on cnnsi that Jay Powell has declared free agency from the Braves. Is he trying to return or what?

  4. Nice to see Bobby get more much-deserved recognition. I have a friend who is a Mets fan (not too many Mets fans in SC) and he is openly jealous of Braves management. It really could be much, much worse for Braves fans (and actually, has been – remember the 80s?)
    Anybody read Joe Sheehan’s rant today about the AL Cy Young award? I do think that, if Andruw were to win the NL MVP award, there is a chance Joe’s head would, very literally, explode

  5. We should all be thankful that John Schuerholz and Bobby Cox are in control as they are both amazing and great.

    I don’t understand why the WSox would offer Farns that much because they already sort of have him in the person of Bobby Jenks.

  6. It is nice to see Bobby Cox get some of the recognition that he has long deserved. The scale of both the organization and his achievement has actually led him to get overlooked in the past.

  7. “I just saw on cnnsi that Jay Powell has declared free agency from the Braves. Is he trying to return or what?”

    Maybe, who knows. But even retiring players usually declare free agency

  8. Greenville. I was pretty bummed when the AA Braves moved to Pearl, MS. Come on, PEARL?? And then, because we HAVE to have a team, we get the Red Sox single A team and agree to build them a stadium (rather than building one & keeping the Braves). I shouldn’t even get started…

  9. Kudos to Bobby. Simply the best long-haul manager in the game. Probably the history of the game.

    What he’s done the last two years is nothing short of phenomenal.

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