Pirates smoking something from the Caribbean

Benson talks stall over outfielders

Time to taunt the Pirates again. This story claims that the Braves “might” trade Andy Marte and Jose Capellan for Kristin Benson. Yeah, right. I’ve learned never to say never with Scheurholz, and this is at least more realistic than last year when they thought they could get Marcus Giles, but come on. The Braves are going to trade their two top prospects, at a time when they’re trying to cut payroll, to bring in a starting pitcher they don’t really need? A starting pitcher with a sore arm and a history of mediocrity? A starting pitcher with a girl’s name? Yeah, right.

This is par for the course for the Pirates, of course. They want the Rangers to give them Laynce Nix, who is only their everyday centerfielder and putting up an .838 OPS. They want the Twins to give up Jason Kubel. For some reason, they can’t understand that Kristin really isn’t that valuable.

(Hat tip to Andrew.)

4 thoughts on “Pirates smoking something from the Caribbean”

  1. I still can’t understand why the Braves would even want to add a starting pitcher right now. Hamptons’ seasn numbers aren’t great, but he’s pitched well in July, and i can’t see the Braves just booting him from the rotation after that.

    I could see them giving up Capellan to get, say, Randy Johnson, but they don’t have the payroll for him anyway. And certainly I can’t see them giving up capellan _and_ Marte for anybody.

  2. Can I get a hit?

    This is such a crazy rumor that it actually scares me. We shouldn’t even be having these conversations with the Pirates about Benson, but it looks like we are. I don’t see how there is any way we move Marte for almost anybody. Capellan I could see I guess, but I certainly wouldn’t be for it, especially for someone like Benson.

  3. TSN is reporting that the mets got both Benson and Zambrano….can it get worse than that? What does JS do now? They surely can’t stand pat now

  4. ESPN is reporting that the Mets have acquired Benson and Victor Zambrano; the Marlins, meanwhile, got LoDuca, Mota and Encarnacion from LA for Penny and Choi and a prospect.

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