6 thoughts on “$80 million”

  1. It was posted at the tail end of the last thread, but here it is again so it gets the attention it deserves: Bobby won Manager of the Year again.

  2. I love the Stadium and where it is. That said, if the Stadium was North of I-85, the Braves would be a “Big-Market” team in terms of attendance.

  3. Nothing has been mentioned about this, but how much will Farnsworth be looking for on the market. I guess we would have signed him already if it wasn’t too much.

  4. Farnsworth turned down a 3 yr 10.5 mil offer from the Tigers this year. Obviously he has priced out of the braves reach…

  5. I wouldn’t mind seeing Braves give him a 3 yr deal in the 12-15 mill dollar range with a Vesting option for 4th yr if he reaches 100 Saves over the first 3 yrs…..Buyout for 1 mill so push comes to shove he gets a 3 yr deal running from 13-16 mill or a 4 yr deal for 18-20 mill

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